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Company IBM has developed a system that creates recipes from a scientific point of view. For most people cooking without prescription is more insurmountable than interesting task. The IBM team has decided to help the people doubting in their own culinary talent, and created a virtual chef. 0 The electronic assistant name yet, but he already knows how to combine chemistry with psychology. That is, it takes into account the psychophysical features user and analyzes chemicals in products. Moreover, the «chef» selects a combination products from the point of view quite human orders, «pleasantness», «привычность» or «exotic». Assistant functionality have been tested by professional chefs, and 17 recipes from 20 were quite tasty. 0 Based on human perception of taste, IBM system will act creatively, to please even the discerning gourmet with the changeable mood. To do this, click cyber-cook will be constantly added delicacies. Like venison, fenugreek or striped tomato. In addition culinary device possesses practical skills that are useful in any home – helps dieting or saving products. For example, in poor countries where food supply is limited, cook will give advice, how to diversify meager menu with the daily requirements of vitamins and minerals. Read More →

Swiss brand Swatch presented the new summer collection of watches. A bright explosion and a cocktail of colors and materials, created on the basis of pure joy, especially for the hot summer months.

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Тейлор Свифт выпустила новый аромат Taylor by Taylor Swift
Young and talented American singer Taylor swift this summer will please all their fans a new fragrance.
This is not the first perfume creation of stars, which presented its debut fragrance Wonderstruck in 2011. After him, in the autumn of 2012 came фланкер Wonderstruck Enchanted. Both flavor been very successful and have won even a number of compliments from perfume critics who usually sparing in their praise for scents from celebrities.
In June 2013 singer is fragrance Taylor by Taylor Swift. It differs from its predecessors, which were rather fantastic stories in the perfume interpretation. New song Taylor – very personal and honest, sincere and sensual, because it shows a own style and inner world Taylor swift, her dreams, emotions and experiences.

Aroma Taylor – delicate and sweet floral fruity fragrance with a woody base. He opens feminine and attractive notes litchi, Mandarin orange and Magnolia petals. In tremulous and sensual heart is pure and noble peony, hydrangea and vanilla Orchid. Exciting base is created from the bold and brash notes of sandalwood, apricot nectar, cashmere musk and soft wood chords.
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Bottle design is very bright and stylish, it will beautify your collection of perfumes, as it combines the features of the modern youth and nowadays popular retro styles: delicate pearl beads, crystal stopper and bold, bright prints.

The new fragrance will be available in the volume of 50 and 100 ml. The concentration of the composition – Eau de Parfum (EDP).

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Translated into Russian, “crumble” means “to crumble”, and ruddy crumb – the main component of the visual landscape of this dessert. But this landscape long stay intact, because the main charm of крамбла – crack spoon fragile crust бугристого dough, revealing a bright, hot, juicy fruit pulp, and enjoy the contrast of textures and temperatures, because crumble often served with ice cream. Crumble do with apples, cherries, and other fruits and berries, but ревенный crumble – main favorite of spring-beginning of summer, when this wonderful fruit appears on the shelves. And let us find the local rhubarb on the market is not an easy task, in supermarkets regularly appears import rhubarb, and therefore, baked rhubarb crumble, you no hurt.

Rhubarb crumble

rhubarb crumble 1 Крамбл из ревеня
4 servings
400 G. of rhubarb
100 g of sugar
2 tablespoons brandy
1/4 tsp ground cardamom
for the dough:
150 g flour
100 g of butter
100 g of sugar
50 G. of hazelnuts

Combine flour, sugar (in terms of taste and aroma is very reasonable to substitute a part of regular sugar vanilla) and the softened butter, and mash all hands to education крошистого a shortcake dough. Add too finely chopped hazelnuts, again to mix and leave for the time in a cool place.

Rhubarb – it can be cleaned, and you can not cut into pieces the size of a thumb, add sugar and brandy, place all in a small saucepan and put on fire. Don’t forget to stir – rhubarb quickly give juice, and at this point you can add cardamom. After a few minutes, when the juice will turn into a thick odorous syrup and pieces of rhubarb will still keep the form, remove the saucepan from the heat and place its contents into the baking dish.

rhubarb crumble 2 Крамбл из ревеня

Smooth rhubarb, generously sprinkle with sandy dough and place the form in the oven, preheated to 180 degrees. Bake crumble within 30-40 minutes, until the crust of flour will not get a steady gold color. Removing the crumble of the oven, allow it to cool slightly, and serve with ice cream or just.

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Madonna, Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez, Selm Hayek and other
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Автрийский Sacher cake considered a small miracle that is capable of instantly cheer up and feel better. The abundance of chocolate, and gentle apricot interlayer make this cake truly memorable and unique. You may not like candy or ice cream, but not love Sacher is simply impossible.

