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The right makeup and the right hair color have a rejuvenating effect are not worse than anti-aging cosmetics. It you don’t need – we just need to shift the emphasis in make-up and to bet on certain colors. Use cosmetics creamy texture. The concealer is also a concern. The older a woman is, the less powder means it should be in her purse. And blush, and shadows, it is desirable to choose a liquid. Soft eyebrows – another makeup-trick with the prefix “anti-age”. If brows, avoid dark shades. Focus on your natural hair color and opt for an eyebrow pencil the same shade or darker tone. And by the way, with age it is preferable to paint the eyebrows with eye shadow, not pencil – so sestryonka turns softer and more natural. Brown and dark grey instead of black. Everywhere, where used black (arrows, mascara), go for brown shades or asphalt. They reduce contrast, which highlights the shortcomings of the age. You can also use plum tones. Warm tones for the skin. Give preference to funds with tonal shades of gold, caramel, peach. But from whitish and cold colors should be avoided, they create an aggressive image. The Straubing. Highlights the face with a cream highlighter. It can be mixed with Foundation and spread throughout the skin. Alternative to shimmer with small shining particles, which is applied to the back of the nose and cheekbones. Matte shadow and lipstick. Mother-of-pearl, and even more glitter – a taboo in the age makeup. Blonde hair. The older a woman is, the brighter must be the hair – dark shades make you look too contrasty, and it makes you look older. Glossy Shine on the hair. It also helps to look younger, so use leave-in creams to give the curls Shine or oil. It might make sense to do the lamination.

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It was formed a long time ago, from sea salt deposits that were covered by volcanic lava. Now the substance extracted from the most closed parts of the mountains — it is not affected neither the environment nor the environment. It is a pure product which has remarkable properties. The color of pink salt, this is due to the fact that it contains a lot of minerals. The base is sodium chloride, and added to it bromine, magnesium, calcium, strontium, iodine, etc. when compared to conventional salt, the latter will be pure sodium chloride, that is to rely on some useful components are not necessary.

How does Himalayan salt in our body?

She has a whole range of useful actions. This ingredient allows you to better absorb minerals and various vitamins, good regulates the level of fluid in our body, provides the body with sufficient iodine. And therapeutic Himalayan salt rids our cells of toxins, cleanses the organs, stabilize hormones, blood sugar levels. Fine it affects the musculoskeletal system, the condition of our bones and tissues. If it will be used with excess weight (instead of regular salt), will begin to escape weight. But don’t expect any crazy results — all will be within norm, slowly but surely and safe for health.

Prepare miracle liquid

The substance may well be used as ordinary salt to add to dishes. Colds make the salt solution is 26%. To make them easy. Pour on the bottom of a normal Cup a little salt, cover it all with water and put in the fridge. Morning and see whether there are any crystals. If Yes, there’s nothing to add. If crystals no, the solution is saturated enough, you could add a bit of salt and leave for a day. Use a diluted saline solution — a teaspoon stirred into a glass of clean water. This is a great tool for rinsing with sore throat, nasal lavage, etc.

The bars of this stuff you can just put in the room or at the bedside. Excellent properties have lamps for candles that are made from this material. Anyone who ever try this tool for a long time convinced of its effectiveness and a variety of interesting features.

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Wrong length, bad (although, to be trendy) color of hair – all this can automatically make of the 35-year-old glamorous girls the tired woman of indeterminate age. Don’t let these mistakes!

Too short haircut “a boy” or good on young girls, or women 45+. But in the “intermediate” age is not the best choice.

Hair is too long. If you wear them loose, they should not be longer than the shoulder – so you did not look like the young lady pretended to be young middle-aged.

Black hair – if this is not your natural shade, gradually move to lighter shades: chocolate, chestnut. Black hair added years (visually impair hair color, accentuate under eye circles and wrinkles).

Bleached hair is another color, which should leave the young experimentators. Platinum blond, like strips a person – become visible all the flaws.

Red and purple hair is not only old fashioned but also gives the skin a yellowish tint.

Styling “hair to hair”. Fixed bouncy curls, perfectly smooth strands, perfect bun on top – all this instantly puts you five to seven years. Prefer easy natural hairstyles, stacked slightly sloppy.

Hyperonym – unnatural and therefore underlines the artificiality of your image, depriving it of lightness and dynamics.

Kara cap – this hairstyle is remained in the 80s of the last century, it is not necessary to “pull” it in 2017.

