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Rainbow trend not only captured the beauty industry (think about the hair) and cooking (Instagram full of cupcakes, drinks and toast edinoroga shades), but many designers. The latest love of social media – a new pair of shoes sequins Christian Louboutin.

Stylist Samantha McMillen, where Dakota and Elle fanning and Carey Mulligan, has published a viral video of this unusual shoes that magically change color, and gave her the name “unicorn leather”: they resemble ordinary metallic ankle boots, but you should spend them with his hand, as gray, the color changes to green, red, pink and gold. Looks very fascinating!

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Despite the fact that raising a child in a huge role for the mother, but there are things which are better able to cope father. This is especially true of the education of his son Read More →

In the body in large quantity produces myostatin. A protein that suppresses muscle growth and prevents them to be in good shape Read More →


To garden or not to garden? That is the question… the Guest of the program “Mother!”, mom of three Sweet, designer Kate Shehurina shared their experiences.

Some interesting stories from the life of a young mother and her family:

“We understand that the daughter will go to the garden a month after birth. She is very active!”

“I have very fond memories of kindergarten, I remember all the teachers.”

“He gave Mila a French garden. I really want to see it adopted their mentality – they know how to enjoy the little things! Such people are happy in poverty and in wealth.”

“In 2.5 years she went to the Adele concert in Barcelona. She sang “Let it go” from the animated film “Cold heart”.”

“Don’t like to take Mila to work – she is very active. But the daughter asks all the time. Cut dress from fabric, how to do sleeves.”

“In kindergarten Mila wants to walk exclusively in the “big” dresses. It is a lush dress to the floor. The pants she wears. All with collars – it “guys”. The same applies to clothing with buttons.”

“The daughter was often sick when just beginning to walk in the garden. Saved by homeopathy.”

“Mila we have with nature, will defend the game to the last. I’m glad that in the garden she revealed that not always happen as you want.”

“In the morning, the daughter can say that you don’t want in the garden and in the evening it is not there to pick up.”

“Every year promised to sew a dress for Mila’s birthday. I think that four years have found excuses and will have to make.”

We offer readers of the magazine Woman to watch the full video version of the interview!

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22 April 2017 to furniture commercial complex “Grand” beginning of his work “Exhibition. Sofas 2017”. On the opening day the exhibition was visited by more than 12,000 people.

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White shoes or sneakers

There is nothing more versatile and practical than a sports footwear.

You can wear it with everything without exception, from boyfriend jeans and sweatshirts, ending with a mini-dresses.

Shoes and sneakers will add a slope to your image!

Обувь для каждой женщины

Shoes for every woman

Shoes low heel

A little femininity never hurts. Especially if the femininity does not cost you any more casualties. Classic shoes on a small steady heel – great for a business woman who has a lot of time on my feet and look at 100%.

Обувь для каждой женщины

Shoes for every woman

The party shoes

They supereugene and you hardly can resist? For the sake of beauty sometimes you just need to be patient. Let the next day you will suffer from blisters and pain, but will fix for itself the title of Queen of the party.

Обувь для каждой женщины

Shoes for every woman

Platform shoes

No platform sandals it is impossible to imagine summer Shoe wardrobe, and no shoes platform autumn. Anyway – these shoes are a timeless hit!

Обувь для каждой женщины

Shoes for every woman


Sandals to go low – the chief must-have of the summer. They will survive everything: trips to undiscovered corners of the city, wild parties, romantic dates and walks on the beach.

Обувь для каждой женщины

Shoes for every woman

Ballet flats

The main rule of survival for the active women: always have at hand a pair of ballet shoes. They will always remain a timeless trend. It is desirable to have not one pair, but several. Some are simple and classic and the second – a bright and trendy.

Обувь для каждой женщины

Shoes for every woman


Loafers can complement almost any outfit and not sacrifice comfort. Now they exist in thousands of colors and patterns made from different materials and with varying degrees of decoration. But you can never go wrong with classic black loafers from the skin.

Обувь для каждой женщины

Shoes for every woman

Waterproof shoes

We’re not just talking about the rubber boots! In the rain and slush to wear beautiful shoes is always a pity. Therefore, we suggest investing in a pair of waterproof boots that resemble casual shoes.

Обувь для каждой женщины

Shoes for every woman

Boots to go low

High boots have always been in trend. However, there is one “but“: for daily is best to abandon high heels. Shoes with heels are not always appropriate and looks totally impractical.

Ankle boots with heel

This is the best shoes for the off-season! Autumn wear ankle boots with skinny jeans is to visually lengthen the legs, and in the spring … skirt – this will add the image of femininity.

Fashion 2017 pictures. New items women’s shoes

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Dinner for weight loss: basic rules

First, remember: if during the day the body receives the necessary amount of food and nutrients, then for dinner the person does not appear “brutal appetite“. You’ll be hungry, but not enough to sweep away all that you see in the fridge.

Dinner should be 2-3 hours before bedtime. So, if you go to bed at 22:00, you need to eat no later than 19:00. It will promote better digestion and will not burden the gastrointestinal tract.

In the evening the metabolism in the body slows down, you need to abandon heavy meals. Ideal for dinner meat with vegetables, eggs or lean fish. Fatty meats should be removed from the diet, and to replace the use of dietary meat chicken, Turkey and rabbit. Can be used seafood.

Read also: DIET for DEPRESSION: HOW to EAT a healthy diet AND to lose WEIGHT

Dinner and lunch for weight loss should include plenty of vegetables for optimal saturation of the body with fiber, at the same time of calories in them. Useful are sea Kale, carrots, celery, ginger and greens in various types.

All the well-known opinion that dinner is better to eat an Apple, a mistake, because Apple only inflames hunger. Fruits are also carbohydrates, so it is better to replace with vegetables.


To satisfy a slight hunger before bed will help kefir or yogurt without sugar.

See online video with three ideas for a light dinner:

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So, will have to accept the reality: the future is now. One of the founders of Google, Larry page, has recently introduced a not a concept, but the finished development of personal flying machine. Down tube!
Now the brainchild of the group is able to soar just above the water, rising to a height of about five meters.
The Kitty Hawk aircar speeds up to 50 kilometers per hour, weighs about a hundred pounds and can take on Board only one passenger.
Larry page promised to release the new product on the U.S. markets before the end of this summer. To us Kitty Hawk will not come until next year. Read More →

See what products will help to grow healthy and thick curls
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Pancakes recipe my mom! Get a very lush, soft and sweet. Sometimes it is difficult to ensure that the fritters were lush, not rubber. This recipe will be with You forever!

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