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The world saw a new collection of Chanel makeup of the season the summer of 2013 – it is dedicated to the cinema.

A line is called Avant-Première and was created by specialists under the impression from watching French films. It was composed of lipstick and nail varnish, which have received the titles of films Dialogue, Starlet, Saga, the Paparazzi, the Plot, the Provocation, the Suspense.
The palette of summer: tender and bright, colourful and soothing tones.

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The limited series hours Chopard with the horizontal gauge of the dial. This year, the Swiss watch company Chopard launched a new model in the L.U.C One Engine, which made its debut back in 2010. The letter H in the name of the latest means of horizontal, which indicates the horizontal location of the caliber of the dial. The design of the previous model, on the contrary, was made in a vertical orientation. 0 Corps news is made of polished and сатинированного titanium, its width is 44.5 mm. Crown hotel is located at the twelve hours. And the front side of the chassis, and the back cover is made in the sapphire glass, and manufacturing Swiss mechanism Chopard L.U.C 04.02-L is equipped with a 29-th stones and shows the carrying frequency 28800 полуколебаний per hour (4 Hz). 0 The functions of the dial is the display of hours, minutes, seconds, reserve (with the help of an analog of a pointer, which is located on the 9 hours). Besides the novelty is equipped with a турбийоном, located in aperture at 3 hours, which allows you to neutralize the effect of earth’s gravity and to increase the accuracy of the clock. Read More →

At that not only are the models, to impress their fans! Pass the test of fire and cold, suffered hardship and inconvenience for the sake of a single spectacular frame.

Kate Upton, for example, recently took part in a photoshoot in Antarctica.

There was created advertising bathing suits.

the 20-year-old girl had to pose in almost Nude at a temperature of minus 20 degrees.

Kate says that without end jumped and ran around the site of the shooting, trying to keep warm.

She was afraid of what will come on the pictures bruised from the cold.

So this photo session turned to her a real nightmare.

«There was a terrible frost, ” says Kate. “When I came back into the room, I have a few areas of the body were from frostbite. That thing has bothered me.

I almost cut out of sight and hearing, so much effort spent my body to support the heat transfer…

Me all the time I wanted to cringe, and it was hard work on the camera.

Been able to do no more than ten shots, after which I simply could not work and накрывалась jacket or veil.»

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The sun of Courchevel at home: tanning Trendy Sun. Courchevel

Кефир для похуденияYogurt with cinnamon is an excellent means of for weight loss. The combination of these, as well as other components included in composition of the prepared cocktail is aimed at active burning of fat cells.

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Гороскоп, именинники дня и прогноз погоды на 2 апреля
Today the twenty-second lunar day.
The General horoscope for April 2

Love: he ignores you, but don’t go with him on a leash. You doing all right. Keep the pride and know his own worth. He just hurt, wounded.
Finance: today spend too much on cosmetics. Your resources are already exhausted, so do not interfere with the purchase of the future.
Cuisine: today prefer dairy dishes. If adhere to the post – eat porridge with fish.
Health: doctors warn – look at your feet, be careful, but still, be careful not to wet your feet, don’t get sick.
Career: be brave, you want to evil and envy. It was a man, who is not able to no matter what, angry, envious, opportunistic. You better, you stronger, you stand.
Horoscope for signs of the Zodiac you will find in our section Horoscopes.

Birthdays on April 2
Catholic: Абундий, Амфиан, and AP(n)Ian, Бронаха, John, Ivan, Никеций, Pedro/Peter urban, Francis, Эббе.
Orthodox: Alexander, Aquila, Anatoly, Wassily, Victor, Vissarion, German, Domnina, Euthymius, Euphrasia, Evphrosyn, Ivan, Иконий, Josiah, Кириакия, Claudia, Лоллион, Maxim, Marie, The Matron, Myron, Nikita, Paraskeva, Patricius, Rodian, Svetlana, Sebastian, Sergey, Theodore, Feodosiya, Фотида, Фотин, Фотина, Photo, Juliana.

Weather forecast for April 2
As informs weather portal meteoprog.uaon Tuesday will remain warm weather throughout the territory of Ukraine, the places of rain. In the East the day of warming up to +17 of heat, in the West of the night are below -3 below zero. The wind of the North-East and South-West of 5-10 m / s.

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When I first spotted Lily Collins wearing the brown eyeliner and rich red lipstick look she wore to WonderCon over the weekend, I thought, Well, she looks like a crisp fall day in makeup form. Then I thought, Wait—FALL? It’s spring!


Yes, I would argue that a brighter, sunnier lip shade may be more appropriate for the weather right now, but, but, BUT this makeup look is so perfect that I just can’t stand behind that conclusion. It might scream fall, but I’m going to plug my ears up and just not listen. It’s too pretty to assign to a specific season, I say.

Agree or disagree?

Photos: Getty Images

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The other day I was consuming mass amounts of caffeine and free Wi-Fi at my local coffee shop in order to bring you all the latest in relationship news when I spotted this painting displaying the worst possible way to tell someone you love them. April Fools’ Day seemed the perfect time to share it with you:


What a very unsubtle hidden message for the guy you’re just not that into! Cross your fingers and share the love.

Have you ever seen this sneaky message before? Apparently it’s kind of a thing. You can get it on a T-shirt! Although why would you even want to?

