Inventions of the past that we've lost forever

Aren’t we accustomed with a sense of superiority to look at the achievements of scientists and thinkers of the past. All previous inventions in our eyes pale in comparison with the scientific breakthroughs of our time. But you will be surprised to know that there are a few amazing ancient discoveries, much ahead of his, and our time and irretrievably lost. If able today to reproduce at least one of them, the world can change completely.

  • Stradivarius

    Italian craftsman Antonio Stradivari, who lived in the 17th and 18th centuries, have left a significant trace in the history of manufacturing musical instruments. In our days there are about 500 violins, made by his hands. They are sold for tens of millions of dollars and are considered to be truly unique. Equipment and materials that Stradivarius used in the work, was passed down from father to son for eight generations, but Antonio was the last in the chain. After all his information was lost. One of the researchers was not able to unravel the secret of Stradivarius violins. One version says that the master used wood from the Ice age.

  • Archimedes the fire

    One of the greatest mathematicians in history, Archimedes of Syracuse was born in year 287 BC. He was able to use a system of mirrors so that the ships attacking Syracuse, was burned to the ground from the direct rays of the sun in a few seconds. This experiment has still not managed to play anyone – a ray of light always turns out not powerful enough to cause a fire.

  • Greek fire

    Sea battles in Ancient Byzantium was the Bane of Western European crusaders. The horror they brought the methods of the Greeks to set fire to the ships. No one could understand how they do it, because the ships are burning right on the water. The fact that the warriors had a unique gas mixture, which caused violent explosions. Besides, it was impossible to extinguish by any means, but sand, vinegar and urine. Scientists argue whether this compound is similar in composition to the powder. Anyway, her recipe was then a state secret, the secret has remained to this day.

  • Damascus steel

    Anyone who has watched or read “Game of thrones” may have heard of Valyrian steel. So, it is its prototype was the Damascus steel, which was stronger than any other known materials. According to legend, the swords made of it, could finely chop the weapons of the enemy and easily cut through the thin hair on the fly. Knowledge about how Damascus steel was produced, was lost in the early 18th century.

  • Flexible glass

    The technology of making glass was known since the third Millennium BC. To this period belong the oldest glass objects. One of the Roman legend says that there was this kind of material, such as flexible glass. It was mentioned by Pliny the Younger, Petronius, Dion Cassius. According to them, the Creator of the flexible glass was the alchemist, which so surprised everyone that he was taken to the Emperor Tiberius. The latter threw the bowl made of flexible glass on the floor, but that is not crashed, but only a little wrinkled. The master did not want to disclose the secret composition of the material. Then, Tiberius ordered his execution for fear that flexible glass will affect the value of gold and silver.

  • Panacea Mithridates

    The elixir of immortality or a cure-all – like terms from the video game. But history knows a real example, when such a composition was invented. He was positioned as the antidote to any poison, and was created by Mithridates IV, king of Parthia of the dynasty of the arsacids. The Governor suspected that his own mother is poisoning him small doses of poison. Panacea Mithridates was used and in later times up to the 18th century. Oliver Cromwell believed, for example, that it treats acne.

  • Roman cement

    You are never surprised by the almost perfect preservation of the Roman aqueducts, roads and temples? Even the local harbour, more than 2 thousand years of destroying the sea, is still intact. The material from which all this is done, Roman cement was made from volcanic ash. However the full recipe has not reached us. It is a pity, because the world’s largest unreinforced concrete dome is made from it. Today’s building materials are manufactured using high-tech, but you can’t even compare in strength with Roman cement.

  • Cold fusion

    Professor and journalist Eugene Mallow was known to the researcher the possibility of cold nuclear fusion – producing energy without radiation and heating the material, to which nobody managed. One of the books Mallow describes the details of the experiment in 1989, during which cold fusion is managed at the University of Utah. However, documentary evidence that sheds light on the reaction mechanism, could not be found – Mallow was killed in 2004, and the mystery died with him.

  • The Tesla’s death ray

    Tesla said that during the 40 years he worked on directed energy weapons. He claimed to have gone beyond the experiment and was able to use its deadly installation. However, the scientist for some reason did not want to publish the results. It was believed that such a “death ray” can shoot down aircraft and generally represents a completely new type of weapon. However the details of the invention are not preserved.

