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Blonde with ambition! New hair color Sofia Вергары

Spices are able not only to change beyond recognition the taste of any dish in a better direction, but also to bring the body of harmful substances. We present 5 helpers in the fight against excess weight.

Black pepper

What are the benefits of: small peas contain a large number of useful elements. First of all, it piperine. Yes-Yes, the one that is responsible for the burning taste. But, apart from the ability to “fire in the mouth”, piperine improves metabolism and burn fat. And thanks to him our intestine is better able to absorb the amino acids and protein foods.

Also black pepper contains a loading dose of vitamin C (more than in orange), which reduces the level of cholesterol in the blood.

It is important to know. Do not overdo it. In a large number of pepper provokes overexcitement of the nervous system. And still this burning Spezia is contraindicated in anemia and acute diseases of the stomach.


Than useful: a spoonful of cinnamon in the cottage cheese for Breakfast – it and tasty and useful. Firstly, this spice reduces the level of sugar in the blood, high content of which, as we know, the straight path to excess weight. Secondly, cinnamon held in leash appetite. Of course, this will work, if you ate it with cottage cheese and an Apple, and not with the bun. Also cinnamon improves the work of the gastro-intestinal tract and has anti-microbial effect.

You can prepare such dissolve cocktail: the small pinches to taste, add in the low-fat yogurt cinnamon, ginger, and pepper. Each of these components contributes to weight loss, and a mixture increases the effect.

It is important to know. Cinnamon is contraindicated in pregnant and lactating women. It contains a substance called coumarin, large doses which are harmful to the liver. So that in all good measure.


What are the benefits of: “the Paradise of grain” (as in India called cardamom) since ancient times, treat the problems associated with being overweight. Its essential oils stimulate the secretion of gastric juice and toxins. In кардамоне contains calcium, phosphorus, iron, magnesium. And zinc in it more than in other spices.

If you are used to start my morning with a Cup of coffee, add a pinch of cardamom. Coffee smell will receive an additional pleasant shade, and this is harmful effects of caffeine on the body decreases.

It is important to know. Expectant mothers in large quantities cardamom harmful. Also it is not recommended in case of peptic ulcer of stomach and duodenum.



What are the benefits of: Tibetan healers believed ginger “hot” product, which speeds up the metabolism and rejuvenates the body. In the miracle of the spine are magnesium, calcium, vitamins A, C, B1 and B2, many amino acids.

Ginger tea for weight loss cook is easy: you need to finely chopped ginger root, fill it with water, bring to the boil and cook for not longer than 15 minutes. In cooled to room temperature drink add honey and lemon. In the evening this tea is better not to drink, because he is, after all, invigorates and tones.

It is important to know. Ginger – a useful thing, but not all. Consult your doctor if you have heart problems, and better to abstain from such tea and jelchnokamenna disease and elevated temperature.


Than useful: the bright yellow as the sun, turmeric as far as beautiful as it is useful. It is the closest relative of ginger, they of the same family. And it also has fat burning properties. All the matter in the куркумине, the substance, замедляющем the formation of fat cells.

Try this recipe: brew black tea, add a pinch of cinnamon, a piece of ginger, a teaspoon of turmeric and a teaspoon of honey. When the mixture has cooled, pour half a litre of kefir. Yes, the taste of specific, but purifying the effect is guaranteed. You can simply add turmeric in a variety of dishes: chicken as a seasoning and for rice in the water when cooking).

It is important to know. In gastritis, дуоденитах and ulcers give up dishes with turmeric for dinner.


What are the benefits of: spices, of course, to the Amateur. But normalizes metabolism and speeds up digestion. Useful substances contained in the тминного oil, improve the process of lipid metabolism in the body and normalize the blood sugar level. Caraway seeds rich in iron, beta-carotene and vitamin E. If you want to enjoy the full flavor, lightly fry the cumin on vegetable oil.

It is important to know. Heart disease, stomach, thrombosis and pregnancy is a contraindication to the use of caraway.


What are the benefits of: a pinch of hot Chile, has been added to the dish, not fueling the appetite, as many think, but on the contrary – blocks uncontrollable impulses eat more than necessary. Contained in this kind of pepper capsaicin accelerates the process of splitting of fat cells and improves the metabolism, protects cells from aging. In Chile in large quantities is contained vitamin C, as well as carotene, rutin, and potassium.

It is important to know. Acute food is harmful for those who have problems with the stomach.