Try these instead, if you don’t wanna get dumped:
*12 Creative Ways to Say “I Love You”
*The Most Adorable New Way to Say I Love You—Ever
*3 Sweet (and Practically Free!) Ways to Say I Love You

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Russian model Natalia Vodianova presented the summer collection of swimwear brand Etam.

The girl looks of this sea nymph – tan, with a light disorder in her hair, but such a charming and innocent, seductive and sexy.
In a new line of swimwear Etam has entered trends model, red, green, black, blue colors. Among the prints are allocated strip and colorful flowers.

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Лунный календарь любви и зачатия на апрель 2013
Get married, create a family, to take all born children, retain their evil in this unstable world идаже lead us on this, in my opinion, the greatest good, which is given to man.
Franz Kafka
It would seem very simple truth, but in its depth and wisdom. Most of us will confirm: the family, the loved person, parents, children this is what inspires us, supports, makes up on their feet after a fall.
Despite all the sincerity and depth of feelings, periodically there are quarrels even between the native people, there are divorces, conflicts and scandals. The paradox, but a huge impact on the relations provides the Moon and in the planning of important life events, like the marriage, the first of a romantic date, begetting of its provisions take into account is extremely important. Save the Sunny weather in the house and harmony in the relationship will help you lunar calendar love.
1.04 joint leisure with a beloved man in a warm home atmosphere will give you a new positive emotions and romantic continuation of the evening will make this day unforgettable;
2.04 show the wisdom and understanding to their home, not to Express their indignation and discontent. Remember, tolerance pledge of harmony in your home;
3.04 better spend the day alone with him, to restore your emotional and physical state. Relaxation and meditation will help to find inner balance;
4.04 do more with your beloved man, children. Organize active family entertainment, go to the bowling alley, ice-skating, rollerdrome. The energy of the day promotes intimacy;
5.04 period of isolation and passivity. Not the best day of feelings, the beginnings of a relationship, engagement, marriage, conception;
6.04 remember, joint venture combines, find on this evening the total occupation of which will be to the liking of you and your partner. Do not be afraid to take care of their loved ones;
7.04 the perfect day for the manifestation of his romantic feelings, confessions of love, engagement of family leisure, creating a home;
8.04 is not the best day for the start of new relations, marriage, intimacy;
9.04 give preference to the rest of the house alone with him, this will help a little to restore forces, which in the body almost to the end;
10.04 think only of good. All good thoughts sent you the universe, will be soon implemented. A good day for the conception, the child will handle the Sky and the guardian Angel;
11.04 not the best day for the marriage, the beginning of new romantic relationships;
12.04 the period, when very fine works subconscious and can tell you the true and false friends. For this you should close your eyes, think about one specific person, if the internal sensations of the pleasant and positive attitude of the person to you sincere, if there is any negative feelings, it is better to refuse from communication with him. It is recommended to spend more time in solitude;
13.04 day for a romantic candlelight dinner and intimacy, but for the conception is not the best time. It is not recommended to formalized relations;
14.04 spend the day in the family circle or with your favorite person, communicate, be engaged in a joint creative work, visit interesting cultural event. Remember, it is important not only to listen but also to hear your closest people.
15.04 a wonderful day for a Declaration of love, engagement, romantic walks under the star sky and intimate conversation with a loved one;
16.04 create a home cosiness, take care and care for the loved ones, don’t forget to talk about their feelings native, today they need it as never before;
17.04 retire for today, try not to be wasted on empty conversations with strangers. It is not recommended to start new relations, enter into marriage;
18.04 favorable impact of natural and honest communication with the native person, be honest in his feelings, but only if they come from the heart. Adverse day for the conception, the betrothal and marriage;
19.04 spend this day with your children if you have them yet, give a little bit of its heat to the kids from children’s homes. A wonderful day for a conception of the child;
20.04 can be making their relationship, but only in that case, if you are sincere in their feelings, but for the celebration of such an important event is not the best day. Energy lunar days contributes to increased sexuality, not worth it to restrain themselves, show their feelings and emotions;
21.04 today you can take possession of timidity, modesty and shyness, so it is better to postpone the romantic appointment to another day. If you are a family man, spend an evening at home with the family, organize common leisure;
22.04 make a surprise for your beloved something that was done by your hands, and inspiration necessarily help you with this. Be sure to call your parents or to make it a pleasant surprise his unexpected visit;
23.04 a magical day for engagement, a romantic evening, the start of new relations, conception, and here is the conclusion of a marriage is not worth it;
24.04 to dedicate this day to yourself, their spiritual state, plenty of rest and meditate. Refrain from active communication with the opposite sex, it is strongly recommended not to marry, start a new relationship;
25.04 be open, take care and custody of the favorite. In the evening, look at the romantic Comedy. It is not advisable to start a new relationship, engaging in intimate proximity;
26.04 today, clearly, the romantic period, which promotes genuine expression of their feelings, expression of emotion. Be open to a new relationship, don’t hesitate to remind you about the love of his native people. One of the best days for an engagement, of intimacy, of conception;
27.04 is recommended to be the observer, do not be excessive activity and interest in the opposite sex, spend the evening himself in company with your favourite book or film;
28.04 extremely unfavorable period for romantic relations and meetings, conception and design of the relationship;
29.04 period of rest and recuperation, minimize the communication with the opposite sex;
30.04 there is a possibility of conflicts, the appearance of pride, so it is recommended to be tactful in dealing with family and in every possible way to control their emotions.
Author: Irina Kirichenko, the astrologer

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