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April 20 was the official opening of Lamborghini St. Petersburg-the new showroom of the brand in the Northwest region of Russia. Northern capital was first visited by the members of the Board of Directors of Automobili Lamborghini in the person of General Director Stefano Domenicali and the commercial Director Federico Foschini. Another sensation in the press conference on the occasion of the opening of Lamborghini of Saint-Petersburg became the Russian premiere of the supercar Performante Lamborghini Huracán — the new record holder of the nürburgring, held on the “Nordschleife” (Nürburgring Nordschleife) in 6 minutes of 52.01 seconds.

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Pancakes … no pies…still no pancakes… actually, pancake pies, and even cheese!

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Rainbow holographic hair coloring has become a new beauty trend-2017
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People who prefer to spend weekends outside the city, feel much better than those who spend their free time in urban area Read More →

South Korean martial arts fans rejoice — the SPYDER Invitational Brazilian jiu-jitsu tournament returns to the peninsula at the end of April. Expanding the scope of the event to international combatants, this year’s bracket is sure to offer more dynamic bouts with fighters from Korea, Brazil, Mexico, China and the USA all participating. The eight matches are separated into weight classes greater than and less than 76 kilograms with the winners moving on to the finals of the tournament in October, 2017. Take a look at the matchups below and make sure to head over to the SPYDER Invitational website to learn more.


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Begins it is time holidays, and that means it’s time to think about how and where to spend your holidays. Traditionally, most people choose a hot country with sand and a noisy sea. Okazavshis in another country, feel different, even for a while forget the life that I lived before, about the work and routine. On vacation in us awakens the wanderlust and extreme, thirst to learn and see something new, to try unusual cuisine, to get acquainted with local customs and people. At the same time, a comfortable journey is a journey of light. So why lug around a heavy suitcase filled with clothes and shoes? Better to take a couple of things on all occasions that will be relevant both day and evening.
Necessarily in the closet on vacation should be a shirt with short sleeves, preferably two. Shirt — a universal thing, because it can be used for different occasions. It goes well with both pants and shorts. If you have decided to visit very hot Equatorial countries such as Greece or Thailand, for the hot day and the beach shirt, you can just throw on, so as not to scorch. For the evening in a restaurant or bar for her to choose light jeans or linen trousers. As for color, it is better to prefer light clothing in green or blue shades, pale red tones. Because dark things very hot and stuffy in the sun. Large selection of shirts for holidays in different colors, short and long sleeve offers its customers a well-known online store bonprix. The website is very easy to find the right product, while spending very little time, which is very important in the modern world. Navigation intuitive, and make ordering very simple. It is sufficient to determine the product, choose the color and size (for convenience there is also a size chart if someone knows your) and send the item to your cart. Spend a couple of minutes for payment, filling out ‘ — and that premise is on the way! Very useful and interesting on the website is additional feature “Finish the outfit”. Like, for example, shirt, stylists bonprix offered to pick up some pants, stylish watch, belt and even shoes. No need to bother and to look for something suitable. You are already made by experts. Besides, prices for branded clothes are more than reasonable, so ready images everyone can afford. It will save you a lot of time! And the excellent quality of goods will allow for a long time to wear beautiful and comfortable clothes and shoes.
The “furloughed” are shirts with tropical prints — they even had a separate name “Hawaiian shirt”. As a rule, very bright things with images of leaves, flowers and parrots. The name of the shirt does not mean that it can be worn only in Hawaii — it will be appropriate in any hot country where you decide to spend a vacation or even in the hottest months in the city. Of course, this style for confident men who like to wear bright things and be the center of attention.
On the website Lamoda large selection of shirts. Among them are bright and colorful Hawaiian shirt with palm trees and flowers. Lamoda warehouses in almost every city of Russia, this means that, interested in any product, you can order a fitting home. The courier will deliver the order at a time convenient to you, and in case clothing will meet all your requirements, payment can be made on the spot. It is very convenient and modern form of shopping, especially for those who do not like the tedious trips to the shops. Vacation can be carried out not only under the scorching sun on the beach, but to travel around Europe. To see the historical sights and take a walk along famous streets. For these walks and excursions, it is preferable to choose the clothes in casual style. Comfortable shoes and clothing is the key to a great and pleasant walk. Rubbing shoes and tight clothing is unlikely to decorate any leisure. Denim shirt will be a great solution for such a case. It can be combined with t-shirts and shirts, it goes well with any Shoe: sneakers, loafers, etc. Also, the denim shirt fits any type, regardless of body type and age. It is a universal and indispensable thing in the wardrobe.
Choose a denim shirt for every taste in our online shop Shop 24. The site provides clothes of different brands from different price categories. Very often you can catch a sale and buy a branded item at a nice price. But if the vacation you have decided to spend in the city, there are lots of kinds of activities for fun in the summer. You can go Hiking or fishing, ride a bike or take a horse ride. On all occasions perfect plaid shirt. In the summer you can even afford a bright yellow-red or green-orange square. Cage has become a classic and will never go out of fashion. Such a thing can “dilute” casual grey-black closet and bring brightness to everyday life.
If you have no such universal things, I advise you to look at the range of shirts English website Asos. To find his shirt on this site more than possible! Don’t forget that men can and should be fashionable and stylish! For this dish you need to periodically update closet, add color and to be “on trend”. Nice bright summer to you and successful acquisitions! Read More →