Photo: AP/Scanpix, AFP/Scanpix

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In anticipation of the Riga Fashion Week is not a sin to look at the fashion Week in Moscow. By tradition, it has opened the show Valentin Yudashkin, showing the audience exquisite snow Queens.

Not having to say goodbye to the prolonged this winter, together with Юдашкиным show the audience plunged into the collection autumn 2013-2014 winter.


Valentin Yudashkin.

The on the background of neon colors экраного “Northern lights” defile demonstrated winter clothes in the snow palette of white, silver, semi-translucent gray, blue, gold and ivory.





Подиумную of the story of the Snow Queen Yudashkin populated beauties in fur coats with large hoods, vinyl cloaks, Trouser suits, shimmering metallic Shine, mini with air перьевыми подолами, flying chiffon dresses, shimmering deposits of precious, puffy sleeves, caps Gerda and snow-crowns-kokoshniks.










In the program of the fashion Week in Moscow – the collection of more than 70 designers from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Georgia, the United Kingdom and Spain.

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Лучшие фитнес-упражнения для снятия стресса
A long winter, short light day, thirst heat all this goes on long enough. And we are waiting for, and when at last the sun will Shine, the mood is cheerful and stress state of the melt together with snow. In this article I’ll talk about a few ways to deal with stress through physical activity.

First I want to stay on the withdrawal of the stress with the help of sport. Physical activity contribute to the development of a huge number of hormones, which regulate the work of the whole organism, but in more detail we shall dwell on the hormones of joy and stress.
Stress hormones this adrenaline and cortisol. If to speak simply, the human body begins to produce the enhanced physical loads, to make the body move in the right pace. But their action more negatively affects the state of the body as it launches processes catabolism, destruction and the collapse of the tissues. And for us it is important to minimize the harm to the enhanced action of these hormones.
Hormones of joy endorphin and serotonin. They are responsible for feelings of joy and satisfaction, cause emotional recovery forces and positive emotions. And begin to produce almost immediately after the physical activity. Even in huge quantities of these are produced by the consumption of food and during sex.
Our main task for stress release to force the body to produce serotonin and endorphins (which is why, when the stress or bad mood we particularly like the sweet). This can be achieved in different types of physical activity.
There are two options, let’s call them conditionally active and passive. For example, consider the cardio-training and stretching.
Cardio training. Due to the hard work of all of the blood flow, maximum actively working our main pump heart, bringing in a tissue of a large number of oxygen, vitamins and nutrients. These actions are launching a powerful mechanism for recovery and at the same time begin to produce the hormones of happiness, which magically free us from stress and give the opportunity to relax. So getting better sleep, digestion comes back to normal, and the process of healing occur in the accelerated mode.
Here are some rulesif you decided to use the cardio-training, as an instrument of struggle with stress:
Move very quickly and at the limit of their strength. The main types of cardio exercise is Jogging, Bicycle, active fitness Body Slim, jumping rope, swimming, volleyball and any высокоподвижные game.
Actively breathe. A constant flow of oxygen provides an opportunity to effectively use the energy from the reserves of the organism. Simply put, oxygen + subcutaneous fat = energy.
Drink plenty of water during your workout. So how do you move in a very active, the body heats up quickly, releasing energy as well in the form of heat. So we are not too hot and our blood in the end, not curled up, the body independently regulates body temperature and maintains its stable 36.6 degrees Celsius (exception disease, then the temperature can rise). The mechanism of thermoregulation come to the aid of our skin through millions of pores on the surface appears liquid for cooling the body sweat. It consists of water, salts and many organic substances.

Stretching. Relatively recently became popular training. Simply put, stretching this stretching of the muscles, joints and tendons. Does not require high endurance and is being held in a calm atmosphere at a slow pace. Stretching gives the opportunity to relax your body and to make it easy. The main rule to be observed, in this form of exercise, avoid sudden movements, otherwise you can get a fairly serious injury. The pledge of success of smooth, easily spring movement with proper breathing. Always remember that the exhalation should be done at the time of efforts, and a breath – in relaxation. Breathe you have to be deeply and evenly.
Author: Dean Oleinik

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The more different shades includes served the dish, the more tempting it seems, and, therefore, the more of it is eaten by Read More →

With this picture of model Lara Bingle at the 2013 Prix de Marie Claire Awards in Australia, all my doubts are officially put to bed. I am officially in love with the birdcage veil.