  • Heat-resistant plastic

    This plastic material is said to have been invented in the 70-ies of the 20th century hairdresser Maurice ward. He called it “starlight” and even showed the transfer of scientific inventions on the BBC. There were shown how the material was treated with normal chicken egg, then warmed with a blowtorch for several minutes. Then the egg broke and it was moist. In theory, the starlight could protect people from a nuclear explosion. However, ward was very protective of his invention, therefore, the composition of the material was never released. The inventor himself died in 2011.

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Red lipstick, like Tina Karol: 6 budget options for lip makeup of a star

Красная помада, как у Тины Кароль: 6 бюджетных вариантов для макияжа губ, как у звезды Recently, the Ukrainian singer and coach proctogram country 7 Vote.3 children, Tina said that he was going to issue registered red lipstick Tina: give me your autograph.The idea of the singer, red lipstick from Tina Karol should approach make-up of each girl, and buy a matte lipstick, it will be possible in many stores across the country.

Red lipstick has long been a hallmark of the makeup of the singer, each image is complete without this attribute. Singer Tina Karol has debunked the myth that red lip makeup is exclusively in the evenings. Sensual lips and minimal makeup will fit in any situation and the party, to work and to an interview. The main thing is not to overdo it.

To make the right and appropriate makeover with red lipstick, you need to make the skin Matt and bright, add a minimum of contouring and blush, Pro makeup eye forget at all. Use only mascara and give maximum attention to the lips, any errors will be immediately evident.

For the red lipstick I advise everyone to hide your tiredness and sadness, but it is for me – in any case do not call. In my purse this pomade only one, but some. Lipstick in such a shade I wanted and still do available

While red lipstick from Tina Karol, who recently became a people’s artist of Ukraine just getting ready to leave, we have prepared for you TOP budget lipsticks of red shades that will not leave anyone indifferent. By the way, the price of lipstick from Tina Karol promises to be a very cheap and affordable to any wallet.

NYX – Soft Matte Lip Cream (150 UAH)

Liquid matte lipstick from the American brand NYXприятно pleased with their durability and color saturation. Lipstick dries very quickly, leaves no fingerprints and keeps its vibrant color throughout the day. And at a very affordable price.

Nouba – Millebaci (300 400 UAH)

More expensive and of course quality version of the popular liquid lipsticks. A large selection of shades of lipstick for any skin color, high durability and rich color. What more could you ask for?

Clarins – Rouge eclat (500 RS 600)

Nourishing lipstick with a rich red hue and super strength against aging. We waited and it finally came. Lipstick from Clarinsидеально perfect for a winter period will also help to look beautiful, and skin hydration care.

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10 outrageous things you can buy instead of one Bugatti

We proudly told you about the Russians, bought on the occasion of the Bugatti Chiron — is growing all the wealth in the country, and how! Good deal (hypercar cost the buyer only 220 million) was caused by the network a great response to say: want to know the hero in the face. It is not clear, than so interested in private the buying public. Where, in the end, it is possible to really spend this amount? Except that here such trinkets.

  • Mercedes-Benz Maybach S650

    Money: 7 770 000 RUB. per serving 28 pieces, and still get change back
    The driver of the Bugatti Chiron could for the same money to buy a fleet of domestic cars and to arrange a personal race named after himself on the plot. Or buy a dozen Mercedes-Benz Maybach S650, to twice on one not to appear in decent traffic.

  • Suite in Dubai

    Money: 472 694 per night And Parking no need to pay
    Why do we need a car when you can for the same money to take a Suite in the Burj Al Arab Jumeirah? About as many will cost the sybarite better room (one of the most inspirational hotels in the world) for three and a half years.

  • Modest home

    Money: 20-30 million rubles About 10-20 humble homes
    A decent apartment in Moscow will cost the picky buyer in the 20-30 million rubles. One Bugatti Chiron (the interior of which, let’s be realistic, pretty close) for 220 000 000, or ten apartments (the area of each will allow you to arrange at least a party ball).

  • A place in the sun

    Money: $ 100,000 At the same time with the island Instead of the sad luxury of hanging in standard Moscow traffic jams you could take and buy a private island or two. Little Lesbos (this is the name of the island, not porn) is for sale for 800 thousand euros, and on Friday will remain.

