First, let’s just define: sugar itself is not evil. The problem is that today it is added in almost all food, even milk. Excess sugar in our diet leads to chronic fatigue, overweight, irritability, and perhaps depression.

Second, you can’t give up sugar completely. At least because of all the processed products in supermarkets anyway contain it. But you can give up sugar in tea and coffee and it will be a great solution. I need to know where to start!

Here are five benefits that you will receive.

1. You will become more energetic.

Most of us drink sweet coffee and probably eats some donuts when feeling tired and overwhelmed. Someone who likes energy drinks. But this habit actually takes your energy rather than gives it.

The principle here is this: when you eat or drink sweet blood instantly increases the level of glucose and you feel a surge of energy. But the effect passes quickly – literally in about 15 minutes. And you feel fatigue and irritability, but also stronger than before.

To break this vicious circle is only one way: caffeine – to drink, but without sugar. Then the differences of the level of sugar in the body will cease to spoil to you mood and reduce tone.

2. Your weight stabiliziruemost

There is also talk about a vicious circle. If you just ate something sweet, it takes quite a bit of time, and the body will require more. And this will require “more aggressive” than before. That’s why scientists say that sugar is addictive like drug.

All know that sugar triggers the appetite. Tried to perekusyvaete “Sneakers”? How quickly started to want to eat again? This. Drink tea without cookies and without sugar and you can break this vicious circle.

3. Your bowels will work twice as effective. Sugar is harmful, but the fiber useful. If you substitute sweets for fruits or vegetables, and tea and coffee start drinking without sugar, your digestive system will thank you. Metabolism will be accelerated, you will be more likely to go to the toilet and faster return to normal life.

4. You will no longer crave sweets

It’s a fact: the more sugar you eat, the more you want to eat it. Over and over again. In the end, this vicious circle can break down your life. The principle here is the same as in the case of drugs: to have fun, you need to increase the “dose”.

Eliminate sugar from hot drinks – and you’ll notice that they started to eat less cookies, donuts and waffle. It may take several months and you will be shocked: first of seemingly delicious cakes and pastries seem cloyingly sweet.

5. Your skin will look more healthy.

Pimples and black spots will gradually go. After a few months you will stop buying in such quantities as today, creams, ointments and balms for the skin. It is a fact.

Are you ready to begin detox and to abandon the use of sugar in its pure form?

The sooner you begin to learn new habits, the faster you will reap the fruits of their success. Who says we should consume in the form of sugar not more than 5% of daily calories.

Start small. Pay attention to what you eat and drink. How much sugar is in this? Give all I can give. Will need quite a bit of time and you will start to adapt.

Remember: in order to get used to a new diet takes only about three weeks. Then you will be comfortable without sugar. You will love their mugs with bitter coffee and weak tea.Source:

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It is a kind of protein diet, which will lead the figure in order.

Its main difference from other diets based on protein products is that carbohydrates is not completely excluded, so it is considered to be balanced.

The Swedish diet: the rules

Within the Swedish diet you can eat the following foods: eggs, milk, fish, buckwheat, potatoes and fruits. Also you can eat chicken meat, but in very limited quantities.

Thanks to this set of products, a diet is considered balanced. It is easily tolerated, and, importantly, not harm.

Interesting: nutritionists believe that it often happens that after weight loss, the weight comes back because of the stress that the organism experiences during a diet. Therefore, we need to choose the weight loss, which is hunger. And, then, there will be no stress.

The Swedish diet lasts 7 days. At their expiration, you will lose up to 7 pounds overweight.

It is worth noting that in addition to weight loss, due to a ban on harmful products, and a large drink for a week the body is cleared of toxins. This means that you will improve the condition of skin and reduced cellulite.

Remember, within the Swedish diet is necessary to drink 1.5 liters of water a day. You can drink green tea.

The Swedish diet menu for 3 days

1 day

Breakfast: buckwheat with milk;lunch: salad and a piece of fish dinner: potatoes and a green salad.

2nd day

Breakfast: cheese sandwich, green tea, fruit;lunch: potatoes, low-fat fish dinner: Greek salad.

3rd day

Breakfast: buckwheat with vegetable salad;lunch: couscous egg;dinner: cottage cheese.

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In the minds of the average person when the word “fashion” is sure to arise the image of a leggy skinny models on the catwalk or athletic young men under twenty years. For too long cultivated a special type of beauty that is only acceptable in high fashion. Age or maturity in this world no place. Until recently it was. But democracy can be found even in the closed world of fashion and on the pages of gloss increasingly began to appear non-standard models, among which there are and the elderly. What is the reason for such epidemic — really young and beautiful youngsters no longer attract potential buyers. There is no single answer. The beauty of age — this serenity of style which is so sought by many eminent designers. And that age models cannot show this is a modest charm to the full.