Well, for celebrities, at least. I’d still feel silly wearing one out to a bar. But it’s soooo pretty. And maybe it would be worth a few stares, especially in summer when it could act as my own personal mosquito net. Hey, it could even act as a snack-deterrent, since getting food around that thing seems like a challenge. See? It’s practical.

Does this picture have you dreaming of veiled hats and headbands as well? If so, you can consider picking up this one from Goorin Bros and just search on Etsy—that site is full of them!

Photos: Getty Images

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Ever been cheated on? How do you feel about the woman he cheated with? Less than fondly, probs.

I’ve been there, done that resentment, so I get it. I’m only human, and when I found out about my boyfriend’s affair, you can bet that a large, seething chunk of my heart wanted to find that girl and rip every hair out of her unfortunately adorable head. Three things stopped me: my dignity, my desire not to go to jail, and my very firm no-girl-on-girl-crime mind-set. (OK, and also my lack of upper body strength. I’m not very tough.)


On last night’s episode of The Mindy Project, Mindy and her ex-boyfriend Josh’s other ex-girlfriend Heather did not display such restraint when charming Ellie Kemper made a return to the show to let Mindy know she was trying to move into her building. Words were exchanged, dirty deeds were done, possible poop pies were baked (don’t worry, it was actually just razzleberry, which apparently is a thing everyone has heard of but me), all prompting me to think we need to establish some fundamental principles in regards to hating the other woman. I like this show and adore Mindy Kaling in general, but I didn’t love this catfight the first time around, and I was disappointed to see it continue after the initial freak-out of discovering Josh’s infidelity. Ladies! This guy screwed both of you, and neither of you was a part of the lies! You should be best friends, bonding over this jerk and also inviting me over to share your clothes and put on each other’s makeup. OK, see you Friday night!

In the meantime, I’m laying down the law of exactly when and how much you’re actually allowed to hate the other women. In the spirit of sisterhood, I want to say never, but in the cold harsh light of reality, I’m going to give us all a little bit of leeway.

The Rage Rules:

  1. You are allowed to hate the other woman on the day you find out about her. It might not be rational, or fair, or feminist, but you just got cheated on. You can hate EVERYONE today. Talk crap about a woman you don’t even know to your friends and imagine drop-kicking her while you burn off some major rage calories at the gym.
  2. During this initial Day o’ Hatred, your anger must be kept to imaginary revenge. You will not throw eggs at her house or call her a slut on Facebook. You know how we feel about that word and about revenge plots in general.
  3. However, after the initial period of pure rage, you must remember that your boyfriend betrayed you, not this girl. Crap-talking (about her, anyway) must cease. You may still secretly, unfairly resent her for up to one month.
  4. If you discover that she had no idea you existed, you must cease hating her immediately. Seriously, she got duped too. You don’t actually have to become best friends, but you’re misplacing the blame if you’re still hoping she gets an incurable case of acne.
  5. If she knew about you and purposely helped your boyfriend sneak around behind your back, OK fine. You can hate her a little. That wasn’t cool. But remember that it was still the guy who ultimately betrayed you. Also, all that negativity will only hurt you and give you frown lines, so probably you should just let it go anyway.
  6. You can think it’s totally weird if she applies to live in your building, and you don’t have to like it. Even though you’re over hating her, that’s just awkward.
  7. However, if she messes with your NYC apartment rental application, you are absolutely allowed to smash a cake in her stupid face and hate her forever. This has nothing to do with the complexities of love or feminism. This is impossibly frustrating New York City real estate. What kind of monster would do that to another human being? Go for it, girl:



Have you ever had to deal with “the other woman”? How did you handle it? Did you hate her or forgive her? Agree or disagree with these rules?

Cheating sucks, guys:
*5 Signs That You’re the Other Woman
*Inside the Guilty Mind of the Other Woman
*Have You Ever Been the “Other Woman?”

Photo: Fox

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Spring is like a capricious woman – the pampers us with the sun, the sheds tears, because of what affects our feet. The ideal shoes in the off-season – rubber boots. In them you can safely jump in the puddles to the envy of passers-by and enjoy spring slush, because it will certainly be followed by warm Sunny days.
Crocs 900 грн