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The Italian government is in this way decided to save monuments from destruction. The locks, which formerly housed convents, schools and other institutions, will get absolutely free themes who are able to provide in their repair or restoration.
They can, for example, to arrange a hotel or cafe and thus also increase the attractiveness of the area for tourists. That is the purpose of the state, running the program on the distribution of castles in the regions that are not yet so popular among traveling through Italy. According to the representative of the Agency state property, Roberto Reggio, the idea is that private and administrative buildings that are no longer used, turned into centers of attraction for pilgrims, hikers, travelers, cyclists. The project will promote and support the development of “slow tourism”.
The potential owner of the lock does not need to go through complicated bureaucratic procedures. Authorities are waiting for a plan of territorial development, after which will be formalized ownership for 9 years with possibility of extension. There is an option of the lease for 50 years. Read More →

The contents

  • How to include children in wedding ceremony?
  • Something to occupy children while adults celebrate?
  • How to adjust wedding scenario, given the presence of children?

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Photographer and pilot of the Santiago Borja Lopez makes incredible images of lightning and storms right from the cockpit of a passenger “Boeing”. What on earth just rain, the sky looks impressive force of nature.

In an interview with the Washington Post Borja said that to remove thunderstorms from the cockpit task really complex. Lightning hit instantly, the tripod is not in sight, and the devices give unnecessary light.

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Attitude and body language

For a split second a person can identify the threat, the attractiveness, the usefulness of the other person. But we should not judge each other on first impression, issued by ancient instinct. Get to know the man better, and then draw conclusions. This section does not apply 100% to body language. It is rather that subconsciously will influence the process.

Feel safe and confident

Of course, in 100% of cases you do not. And in some cases the apparent uncertainty adds you points. But usually it works if you consider two things:

– Try to remove something bothers you (troubled skin, bad hair cut or color hair, wrong glasses, etc.). – Wear the clothes in which you feel confident.

Everyone is your friend unless proven otherwise

Why burn bridges before they are built. During intercourse you will immediately notice and feel whether a person wants to be friends.

Everyone deserves respect unless proven otherwise

You have nothing to lose and much to win if you treat people with respect. It does not mean to kiss the shoes, this is not to make them feel unimportant.

Simpatiziruet all, until you know better

Strangers deserve to be treated with sympathy, regardless of their social or financial status. Being with a billionaire, you can feel miserable, and dealing with the homeless, to feel the rush of joy.

Always think about what you can do for others

When you meet someone, don’t think, “what can they do for me?” and think “what can I do for them?” To help people is the best way to make them want to help you, and everyone wins. Offer assistance but don’t insist. Let them decide for themselves.


Your body constantly sends signals to the people you meet. Posture not only affects what people think of you, but what you think about yourself.

Stand straight, but relaxed

To find the right posture, try the following:

– Place your feet shoulder width apart. Stretch yourself as high as possible, imagine you are pulling your head up. Hold this state, but relax your shoulders. Relax your neck and lift your head to look straight (not up or down). Pull shoulders slightly back.

Sit up straight, but in a gentle posture

Keep your back straight, but relax as much as possible.

Keep the stomach in some tension

When you stand or sit, keep your back and abdomen into small voltage. This is well reflected in the pose and perfect grace of movement.

Position your feet approximately hip distance apart

The position of your feet when you are standing, says a lot. It’s not an exact science, but closed legs talking about uncertainty. Try to stand so that your legs are about hip distance apart.

The entrance to the room

In the moment when you enter the room, you instantly begin to appreciate. Take advantage of this.

Havelimites, showing that happy to be here

No matter where you come from, smile when you enter the room. Smile like you really like what you see. Don’t overdo it. Smile the way you smile when going outside the sun shines pleasant.

Greet people

No need to shout, “Hey!” to attract attention, just say the welcoming words. Otherwise, it will take some time to stand still or slowly walk the room, inspecting the people.

Keep eye contact

Don’t look at people as an object. Look them in the eye, and if someone detained your look, smile. Take your time — it speaks confidence and shows an open attitude.

Send “friendly wave”

People respect people who have a lot of friends. When you go into the room with a large number of people, which do not include your friends, pretend to nod to someone.

Feel free to do so with imaginary characters. Nobody here knows the real situation, do it with confidence.

It will bring a number of effects:

– People will assume you know someone from the audience.- You will have more time to calmly look around. – You will feel more confident.


Use firm, but gentle handshake. Men are especially sensitive to how you shake hands. Weak or “dead” handshake instantly destroys sympathy.

Keep eye contact when shaking his hand

If you look to the side, it can be interpreted as:

– Lack of attention/respect for another person. – Your stealth.

See the man in the eye long enough to remember his eye color.

Smile like it made your day

When you look someone in the eye during the handshake, smile as if you saw something that you happy. Don’t laugh, just smile.


Depending in what position you stand or sit, changes the way you perceive.

Keep an open posture

When you speak with someone, position yourself to be open to the interlocutor. Do not cross your arms, don’t slouch etc. It means confidence and comfort.

Turn to the person with whom you are talking

How your body turned towards the man matters. Pose “from the person” can mean fear, uncertainty and distrust.