  • Brioni Suits

    Money: 2 850 000 per All the friends dress up in Brioni, is not that a joy
    Easier, of course, buy your own shop and team of professional designers — and you do not bother with all sorts of nonsense and ask the Concierge to invite the master from the Brioni on the fitting, secretly laughing at the amount of time that he spent on the production of as many as 62 suits.

  • Personal trainer

    Money: 5000 rubles/hour Friends forever
    Well years is 44,000 hours guaranteed. No trips to the gym, diet control and other nonsense: for such a large sum coach will turn into Rambo, even the Bun.

  • Not so much

    In a parallel reality
    On the other hand, is not so, and a lot of money. The most expensive apartment in Moscow, for example, sold for 465 million. Mansions “mediocre” on the ruble, are estimated at forty million dollars.

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Masha Efrosinina, anticipating the trend: Victoria Beckham wears an outfit like the Ukrainian TV presenter

Маша Ефросинина предугадала тренд: Виктория Бекхэм носит наряд, как у украинской телеведущей It is no secret that a well-known Ukrainian TV presenter Masha Efrosinina big fashionista. Having gone through the whole evolution of style, Masha Efrosinina now literally sets the trends. Moreover, it even anticipates them.

Today on his page on Instagram posted an interesting photo of 2 years ago where she is wearing a blue shirt and orange flared pants. As it turned out, the same colors and a similar style now prefers Victoria Beckham, the singer and designer, which is now considered one of the icons in the fashion world.

An interesting point could not miss Masha Efrosinina, published in your style with the ironic photo of a similar outfit Victoria Bechkam.

Predict the future! Shocking at the irony! Awaken the optimism! Photo to attach to the patient’s self-esteem three times a day! Joked Masha Efrosinina. But really Victoria Beckham in a similar like Masha Efrosinina attire, paraded through Paris.

Au Revoir Paris x Bisous x @kenpaves VB

Video posted by Victoria Beckham (@victoriabeckham) Jan 23 2017 1:07 PST

Who knows, maybe one day Masha Efrosinina will become a designer, because previously she had created a collection of berets.

By the way, today also discuss the evolution of the style of Melanie trump.

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Scientists: retirement comes after 39 years

Surpassing this mark, the body starts to undergo processes that fit the definition of aging Read More →

Named the most dangerous diet

Scientists from the Israeli University of Haifa came to the conclusion that the strict diet has a harmful effect on the human body. The most dangerous weight loss method is a mono-diet, i.e. a diet with the use of monotonous foods.

To confirm this fact an experiment was conducted among the volunteers in the amount of 30 people. Within two weeks, the subjects followed a strict diet ate the same foods. After all participants have been screened and passed the necessary tests in order to assess the state of their health. Were identified negative consequences such as depression, fatigue, exhaustion of the Central nervous system. This is not a complete list of the ailments which were discovered as a result of experience.

The Israeli doctors have noticed that using mono leads to the deterioration of the physical state of human health – drastically reduced metabolism, due to deficiency of nutrients the human brain is depleted, there is cardio degeneration.

According to nutritionists, any monotonous food, and even if in limited quantities, is the cause of many diseases. Including nervous disorders.

Psychologists, studying the human condition during the use of mono -, introduced a new concept of “Diet depression” is a depression of people during the diet. And if the person suffering a neurosis, the monotonous diet only exacerbates the diagnosis. Dieters usually break on holidays or Sundays. This leads to an imbalance of the whole organism.

According to doctors, is also the most dangerous are such radical methods of weight loss like starvation, especially without drinking water, raw food diet, but also a complete rejection of salt and sugar.
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Began selling tickets on the second sex cruise to Europe

A year ago, a Mexican travel company Original Group started a venture: chartered a luxury liner and began selling tickets for weekly sex cruise.

The ship “Desire” in the fall of 2017 will take on Board 690 people and go on a journey with stops in the ports of Italy, Slovenia and Croatia.

For a cruise liner will be equipped in a special way: it will be a special “playroom”, a lot of sex shops. During the trip guests will be offered a rich program with thematic evenings, performances, workshops. On the liner will be several zones, fully dressed guests, those who prefer a minimum of clothing and bare the pool area. Also on Board will be the room in which to retire for particularly eccentric pleasures (which, in the prospectus of the cruise is not specified).


