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Despite the simplicity of this plant, a few rules of care to be observed. If you want it blossomed more and more elaborate, we should not allow the growth of plants on the course. Pruning geraniums is a very important procedure that helps to build thicker, fuller and symmetrical shrub that produces large orange flowers.

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When switching to a healthy diet one is immediately relieved of 1 kg, as regulated bowel motility and excess fluid. Then begins a systematic weight loss in a week will be “to go” order 500 grams of excess weight Read More →

We present to Your attention a few effective ways of treatment of an osteochondrosis in house conditions. Rubbing and massage various ointments and tinctures, is a very effective method that can and should be used during treatment of low back pain, as massage and rubbing will enhance the effects of each other.

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It is no exaggeration to say that eggs are a universal food. They are prepared bachelors, include complicated recipes Housewives and kids love. We will tell you about 9 interesting facts about eggs Read More →

Today You will learn how we were cruelly deceived women. And it is most offensive, that is good …

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She called for help when her pilot died of a heart attack. What happened next is priceless! This story is based on real events.

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