Today Sacher cake was, perhaps, one of the most popular Austrian desserts in the world. Its inventor, and is considered the progenitor of the Franz Sacher, which gave the name of their offspring, although similar Goodies met in cooking the books in the XVIII century. His birth was a real фурором among people of high society, for which it was created cake Sacher. Even the Emperor loved this dessert is so strong, that ordered to include it in his Royal menu.

History of the creation of Sacher cake more than just interesting. His appearance happened due to the fact that the chef who works with the Minister of foreign Affairs of Austria, having the flu. Order of the Minister Metternich about creating the most delicious chocolate dessert lay down on shoulders of sixteen, assistant chef Franz. Exactly and appeared tender cake in the world. Unfortunately, the fate of the prescription was not easy. After his death Franz Sacher bequeathed to his son, who, after a few years gave this dessert is a family-run hotel on the territory of Vienna, sold its competitors. Since then are ongoing disputes about what the Sacher cake recipe is the original.

Even today, the recipe of this original recipe is secret. We only know that for making a cake bring three different chocolate from Belgium and Germany, which are used when creating tasty glaze. Despite modern technology, this cake is always done by hand, without using a mixer or harvesters, because his aristocratic taste from this may change. Chocolate biscuit watered gentle jam of apricots, and then add the icing.

If you want to try the original cake, but not sure how to distinguish from numerous forgeries, you should know that since 1832 on the original always put a round chocolate seal with the inscription «Original Sacher-Torte». Himself dessert is always Packed in a wooden box and wrapped claret paper. In addition, exactly true original sell in one of the oldest hotels in Vienna – Sacher.

Today there are lots of shops throughout Europe, where the sold this unique Austrian cake. So, for example, it can be purchased in Innsbruck, Graz, Salzburg, Bolzano. There is also the possibility online of order on the website of the Austrian hotel. The way this cake transfers quite easy, because it can be stored at a temperature 16-18 degrees. In addition to the cake on the website of the hotel you can find also a souvenir products from Sacher and a variety of sweets, chocolate bars, liqueurs.

Walking through the ancient streets of Vienna, be sure to treat yourself a little piece of this chocolate happiness!

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Fifteen years ago on the covers of fashion gloss were mainly model. Then they were replaced by actress of film and stars from the world of music. And now there is an interesting new trend: more and more often posing for the cover of representatives of the Royal families. Tsarskoye it?

Only recently the fashion commentators enthusiastically discussed the photo shoot for the Princess of Monaco, Charlene (Charlene) for Japanese Vogue. But the debate is not over yet, as the representative of another Royal dynasty shines on the cover.

Edition of Vogue, the Netherlands, placed on the cover of the special issue of a photo of the new Queen of country Maxims (Maxima).


And posted quite a catchy headline, «Maxim. The birth of the Queen».

This is the first cover of Vogue for 42-year-old Queen her, and representatives of glossy industry suspect that is not the last.

Actually, Her Majesty posed for a magazine specifically.

Edition used one of the spectacular shots of the new Queen during festivities on the occasion of the accession to the throne of her husband Willem-Alexander (Willem-Alexander) last month.

On the photo of Maxim in the white toilet from the Dutch designer Jan Taminiau. And it is predicted that Her Majesty will successfully promote works of designers of the country.

Let’s remind, Maxim, the daughter of the former Minister of agriculture of Argentina Jorge Соррегьета (Jorge Zorreguieta), known as the lady with a very unique sense of style.



Unlike most European Princess, she is not very close conservative in clothing. Fashion critics have admired her bright (but not аляпистыми) dresses and funny (but not the cause) hats. Maxim is considered to be a lady, slightly eccentric, but at the same time very elegant.

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Mamin borsch is more than just a traditional food. Mamin borsch is a return to the roots, back to the carefree childhood, when I was a little boy and little understood. This is a reminder of lost innocence and purity, Paradise on earth, when my mother was still young, and the world is kind and beautiful.

It is like touching their happiness, knowing that you are loved and somebody needs you. This connection of generations.

Every time, when my dear mother is coming to visit me next morning woke up, all the detailed stories about relatives and friends who are born, who is married and who died struggling without disturbing me gather on the job – if it is a weekday, so I always forget the wallet, phone, and the first and the second, or paralyzing me half an hour paralysis on скрипучем kitchen stool, if it is a day of output, – mom first thing starts one of his main ordinances – preparation of huge pots Ukrainian borsch.