Tickets for the first cruise was sold out with such speed that already started selling the next trip — in April 2018.

The ship will sail from Barcelona to Rome, stopping at ports such beautiful cities like Marseille, Monte Carlo, Portofino and Florence. So, in between sessions of debauchery, vacationers can admire the most beautiful places on earth and be photographed with the setting sun on the palm.

To participate in the cruise, laying from 2 to 10 883 996 $ (2515-9595 euros) per person, depending on the type of accommodation.


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The duration of sleep of people from different countries

By combining the common efforts of American and Australian scientists have determined the average sleep duration per person, per night. According to the study, the amount of time for sleep varies among countries.

Least spend sleeping residents of Japan. No wonder the country is called “land of the rising sun”. An average of 7 hours and 16 minutes away from them to sleep.

In second place in sleep duration are residents of the United States of America. They spend sleeping 8 hours and 31 minutes.

Russiadon’t allow yourself to sleep 9 hours and 20 minutes. According to the statement of sociologists, on average, they go to sleep at 22:43, and Wake up in 7:54.

The biggest sleep duration in Argentina. The people of this country spend sleeping 10 hours and 16 minutes.

According to the observations of the researchers, 2006-2016 average sleep duration in Europe has decreased significantly, but increased in East Asia. In North America, the figure remains unchanged. Analysts have come to similar conclusions, citing the active people in the network. Therefore, scientists believe that these indicators of sleep duration are not reliably accurate. Read More →

Tatyana's day: Customs, omens, divination, congratulations (photos)

Tatiana’s day is also called the day of the student.

On 25 January, the Church honors the Holy Martyress Tatiana Roman – early Christian Martyr that was tortured for their faith in Christ under the Emperor Alexander in the third century, writes Columnist

In 1755 the Empress Elizabeth set of 25 January, his Imperial signature to the decree on the basis of the first Moscow University. After 36 years, in 1791, in a small wing of the institution opened a student house Church of St. Tatiana. A confluence of random circumstances led to the fact that January 25 was the first Day of the University Foundation, and later — in a big way celebrating the day of the student.

The Soviet authorities banned gay youth celebration. In Ukraine, he returned only in 1992.

The celebration of student’s Day is organized with the assistance of the Ministry of youth and sports of Ukraine, with the support of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine and the Committee on science and education of Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine and includes a number of educational, social and cultural-artistic activities for young people and with its participation.

Despite the fact that the history of the holiday has its roots in the distant past, traditions have been preserved to this day. Student monks staged wide celebrations over a hundred years ago, and in the twenty-first century prefer to celebrate their holiday noisy and fun. By the way, in this day even quarterly extremely sober students did not touch. And if and closer, then saluted and inquired: “do Not need a master student of help?”.

The people in Tatiana’s day there are manycustoms, rites and signs.

On this day light candles for success in school. The Martyr Tatiana, pray in difficult teaching and education; the Sainted Savva pray for different ailments; the mother of God “nursing the child” pray about childbirth, the breast milk, lack of breast milk, and the health of infants. It was thought that a list with icons “Akafistnaya” protect the house from fire.

25 Jan baked bread loaf in the sun, inviting luminary to get back to people. These loaves are eaten with the whole family, so everyone got a “piece of the sun”.

In addition, the girls in the village early in the morning dressed up and went to the river where knocked out and washed the rugs. Traditionally, back carry rugs they were assisted by boys. Then the rugs were hung up on fences for all to see the beauty and cleanliness of rugs, and it is tried and about a girl.

Also in old times to this day, the girls were making small Metalock of rags and feathers. It was believed that if such a whisk to discreetly put in Babi Kut in the house desirable the guy, the guy is definitely going to marry her, and their life together be long and happy.

Mother knew these tricks were carefully chosen by the bride, which will be able to “hide” the whisk.

According to legends, a woman born on this day will be a good housewife: “Tatiana and loaf bakes, and rugs on the river beats, and the dance is.”

For this day there were signs of the weather.

If Tatiana’s day will be sun – birds will be back soon, spring will come early. If Tatiana was snowing, believed that the summer will be rainy, but warm snowstorm foretold drought and crop failure. But if the sky was clear and the air was frost — the peasants had a good harvest.