  • Recent appearance in a commercial for American clothing brand rag & bone ‘s famous 67-year-old dancer Mikhail Baryshnikov was another confirmation of the clearly emerging trend. A new collection of the American brand legend ballet presented in the company of a young dancer Lil Buck. According to Marcus Wainwright, one of the designers of the brand, the choice is easy to explain: there is a continuity of generation, as a young dancer many people compare with the star of Russian American ballet.
  • Even before everybody was talking about clearly emerging trend in the fashion world, model Charles Schumann is already shining gray in advertising campaigns Baldessarini. The charm of the older models has become the hallmark of the Fashion house, though in his youth Schumann had not thought about modeling career. The political scientist and journalist by training, Schuman became a European celebrity as a bartender and cook. In modeling Schumann was, exchanging sixth decade: on the street he was approached by a recruit Yoshi Yamamoto and invited to the casting, after which Charles took to the catwalk in shirts Yamamoto and Comme des Garçons jackets. In 1996 he became the face of Baldessarini and to this day promotes a perfume brand.
  • For the advertising campaign fall-winter 2015 Prada invited as a model 44-year-old actor Ethan Hawke, who became the protagonist of fashion shots for the brand. Prada, characterized by conservatism in the selection of models, such a move speaks volumes, particularly about a major shift in the global standards of beauty.

  • A photo posted by Fashion Grandpas (@fashiongrandpas) on

    instagram blog dweller in new York Christina Belcher became a sensation in the global fashion community. The project FashionGrandpas originated from street shots of the stylish denizens of Madison Avenue and turned into the blog world scale. It turned out that to look at the fashionably dressed older people interesting to all, as evidenced by the growing number of subscribers. The author gives preference to people over 65, which in their original outfits will give odds to many young fashionistas.
  • Domestic project “Olgushka also exploits the theme of fashion and grandparents on the streets of Russian cities. The author of the blog Igor Gavar says of his offspring: “for a Long time the concept of beauty was associated exclusively with the cult of youth, stereotype, opposes beauty and old age, firmly stuck in the public consciousness. The project “Olgushka” is an attempt to dispel this stereotype, broaden our understanding of the age, to create an image attractive for the elderly. The blog explores the features of national color, the relationship between age and style of the older generation living in Russia. Deliberately or accidentally, they create original images, based on feelings, intuition and past experience. This series is a collective portrait of our older compatriots, retaining a sense of style in spite of circumstances and the representations on old age. This generation of long lived in conditions of shortage and the political regime, suppress any expression of individuality. Now, in modern Russia, many pensioners live in conditions commensurate with the level of normal life. However, neither these circumstances nor the power of stereotypes associated with age, is not able to overcome people’s desire to look beautiful”.

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You need to evening “battle grid” to give maximum pleasure, except, of course, finding companions in the best playing shape? Many believe — and now the editors Trendymen tend to agree, what a comfortable gaming chair along with the hardware and skill is the third component of the fun in the game reality. This realization came after us for a test drive got a gaming chair THUNDERX3 TGC40 that among our editors, the place of battle is now bigger than in Battlefield.
Familiarity with it product company that is developing under the wing of well-known Taiwanese company Аerocool began with the Assembly. By the way, Аerocool is a major manufacturer of cases and power supplies for computers, what about the ergonomics of playing space they know something.
Quickly collecting chair TGC40 with instructions, a couple of tools, and even without such a mother, we not only got ready to use gaming place, but also a deeper understanding of how all this works.

High quality eco-friendly upholstery materials THUNDERX3 is a separate pride of the company. For ordinary consumers, this translates into a pleasant aroma of leather, which is not only pleasant to the touch, but breathes with your skin, not allowing the body to sweat even in the hottest moments of the game.
We calculated that at least a couple hours a day in a chair TGC40 and folding-expanding it each time, we will still fail even for a couple of years to get close to the factory test loads on the test samples. The fact is that before the departure of the party a solid metal frame one miserable seat on a special machine and subjected to 10-thousand spreading under load more than 120 pounds! And only if the test has been passed, the whole batch is sent to waiting gamers.
However, not only avid players of computer games can qualify for this “tron” — THUNDERX3 TGC40 with his style chairs luxury car can suit the taste of everyone. The adjustable back increased height and armrests, the chair can be to work and play with absolute comfort for hours. Feeling fatigue, you can fully lay chair and get it in a pose “Lotus” or “cuddles”, depending on the approaches desires to meditate or to sleep.
Pronounced lateral support of the back makes even routine office work is indistinguishable from trip in personal “Mercedes”!