The fire is the most large saucepan with water, which only can be found in my холостяцком house liters that way at five, and soaked with white nights квасолей and untreated цибулиной-buoy, vibrating in the middle of the sea-the future of soup – «for the saturation of color and taste – borsch-the waternot broth, and then it is useful». Clean potatoes, Buryak, морква, onion, часныкpotatoes cut into small cubes else rubs on a coarse grater, chopped and put stew on vegetable oil in the most capacious pan with a spoon of vinegar, «Kohler», a spoonful of sugar «to сахарности бурячка», and a little later – a tomato, or if no tomatoes – not the season, then ketchup. In a special way subtle, almost transparent lace, шинкуется cabbage.

After that, all in their mandatory produced with God in a pot of boiling water and квасолей, salted and pepper (lately my dear mother began to prepare his Ukrainian borsch the Mexican style, with chili pepper, paprika and all other varieties of pepper, which only can be found in my kitchen that I, too, like sharp little, sometimes shoot tear between spoonfuls of its enchanting borsch, apparently, not to the place of remembering something sad), mixed with pronouncing some magic spells, try again mixed and covered lid. Now borsch languishing on very low heat for about twenty minutes or thirty. At the end of Maman can add dill and parsley, celery and some herbs, which only able to find in the refrigerator or in the kitchen shelves, making the final touch in this colourful still-life, and then turns off the soup, «to a little настоялся».

While soup is brewing, my dear mother философствуем on the eternal themes, like «Borsch and modern civilization» or «Borsch in the life of different peoples», giving to each other, to utter one mind, at first sight, paradoxical and, nevertheless, proven on personal experience maxims like «Soup is good exclusively in two cases: when the newly prepared and when it настоялся».

Usually I stick to the first option, and not even give borscht brew and one minute so I can’t wait to enjoy it. Pour soup necessarily in a wide bowl (although my mother prefers to eat his капустно-beet extravaganza of «кисушки», the big high Cup) and in small numbers in the European way (know that I violate one of the basic rules of eating Ukrainian borsch «To spoon the soup was, but when on a plate of food for a bit, it always seems delicious). In the middle of a put a spoon of sour cream, peeled clove-other часнычку (in my childhood I liked to grate garlic and salt rye crust), cut a hunk black wet bread-and – «Смачного!»

To me, borsch must be a piping-hot and almost burn – then it tastes better. But he is good in the cold, настоявшемся way, right from the refrigerator in some hot July afternoon. (I remember my relatives once dear wife the way it is, quite hungry for a hot summer day in one sitting умяли whole pot prepared me cold borscht – and then from the pleasure only went).

Ukrainian borsch the Ukrainian суржику: everybody has his own, unique. And in its own delicious. My grandmother, for example, borsch was cooked on a fatty pork broth, with meat on the bone, as I loved my grandfather, on духмяном sunflower oil with the smell of sunflower seeds and adds a dish of dried mushrooms. Her relatives, that in a village near Mykolayiv, adds to the soup liquor fat. And other relatives to always prepare borscht donuts and watered their garlic sauce. Someone vegetables necessarily chops manually, assuring that the right – hand work with nested soul and love. Someone tert on a grater. Someone throws in a pan a couple of whole potatoes and at the end of kneads them with a fork, that the soup was thick.

And in late summer, early autumn soup prepared from tender beet leaves and young vegetables, потомив it on the fire just about ten, fifteen minutes to tender vegetables remained полусырыми. I remember it was such a simple borsch my grandmother preferred starving in the 90s. And this is the borsch prepared and, as soon as I moved in Belarus, and over the border, behind the house, which my wife and I took off, I was surprised to see several rows young beet, considering that she draw means, my. And the strange thing was tongue to swallow so it was delicious.

Talking and the first plate inexorably should plate second. Then he drops quietly off the rolls, without a stop telling me about some distant relative, her friends and acquaintances, or the hundredth time about my grandmother. I reached for a third plate, becoming heavier and lazier with each eaten with a spoon, continuing to savor alternately yushku, thick, похрустывая garlic and wiped нечаянную tear – whether from the Mexican soup, whether from переполняющего me understand happiness. I’m all sorrow and млею simultaneously, man, overjoyed mother’s soup.

Say it’s just a mother’s soup, delicious first course – means to say nothing. Mamin borsch is a religious rite. Ancient family ritual. Silent mother’s Declaration of love and tenderness to his son, without banal and awkward words. Mamin borsch is not just a tasty dish from the far-close of the past, where you grew up, first with a grandmother’s filing, and then with my mother’s, absorbed it almost with mother’s milk, loved before I figured out tasty or not. Mamin borshch is my past. My story. Part of me – whether I like it or not.