Do not lean on objects

When you rest on a wall or other object it means passivity and, perhaps, unreliable. Watch your posture.

If you lean, keep your posture

If you have to rely on anything for any reason, keep a good posture. Don’t slouch.


Your face sends a lot of signals. People project a lot of information without even knowing it. You can use your face to signal that you need.

Make your face happy

There are people whose face at rest looks angry. With them are not seeking to communicate. The expression says nothing about the state of the individual, but makes it unattractive in the eyes of others. Make sure that your face is at rest (e.g. when you’re on a laptop) looks relaxed, if not happy. Easy trick — learn this expression at rest, as if something amuses you slightly.

Don’t break eye contact

People have a habit to look away to the side while making eye contact. Try not to do that. Keep eye contact and smile.

This has a few effects:

– People perceive you to be more open. – You will feel more confident.

Please note: when you keep the contact, don’t forget to smile. A dispassionate view can be very creepy…

How to smile

There is a very simple trick is to smile: imagine that you see what you really like. Smile is not to move your face a certain way, and to feel happy and allow your face to Express it.

Methods and habitand

We will talk about some of the things you can do to improve interaction with people.

Mirror body position and movement

The technique of reflection is very powerful. Research suggests that people feel more comfortable around you and better you are, if you repeat their posture. For example: They crossed their arms? Cross your arms; They rely on the right foot? And you lean on the right leg; They drink tea? And you take the Cup or glass. It is important that the interviewee did not understand what you are doing it on purpose.

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Proper and balanced diet – the guarantee of health of the person. And it Mediterranean diet will help to improve health and extend years of life Read More →

This rule works in the case of make-up and hair: what little things help to look fashionable and attractive.

We have compiled a list of simple beauty above every day, once you’ve mastered that, you will be beautiful and spectacular. 1. Brush eyebrows upward. This simple trick makes your face look younger, look – open. 2. Use instead of black eyeliner any color. Black arrows visually reduce eyes. 3. Color eyeliner or liner migracyjne space – so eyelashes will appear thicker. 4. Choose glosses and lipsticks cool colors – it visually makes the teeth whiter. 5. Wear a side parting the hair seem voluminous. But parted in the middle, on the contrary, smooth hair. 6. Apply perfume on your back and shoulders. The aroma will sound brighter, but will not hit his nose around. 7. Prefer nodulosa manicure is always to the point, always stylish, always true. 8. Use to disguise the deficiencies concealer, which matches perfectly with the shade of Foundation. If you choose too light a tool, the problem areas will become even more noticeable. 9. Buy two mascara – black and brown. The first is for the top lashes, one for bottom. So the makeup is more natural. 10. Discipline yourself to use transparent powder. This is the best solution for fixing make-up and struggle with oily Shine on the face.

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And put up with it, of course, no one wants. Because it is important to develop a strategy of struggle, and one of its points – the right food. We present you the list of products that react destructively with the “orange peel” and can be considered its enemies.

1. Cereal. “Oatmeal” for Breakfast should become your healthy habit. It has a lot of fiber, which can cope with body fat as well as antioxidants that are beneficial to our skin.

2. Beans and beans. They have a lot of calcium, which helps break down fats and potassium which cope with the stagnant fluid and thereby makes your skin smoother and attractive.

3. Nuts. In small amounts they are very useful. There is vitamin E that has long been called the beauty vitamin, and fatty acids that participate in removing body fat.

4. Berries. There is a lot of vitamin C and antioxidants, which are responsible for the smoothness of the skin.

5. Fruit, especially citrus. Struggling with fluid retention, help to produce collagen that eliminates unsightly looseness, and improve circulation. Fruit is a great snack in between main meals.

6. Dried fruits. Excrete the excess fluid, since they contain a lot of potassium. Shown to replace the desserts.

7. Bow. There is sulfur, which helps to neutralize free radicals, and vitamin E and vitamin C, which helps to protect cell walls.

8. Dairy products. They have a lot of calcium and healthy linoleic acid and milk protein. All this contributes to losing weight and gaining skin elasticity.

9. Oily fish. There are many anti-cellulite proteins and minerals. Regular consumption of oily fish helps to restore moisture balance and strengthen the walls of blood vessels.

10. Lean meats (beef and chicken). There’s a lot of linoleic acid and protein that helps to combat stagnation of fluid and burn fats.

These products are the real killers of cellulite. However, it is important to do a diet based on them their way of life, to eliminate from the diet of sweets, fatty and fried foods, not to consume alcohol and nicotine. It is important to drink plenty of water and herbal teas, exercise and lead a healthy lifestyle. And then you will be able to overcome such a problem as cellulite, or at least minimize it. Good luck to you on your path to health and perfect body!

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