Summing up, we can’t find any reason why the chair TGC40 in particular, and the range of THUNDERX3 in General could pass by your attention! Rare quality combined with stylish design, excellent materials and amazing ergonomics at an affordable price is something that should be home and in the office of everyone who is a long time in a sitting position! By the way, 15% discount on all products THUNDERX3 for the promotional code trendymen15 in the official store is another gift from the manufacturer anyone who is in search of a comfortable multipurpose chair. Read More →

There are signs that we believe without even thinking why we do so. For example, do not clean the house if he left a dear person. And there are signs, which our forefathers believed, but about which we know nothing. While such things may well affect not only the welfare of the family, but also for good luck and health.

Meet with household superstitions, you can believe in, but you can just smile reading them.

– Never show your money to strangers. Because it is possible to lose them. And not just because they can steal. Just can fall into trouble, which will be a lot of expenses.

– In one house it is impossible to cover different brooms. To wealth is not dispersed to the sides. By the way, if you kept rarity in the form of a broom, be sure to put it in the corner sweeping up. It is a profit.

– In the evenings it is impossible to clean the house and empty the garbage. It is also to losses.

– Never sit on the table – it leads to poverty.

– And the money in the house can be involved, if trim toenails on Tuesday or Friday.

– It is impossible to wipe the dining table with your hand or paper. Health will not. Also, our ancestors believed that if you put the trifle on the table, it will lead to tears.

– By the way, in debt to give money, usually in the morning. In any case, don’t do it in the evening or on Monday.

– If you want the money was always in the house, keep a few banknotes under the tablecloth.

– Do not give and receive the gift of knives is to hostility. Better give at least 5 cents to the one who wishes to make a gift. In this case, it is “buy”!

– There is another sign in order to add money – moon. To do this, show money young month: “the Month, darling, give me money full purse!”

– After sunset, you cannot cut new bread because it leads to quarrels and poverty.

– The salt can not be passed from hand to hand. Better to put it on the table.

– And if it is necessary to transfer a needle, it is better to stab the man. To avoid quarrels or enmity.

– Never spend all the money. In the wallet at least a few cents should remain.

– Also remember that in the bedroom or living room you can not put the open umbrella. A sign of tears.

To guest you are well taken, one should cross the threshold of another house with the right foot.

– Never play with knives or salt. This is the trouble.

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We also don’t like her. But believe that in the midst of economic crisis, some things you can and should do yourself.

Here are 11 ways to wash and clean that before you’ve committed professionals.

1. The interior of the vehicle.

Discount Queens

Dry cleaning is expensive. Just prepare a soapy solution by adding baking soda and vinegar. Take a hard brush and get started.

2. Of the window frame.

First Home Love Life

First, generously sprinkle in the right places baking soda. Then fill with vinegar and wait until the mixture starts to bubble. Take an old toothbrush or cotton swab. Thoroughly wipe and then go over the cleaned spot with a wet cloth.

3. Washing machine.

The Rozy Home

If it works you have the time, then you know that over time the start to get smelly, musty. To get rid of this trouble, just run as long and intense wash cycle, adding to the container instead of powder bleach. Things, of course, in this scenario, the load is not necessary. If the chlorine scares you, replace it with a mixture of baking soda and vinegar.

4. The grout on the tile.

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The apartment can be clean, but because of the seams on the tile so as not to appear. To fix this, you need to take a toothbrush and bleach and soap solution. The bathroom so you can clean in 10 minutes.

5. Sofa microfiber.

First try alcohol and then distilled water. Ordinary water from the tap to clean this sofa can not remain stains and perhaps dark spots. The principle of cleaning is: first soak and then scrub with a dry stiff brush.

6. Comb.

Passion For Savings

Just soak it in a solution of hot water and baking soda.

7. Dust on the vents.

The Family Handyman

Use an old cosmetic brush to get to where you can’t get the vacuum cleaner.

8. Awkward glass bottles.

Decorative bottles are a nightmare for every housewife. Take salt, soap and a little warm water. Mix them, pour the mixture into a bottle and shake well several times. The process can be repeated several times.

9. Burnt pans.

One Good Thing By Jillee

Help a mixture of baking soda and hydrogen peroxide. Minimal effort will save you from hours of monotonous labor.

10. Marker on the floor.

My Life And Kids

If your children are just learning to draw, you are faced with this problem surprisingly often. You know what’s the solution? In toothpaste! Apply it on the surface, wait a few moments, and then attrite her sponge.

11. Lattice for a grill.

Skip To My Lou

Cut in half a regular onion and start to wipe.

And the fumes coming out quickly, and the smell for the next barbecue stays!


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99% of your genetic code is exactly the same as everyone else on the planet. Your genes determine the color of skin, gender, hair color and presence or absence of genetic diseases. But the remaining 1% makes all the more interesting. Specific genetic variations allow some of us have unusual features. This is how genes can determine superpowers.