And the strange thing, on the water or on a fat pig голяшке, with квасолею and mushrooms or without, red like the first blood or weak orange Kohler, Mamin borsch always tasty, always like the first time. And always like Hello and goodbye – prepared in two cases: when a mother comes and when Mama goes. And if in the first case, I swallow the tears from часныка and spices, that mother donated generously to put in your soup, which harness tongue out at me and the sky, in the second, who knows, maybe I cry and even from something.

God willing, I will be a mother’s soup – piping-hot, vprikusku with garlic, under the familiar балачки about friends and relatives, neighbors and friends. God will give…

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How many times heard that «the rabbit is not only a valuable fur, but 3-4 kg of easily digestible meat», and did not consider what the actual use of rabbit meat. To understand the question made me recently received a gift in the form of a rabbit carcass.

Thought for a long time whether to accept such an unusual gift, but in the end my curiosity to неопробованному / unknown prevailed.

Color rabbit meat white with a slight pink hue, almost without the taste of meat, soft and dense consistency, lean, with тонковолокнистыми muscles, thin bones, a low-cholesterol and purine formations. It turns out, rabbit meat is exceptionally high nutritional advantages.

Rabbit meat is considered a valuable dietary product, its caloric value is about 136 kcal per 100 g (for comparison, calorific value – 319 kcal, beef – 274-335 and pork – 389 kcal). Nutritionists assure that regular consumption of the rabbit can normalize metabolism. Also rabbit meat contains a full, well digested protein (human organism assimilates rabbit meat on 90%, and, for example, beef only 60%), a lot of vitamins and mineral substances:

– vitamin b1 (thiamine) – 0.1 mg;
– vitamin b2 (Riboflavin) – 0.15 mg;
– Niacin (vitamin b3 or PP) – 7,27 mg;
– vitamin b5 (Pantothenic acid) – 0.8 mg;
– vitamin b6 (pyridoxine) – 0.5 mg;
– folic acid (vitamin B9) is 8 mcg;
– vitamin b12 (cyanocobalamin) – 7,16 mcg;

– potassium – 239 mg;
– calcium – 13 mg;
– magnesium – 19 mg;
– sodium – 41 mg;
– phosphorus – 213 mg;
– iron – 1,57 mg;
– manganese – 26 mcg;
– copper – 145 mcg;
– zinc – 1,57 mg;
– selenium – 23,7 mcg.

It is known that vitamin A6, In12, PP and minerals iron, cobalt, phosphorus, fluorine, potassium, manganese contained in крольчатине are very useful for the functioning of the bone-muscular skeleton. Rabbit meat contains protein, which revealed 19 amino acids, including all essential. Valuable is the fact that the heat treatment does not change the qualitative composition of amino acids meat. Most of all in крольчатине contains essential amino acids lysine – 10,43%, methionine and tryptophan, respectively 2,37% and 1.55%.

On the dietary indicators rabbit meat in many respects similar with chicken, however, contains more protein, fat and very little sodium. Низкокалорийность rabbit meat allows to recommend it to people with excess weight.

Rabbit meat is a recognized Allergy-free product, therefore shown to receive the food for the children, the elderly, pregnant and lactating women.

Eating the meat of the rabbit prevents the development of atherosclerosis, hypertension and diseases associated with metabolic disorders (rabbit meat contains lecithin and has a low level of cholesterol). Also, its use has a beneficial effect on the work of the human gastrointestinal tract and stimulates the secretory function.

And rabbit-fat – lackeys old cure. It contains polyunsaturated fatty acids, including scarce arachidonic, as well as extractive and nitrogenous compounds that stimulate natural immunity. Rabbit fat excellent help with bronchitis, in this case it is taken orally or RUB the chest, adding the honey. This mixture is also heals wounds and it helps to relieve itching.

Besides rabbit meat has antioxidant properties, which have a favorable effect on the skin condition and prevent premature aging.

Another interesting facts. Rabbit meat can reduce the dose accepted radiation. Therefore it is recommended for people living in particularly polluted areas, and in the treatment of cancer. And rabbit meat environmentally friendly: rabbit almost absorbs into your body pesticides, and to a seven-month age and strontium – 90, which is the product of the collapse of pesticides and herbicides, which are processed field for more high harvest and plant protection against a variety of pathogenic microbes and fungi.

With all the positive properties have, however, rabbit and contraindications: individual intolerance (some people may be Allergy). And be aware that rabbit meat in small quantities contains purine bases, which are converted into uric acid, able to cause adults arthritis and gout, as it settles in the tendons and joints. In children excess of uric acid can cause neuro-артритический diathesis.

However, these contra-indications are not detract from all the other advantages, rabbit, so eat well!

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