Signs on Tatiana’s day

• When the sun had set, bread loaf not pochini, not another day will pocasi

• Early sun — the early bird.

• To Tatiana will the sun peep early — early bird arrival.

• Tatiana and the loaf bakes, and rugs on the river beats, and the dance leads.

• If Tatiana frosty and clear — will be a good crop; heat and storm — to crop failures.

Snowstorm and strong winds on January 25 – are drought, crop failure and unsuccessful fishing.

Divination in Tatiana’s day

Evening, January 24, and all day the 25th is a perfect time for love divination. At this time, you can learn what will be the groom, when the wedding will take place and how will the relations.

Guessing on the name of a stranger

In the night from 24 to 25 January need to go outside and ask the name of the first counter men. And will be called the bridegroom. Only, of course, everything should be fair — podgovorennye friends, brothers don’t count.

Divination with onions

In the evening, on the eve of Tatiana’s day, before going to bed to think about what should be the future husband. Perhaps there is already a specific person — in this case, you need to focus on it, take a few bulbs and each write men’s names. Can those that belong to familiar men, can any other. Bulbs to plant in the water. Observe them for a few days. Which bulb will sprout first from the man and wait for a proposal of marriage.

“Salty” divination

It is the most truthful guessing on love. Before going to sleep need to eat something salty, but not to drink. Going to bed, say: “my Betrothed, disguised, come and get me.” One who will dream and have the future groom.

Divination with the ring

You need to lay on the table papers with the names of men. Then take the gold ring threaded through the thread, and drive it over the paper. The piece of paper with the name on which the ring will socalised the most and will be crucial written on it the name is the name of her spouse.

Divination with an egg

Does raw egg. It is necessary to make a small hole, pour the contents into a bowl of water, carefully. When the protein will curdle, it is possible to interpret house wedding, the beast is soon meet you, flower — gift, the silhouette of a man — the secret admirer — ship journey. If protein is dropped to the bottom, guessing it is better to postpone.

With mirror

It is mystical and a little scary divination for the most courageous ladies, and also the most curious. In the night, on student day, you need to sit in a dark room, set one mirror in front of another and put on the sides of the two candles to the mirror formed a “corridor” of reflections that you want to look. After a few minutes in the “corridor” should appear one.

Congratulations in the verses.

Tanya, Tanya, Tanya,

I ask you to listen to me:

The day of St. Tatiana comes

The snow in the palm of your hand pours,

I congratulate you,

Admiring and loving,

I want to be always

Radiant like a star.


Tatiana, my dear,

You want to congratulate, I

With a treasured day on the calendar,

Which is inscribed not in vain

The native name is yours.

And we’ll go together

Note to the secret hour

Tatiana day

Under the starry waltz.


Today is a holiday without any cheat,

My beloved Tatyana!

Your day has come, what do you wish?

What can I do for you paulicat?

You’re good! Well, just a miracle!

Sweet, natural, beautiful.

On the cheeks, do, no smiles,

So smile, mouth because flexible.

Leave sorrow, my doubts,

From the sad thoughts only torment.

To celebrate I wish you plenty

For the rest of the share!

Tatiana! Birthday happiness

And not to face you storm.

Today, exactly I know,

Happiness you enough space!


For the letter T is only with the heart beats,

For the letter A but the blood is boiling,

For the letter N only heart aches

For the letter I soul hurts!


Tatiana day has come —

A prankster, a Joker and smart aleck.

Let him help to pass a test,

From boring lectures suddenly save,

This will give you many bright days

Love and loyal friends!


With Tatiana day congratulations

Everyone who loves this day

Who Blizzard are not afraid,

Who’s happiness like a shadow.

Let people respect,

Give joy and warmth

Let no one be offended,

The house may have good lives.


Tatiana let you throw

Fresh feelings like the first snow,

Go away melancholy with dejection

And everywhere will be a success!


With Tatiana day, dear!

Be always yourself!

Soon good news will come

In your house cozy,

Because all of Tatiana,

Happiness now “afford”!


Tatiana is a lovely name.

It’s like a quiet, cheerful chime of the brook,

As the whisper of the wind in the forest meadow…

Today I congratulate you!

Let life be everything is always perfect,

But close — only close the circle.

You, of all people, beautiful, pretty,

Let appreciate most of all you husband!

Source: neskuchno-news

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