Crocs 900 UAH

So take to adopt our advice, look for models and buy the universal shoes, because, according to the forecast of weather forecasters, the inhabitants of the Central and Western regions of Ukraine in the coming weekend will suffer from floods.
How to choose a rubber boots
To rubber boots served for you for a long time and did not cause discomfort should take into account several important factors:
– buy boots for size larger. Thus you will provide a more ventilation and can wear rubber shoes with cotton socks, in which the legs are not so sweat.
– pay attention to the inside lining of boots, it should be a natural fabric – synthetics + rubber pledge of the appearance of unpleasant smell.
– the inner lining must not fade. RUB her damp cloth and make sure that no trace in the opposite case your feet and socks acquire unnatural tint.
– between the soles and the main part of the boot should not be the slits – fold in several places shoes and make sure in it.
– sole of rubber boots should bend, otherwise you can earn flat feet and legs will be very tired.
– and the main thing: what would have been your rubber boots, are not in them more than 2-3 hours, always переобувайте shoes in the room.
Where to buy rubber boots
In spite of its popularity, the presence of rubber boots can not boast of many brands. As a rule 90% of the models of rubber boots presented in Ukraine – Chinese production. These shoes will create discomfort and will last not for long. Pay attention to the specialized shops of shoes or sports brands. Don’t be afraid to pay attention to famous brands. Buy rubber boots famous brand can be not much more expensive than the more democratic shops. The best option – order boots on the official site and making the delivery directly to Ukraine or through intermediaries. Examples see in our Economy shopping.
Addresses of the stores, where you can find rubber boots:
Air Step
Addresses of stores in Kyiv, see the website
Str. Shota Rustaveli, 20, tel. 272-47-85, 272-47-85
Addresses of stores in Ukraine, see the website
Kyiv ул.Луговая, 12 TC Karavan
Obolonsky Prospekt, 26
Maidan Nezalezhnosti (independence square), 1, TC Globus line 3
ул.Вадима Hetman, 6, TC Bolshevik
Bottega Veneta
Str. Khreschatyk, 15/4
Carlo Pazolini
Addresses of stores in Ukraine, see the website
Addresses of stores in Ukraine, see the website
Str. Kyiv, 114
The addresses of the shops look on the site:
Addresses of stores in Ukraine, see the website
Addresses of stores in Kyiv, see the website
Addresses of stores in Ukraine, see the website
str. Gorodetsky 17/2Телефон:279-1833
str. Krasnoarmeyskaya-Basseinaya 1-3/2
str. Gorodetsky 17/2, Phone:279-1833,
str. Krasnoarmeyskaya-Basseynaya, 1-3/2, shopping center arena-city, tel: (044) 494-4475
Independence square, 1ТЦ GLOBE TCEs
str. Басейная, 5A
str. Shota Rustaveli, 21
str. Lugovaya, 12
prosp. Moscow, 23
str. Sagaydachny, 10
Maidan Nezalezhnosti (Independence Square), 1
str. Овруцкая, 18
str. Lugovaya, 9
str. Basseynaya, 11/13, tel. (044) 278-18-01
etc. Moscow, 11a, shopping center Alta Center, tel.(044) 569-04-66
str. In. The Hetman, 6, TC Bolshevik, phone : (044) 200-07-64
Str. Zhytomyrska, 24
Helen Marlen Accessori Shop
Kiev, str. Architect Gorodetsky, 9
Marc Jacobs
Kiev, Centre, str. Khreschatik, 15, Passage
Kiev, Center, Zhytomyrska street, 16
str. 4, Lunacharskogo
str. 15 Basseynaya
str. Lutheran, 3
str. Lugovaya, 12, shopping Mall Karavan, tel. 206-42-44
prosp. Moscow, 15, TC Ashan
prosp. General Vatutin, 2T, TEC SkyMall
str. Grishka, 3A, TC Alladin, tel. 206-41-14
str. 15 Basseynaya
str. Lutheran, 3
str. Sagaydachny, 24
Addresses of stores in Ukraine, see the website
Addresses of stores in Ukraine, see the website
River Island
Obolon Kyiv, Obolonsky Prospekt, 1 b, TEC Dream Town;
Maidan Nezalezhnosti, TC Globus, 1st line, 2nd floor, tel. 498-11-48 10.00 – 22.00
Boulevard of Lesya Ukrainian, 24
Sweet Years
str. Krasnoarmeyskaya, 57/3 tel : (044) 289-64-74
str. B. Khmelnytsky, 10 tel : (044) 235-97-47
Ustyle Взуття
The shopping center Bessarabskiy block, str. Basseynaya (underpass)
Kvadrat shopping centers, Blvd. 36 Perova
The shopping centre Supermarket Ukraine, etc. Winning 3
U style взуття, М.Крещатик (underground passage on Khreschatik street)
The Mall Mainland, ул.Борщаговская 154.
The Mall Mainland, M. Osokorky, Dniprovska embankment 33
The shopping centre, a Pyramid, M. Darnytsya district of Kyiv, str. Lunacharskogo, 4
The shopping center Macro, M. Petrovka, etc. Moscow, 16-b.
Azbuka Тown, Obolonsky PR-t, 1/B.
U style взуття, M. Akademgorodok underground passage
The shopping center Samson, M. Kontraktovaya square
U style взуття, str. Leo Tolstoy, 6
VG by Villa Gross
Kiev, str. Krasnoarmeyskaya, 84/20, tel. (044) 289-95-81
Yves Saint Laurent
Str. Architect Gorodetsky, 11
str. Khreschatyk, ТКМетроград, a quarter of Clothes and Footwear, tel. 247 – 5659
str. Khreschatyk, a quarter of Boutiques, Phone: 247-56-37
Addresses of stores in Ukraine, see the website