  • ACTN3 and sprint ability

    We all possess a gene called ACTN3, but some variations help the body produce a special protein called alpha-actinin-3. This protein controls the fast twitch muscle fibers, the cells responsible for high-speed tension and flexion of the muscles involved in sprinting or weightlifting. In 2008, when geneticists studied the outstanding sprinters and athletes, they found that very few of them had two defective copies of ACTN3, a gene dubbed “the sports gene”.

  • hDEC2 and features sleep

    Imagine what you would feel superengine after only four hours of sleep. Some people are from nature. These people are called “melepasmu”, and only recently have scientists discovered the answer to the question what is causing such a low need for sleep. In most cases this ability is associated with a specific gene mutation hDEC2. This means that this feature is often inherited. Scientists hope to better study this phenomenon, so that in the future to turn the idea of the necessary amount of sleep.

  • TAS2R38 and taste sensations

    About a quarter of the world’s population can taste food more acutely than others. Such people are prone to adding milk and sugar into the bitter coffee and avoid fatty, oily food. This reaction, according to the researchers, programmed in their genetic code, in particular, in a gene called TAS2R38, which is responsible for perception of bitter taste. A variant of the gene combinations responsible for overly developed sense of taste, called PAV, and underdeveloped – AVI.

  • LRP5 and indestructible bones

    Bone fragility is a major health problem of our time. Researched identified the genetic mutation LRP5 gene that regulates the mineral density of bone tissue, which can lead to brittle and weak bones. Today, scientists have identified numerous mutations of the gene LRP5, related to bone health, including youth with primary osteoporosis. But a slightly different variant mutations of the same gene can lead to the opposite effect, giving some people a very strong, almost indestructible bones.

  • Invulnerability before malaria

    Suffering from sickle cell disease individuals (they have one sickle gene and one normal gene gemoglobiny) are more protected from malaria than others. Although this blood disorder is difficult to classify “supersposobnosti”, it may help science to make a breakthrough in the creation of means of struggle against malaria.

  • BDNF and SLC6A4 and super-consumers of coffee

    At least six different genes linked to how your body perceives caffeine. BDNF and SLC6A4 contribute to getting more pleasure from the taste of the coffee and are forced to consume it more and more. Other genes linked to how quickly the body metabolizes caffeine. Thus, there is nothing surprising in the fact that some people can actually drink a couple cups of strong coffee and, as if nothing had happened, go back to sleep.

  • CETP and low cholesterol

    Although the environment (including what we eat) and affects the level of cholesterol, genetics also plays an important role here. Mutation of the gene responsible for the production of a protein called CETP, leads to a deficiency of this protein in the body. This deficit is associated with the presence of a high level of “good” cholesterol that helps deliver cholesterol to the liver to bring it out of the body, which leads to low total cholesterol. Studies have also found a low prevalence of coronary heart disease among people with scarce a mutation of the CETP.

  • ALDH2*2 and super-blush

    Habit to blush after the slightest dose of alcohol that bring so much inconvenience to their owners, could be the result of the activity of the gene ALDH2. This mutation prevents the liver enzyme to convert the alcohol to acetaldehyde to acetate. When acetaldehyde accumulates in the blood, it promotes disclosure of capillaries, which is outwardly manifested as redness of the skin. Acetaldehyde is also considered a carcinogen, so drinkers are affected by this mutation are more likely to develop cancer of the esophagus.

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To help skin be radiant and healthy you need to eat right.

Nutritionists advise to include in your diet 5 foods that are especially useful for skin:

– eggs. The amino acids contained in eggs, help to produce collagen, which is responsible for skin elasticity. Egg yolks are rich in cyanocobalamin – vitamin B12, which will help to smooth out wrinkles and protect the skin from the external environment.

– greens and green vegetables. Vegetables are rich in fiber, which improves peristalsis of the intestine. If your digestive tract works like a clock, no constipation and food therefore does not stagnate in the intestines, then there is putrefaction, which can affect the skin condition. Besides constantly eat greens, such as spinach, arugula, lettuce, sorrel helps the skin to remain elastic and its color lends a beautiful Golden color without any tan.

– med. If you can’t do without sugar, try replacing it with honey. It is useful, moreover is rich in various vitamins and trace elements. Just don’t add honey in the just-brewed tea – so lost its useful properties. Honey is also useful as an ingredient for face masks and wyomingensis walnut. Eating every day a guest of almonds (30 grams), you will neutralize the harm that has on the body free radicals. Are molecules in which one atom has an unpaired electron. Too high content of free radicals in the body negatively affects him, causing various pathological processes and diseases. In almond nut fatty acids, which help skin to remain hydrated and contribute to wrinkles.

– fruits and vegetables containing lots of fluid. Already started the season of strawberries and cucumbers – they help to moisturize the skin from within. To make it more smooth and radiant. Only strawberries should byt be careful, especially Allergy sufferers. Ahead of the season of watermelons and melons, which are also very useful for young and healthy skin.

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