Suffer from seasickness? Well, you can breathe freely: high-tech suspension, Nauti-Craft solves this problem once and for all.
Equipped with such suspension boat can cut through the toughest waves as easily as a hot sharp knife through a soft cake. Passengers can only enjoy the comfort — no more pills, packages, and good old “man overboard”.
This amazing technology was developed by Nauti-Craft, located in dunsborough, Western Australia. Actually, suspension was originally intended for stabilization of wind power plants. One of the company’s technicians joke adapted it to his motorboat, and was incredibly surprised with the result.
For a unique soft motion of the boat, equipped with suspension, Nauti-Craft, already dubbed the “deep jeep”. The first commercial offers will appear on world markets this summer. Read More →

Women know that makeup is able to turn the grey mouse into eye-catching beauty. Not just makeup, of course, and the one to the face, to age, to the situation. To learn the art of makeup can each woman, for example, to take lessons from makeup artist, to find a suitable image in a magazine, to consult with a friend or find your way on your own. You decide which path to choose. Let … Read More →

The contents

  • POLYSORB: features and properties
  • POLYSORB: effectiveness against acne
  • POLYSORB acne from the inside: how to make
  • Polisorb in the form of masks for acne
    • POLYSORB pure
    • Mask for dry skin
    • Mask for oily skin

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Your answers during the passage of the working interview is not the only factor that will be considered a competent HR specialist. In recent years, the tendency of applicants to purposefully prepare it for interview. True relation of the requested positions remains outside of the ring “employer-employee”. Therefore, changing the approach of recruiters to the interview process. Good HR staff develop gradually in these psychologists. These can easily distinguish not only the lie, but the beloved half-truths only by your careless gesture. People just can’t keep control over every movement of the body. Often, however, you will be quite enough not to make serious mistakes, to get the job done. In our article contains the 7 most obvious, according to recruiters, signs on the insincerity of the applicant. Remember the list before your next interview — who knows, maybe following these rules will ensure you a good job.

  • Don’t look
    No need to look in the eyes like on this depends the fate of the universe. And find the focus point of his gaze somewhere behind the man, is not worth it. Run look around the room, staring at the table in different directions at the same time — all signs is uncertain within the competence of the person. Start the interview correctly: when meeting a mandatory hold eye contact a little longer than usual. Answering, eye contact. Not intently and intensely, and with ease. Difficult? You need, in the end this work or not?
  • Don’t play
    This is an old technique experienced recruiters: to place on the table a few small items so that the applicant could easily reach everyone. A difficult question, or even a series of questions the answer to which is known, should not cause a person needs to do something with your hands — then the ball is ruled by confidence and self-control. In a painful search to find what is not there, the brain will send signals to your hands: let’s say, we can look together. Do not succumb to provocation.
  • Poor posture
    You may be in school and not taught to sit at a Desk correctly. And all my life you read interesting books, played computer and other things that are much easier to pull off comfortably bent three times over the table. The true story of your spine interesting the interviewer is less likely, believe me. Stooped posture, shoulders drawn into the head — means you’re hiding something and are afraid to open up. At the interview, straighten your shoulders, keep your backs straight. This, among other things, will give you confidence.
  • Not rasslabla
    Weak man’s handshake causes the recipient has only one desire: to dominate this fellow. Subconsciously, of course. Submitting, at the meeting, a relaxed palm, you’ve already disappointed a recruiter. Who needs staff-wimp?
  • Do not fidget
    To fidget on the chair — the last thing. Imagine how many small movements committed man, just throwing one leg over the other? Involved the whole body. But if this is not the first change of posture, and the tenth? So you’re not telling me something, and your body is still perceiving all nervous situation only in one perspective, is eager to fight or flee right now. From this error you will save just about control. Breathe deep, sit relaxed — it is, after all, just a job.
  • Do not strain
    A strong handshake must be backed up by the entire body. Direct gaze, easy smile, the natural motion of the shoulders — these signs say that you know your strength and believe in it. Excessive pressure on the palm of the interlocutor, and even more devoid of these symptoms, tell the recruiter only one thing: here come the man who wants to seem not who he is.
  • Don’t wave
    Active body language is an important part of your behavior in the interview. Precise, focused movements, you show the person that is completely sure of the answer and the course of the conversation control. In this case, the gestures look natural, enhancing your image. Forget the hustle: without preparation, attempt to give the lie additional amount of hands is extremely obvious.

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