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Астрологический прогноз на апрель 2013
Optimistic weather forecast on the long-awaited warming, bright refreshing sun, merry peal of thaw activate our strength, enthusiasm, activity, determination and courage.
Many great ideas and creative ideas with ease and success can be implemented in April, and to facilitate this in every possible way will be the energy of the Sun, Mars and Uranus, located in the sign of Aries. But not only the work will be occupied our thoughts, many of Venus, which, by the way, prior to April 15, will also be in Aries, will give a spontaneous, passionate and bright romantic meeting, and if the interest in them has cooled off until the second half of the month, the relationship will be stable, harmonious and durable.
The position of mercury, which as of April 14, moves in the sign of Aries, and recommends that you be careful and tactful in communion with others, as the mercury will continue to provoke debate, criticism, head of the communication that inadvertently may offend your interlocutor, a colleague, a friend or loved one.
Despite the crazy energy, which will seethe in our body and the charge of the action, all of the most important try to implement the Lunar Eclipse, which will be on April 25 at 21:57.
So, use days of April:
1.04 for self-improvement, the end of the current issues;
2.04 for training, examinations, new scientific discoveries, creative activities;
3.04 for harvesting, cleaning and arranging the house, getting rid of all the excess;
4.04 for the beginning of the global innovative projects, business, financial transactions, creativity;
5.04 for the intellectual and psychological work, implementation of social projects, scientific activities;
6.04 for active recreation, moderate levels of physical activity, charity, study of art, visits to exhibitions, theatre;
7.04 for the implementation of small creative or social projects;
8.04 for the spiritual practices, help others, domestic Affairs;
9.04 for recreation and everyday Affairs;
10.04 to summarize the results of the lunar month in the period from 04:59 to 11:35 and thorough planning in the second half of the day;
11.04 to rethink their priorities daily Affairs, rest on the nature, small physical loads;
12.04 for fundamental physical loads, a hike in the sauna, a romantic dinner;
13.04 for the transformation of their fears in the positive sense, the implementation of the rough work, privacy, fasting, and self-improvement;
14.04 for planning, decision-making, consideration of promising proposals, accumulation and processing of information, charity;
15.04 for group work, conducting trainings, round tables, generate new knowledge, communication with superiors;
16.04 for the financial operations of small purchases, the beginning of the short-term Affairs, creating a home, romantic evenings;
17.04 for recreation, walks on the nature, solitude, meditation practices;
18.04 for humility, the manifestations of wisdom, struggle with their negative qualities;
19.04 (11:46) one of the best days for all undertakings, financial transactions, interviews, celebrations, engagement;
20.04 for completion of current Affairs, carrying out small celebrations in the family circle;
21.04 (until 14:00) to start short-term projects, change of the work, travel, trips, accumulation of information, contacts, charity;
22.04 to restore order and cleaning, any laborious work,
23.04 for small financial transactions, fine household purchases of new information, creativity;
24.04 to start short-term projects, companionship, psychological, social and legal activities;
25.04 for the transformation of their fears and weaknesses in the positive quality;
26.04 for small trips, excursions, study of art, recreation, housekeeping;
27.04 for the attainment of inner freedom, liberation, of rest, of feasts and celebrations;
28.04 to combat deception and fears, small trips in the second half of the day, the assimilation of new information;
29.04 for the practice of cleansing of your home with the fire of candles or lamps, everyday Affairs;
30.04 for the implementation of small projects, financial operations and transactions with real estate.
Remember, believing in their strength once, will always be the winner! Be of good cheer!

Author: Irina Kirichenko, the astrologer

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