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Stylist and showman Sergey Zverev is well versed in beautiful women. And from time to time with them is found. Now in brides stars goes singer and model Elena Galitsin. How to write in the Russian mass media, the girl is very popular among European designers, and recently has insured his body at 10 million euros. Although to his figure Elena has always treated very carefully.

The other day she told reporters as she keeps himself in shape. Actually, nothing particularly original Galitsin not reported, but, according to her assertions, to preserve the beauty and youth of her allows you to compliance with a number of simple rules.

Firstly, it is healthy

eight hours sleep, a ban on alcohol and cigarettes, classes Thai Boxing and daily Jogging

at ten kilometers.

And of course, Elena keep to a diet. As said the model, eat it often, but in small portions (such an approach in the diet speeds up the metabolic processes of the body), drink at least two liters of water a day and prefer dishes without salt. Dinner after 19 hours – it is something from the realm of science fiction, as the case considers that

late snacks are one of the main reasons for the recruitment of extra weight.

However, the girl against the order to limit yourself to eat for the sake of the desired weight loss. To harmony and your own body she calls treated with intelligence, concerned also about your health, not only on the figure, writes the edition of «7 days».

In February Galitsin hurt her leg while skiing, and the doctors suspected the girl a break. Fortunately, everything was OK, but the producer of the singer Joseph Levitsky decided to minimize the risk and insure the body of Helena to ten million euros. In particular,

buttocks beauty estimated at three million euros,

even in a four-million-cost of insurance of the hands and feet. The face of the singer insured at two million euros, and the chest – on-million.

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If you’d like this story to be about the inspiring feeling of reaching your goal, either in running or love, abandon ship now. This conversation is not for you, running lover. Or dating lover, for that matter.

I started an eight week Couch to 5K program about six weeks ago, which means I’ve been complaining for approximately oh, six weeks. I’ve always loathed running. It’s not just that I’m lazy, per se, it’s that I’ve always preferred other forms of activity, like yoga or dancing or sitting on the couch with a box of Hot & Spicy Cheez-Its. However, I got it in my head that I wanted to be able to run at least a few miles without keeling over, so I’ve been forcing myself to do the supposedly easy training. Surprise: I STILL HATE IT. But, I keep doing it. Which kind of reminds me about how I feel about dating sometimes, especially when I was first getting back in the swing of it last year.

Here are some similarities I’ve found:


    Nobody would understand my pain as much as Hannah Horvath.

  1. Love hurts. Running really, really hurts.
  2. In fact, they both always manage to hurt in new, unexpected ways. Much like I’m constantly discovering new dating disasters, like a guy asking if I can hook him up with my sister, I’m now finding new, terrible sensations I didn’t even know my body could experience. Hey, what’s this constant sharp pain in my shins? Oh, that’s shin splints? FUN.
  3. Both require medication. In the form of Advil for those shin splits; bourbon for heartbreak.
  4. girls-running-2

  5. I have to really think about my outfits. Finding the right sports bra and shoes is proving to be as difficult a mission as finding the perfect comfy-yet-sexy combo for dates.
  6. The hardest part is forcing myself to do it. I always dread the first minutes of first dates, just like I dread getting to the gym or stepping outside to run. But once I’m there, it’s not so bad. Just kidding, the running is still terrible. Dates are sometimes good, though.
  7. Sweating. So much sweating, from nerves and/or sheer exhaustion.
  8. Feelings of inadequacy. I feel the same way about people who can just easily jog around for 40 minutes as I do about my friends who married like, the first guy they met online. Why is this so easy for everyone else? Especially when I feel like this:
  9. girls-running-3

  10. People who talk about feeling a “runner’s high” = People who say things like “When you know, you know.” I’m pretty sure they are talking nonsense.
  11. Speaking of nonsense, people have tons of contradicting advice on both subjects. Ice your legs. Heat your legs. Stretch before running. Don’t stretch before running. Make dating as important as your job. Forget about dating, and that’s when you’ll find love. You’re not helping, guys!
  12. Related: People always say it will be worth it in the end but I’m not sure I believe them. At least as far as running is concerned. You know the end = more running, right? That sounds like a terrible reward. I’m more inclined to believe it about dating.
  13. It’s embarrassing to do in front of other people. You know when you can feel the couple next to you eavesdropping to guess what date you’re on at the bar, and it’s so uncomfortable? I feel the same way about the super toned girl on the treadmill next to me I can feel silently judging my mph. (Hint: turtle speed.)
  14. I want to give up on both about a million times per second.
  15. OK, OK, even if it’s really bad, I’m always kind of glad I did it afterward. That even goes for running.

OK, now that I’ve gotten the complaining out of my system, I’m vowing to keep it up with both running and dating. You guys know I actually like dating sometimes. And running? I’ll work on it. Send encouragement below!

Do you find either running or dating to be kinda of torturous too?

Love and exercise:
*4 Ways Exercise Has Improved My Sex Life
*How To Meet Your Next Boyfriend at the Gym
*Sex Tips: A Very Hot Exercise You and Your Boyfriend Will Both Love

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Light colored scarf is one of the most versatile accessories, because you can tie in where and how you want. I WANT to offer you the best options how to tie the scarf around his neck and head, thus to make a bright accent in the way or a stylish hairdo.

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The desire to make something like this occurs in different ways. This подсмотренное, and tried, and just in the mood. Something you’re doing spontaneous, but to something prepared for a long and carefully. Because hooked, and it was interesting and you can’t it’s not anticipated. Or not at least try.

So it was with my first Easter cakes. The victory was difficult and nervous. But, having reached the peak, I realized that my family on the eve of Easter nothing else from me and don’t expect. That’s what I please, my dear relatives. Only I continue interesting. Because Easter cakes, it is not only their Majesty cakes, but also muffinsand such, it would seem cute little things, like grandmother.

In General grandmother for me – it’s so yellow бочоночки with glazed horse riding. Sweet memories of childhood. Bread-baking plant in my native Urals town did they not only closer to Easter, and all year round. Baked them with raisins, smelled of vanilla, and hate I have them, in fact, could not. Some of rubber they were. But the smell of our Snezhinsk attendants in the bakery quite specific knocking down your feet. My hand again and again happily handed aunt behind the counter of a coin, and the sweet yellow бочоночек перекочевывал in my child’s palm.

Then grandmother as a phenomenon of the disappeared, for some reason stopped their oven. And so he moved to the other large city, I actually forgot about them. Well, not baked little grandmother in a big city.

One look over old, accumulated since Soviet times, recipes. Stumbled upon a small clipping with tempting simple recipe. The clipping had, most likely, from the «working woman» or «Peasant» – and why did they then left, only because of leaflets with tips on how to run a home? Still watch sometimes, as much captures the spirit, how we lived and from which the only or do.

The recipe was called «Grandmother carrot». Immediately reminded of and grandmother out of the shop of my childhood, and struck a variety of recipes classic attendants of the culinary books. Yeah, I remembered that is called.

Honestly, these little grandmother is not hell. Waiting for inspiration. Use only the Council of roll just baked buns on a blackboard. Cooling down, the sides are reinforced and perfectly keep the form. It is so ostuzhayu fresh cakes.

Found the recipe was without any special moulds, just as a cake or sweet bread. Hooked by its simplicity. Done.

When baking for the first time something, try to do strictly according to the prescription. Everything here is done the same way, but a little changed the sequence of introduction of products (can’t stand the word «ingredient»).

Just something in a little saucepan: 0,5 tbsp. milk, 20 g of yeast (1 tsp. dry suit), 3 eggs, 250 g of grated carrots, 500 g of flour, 150 grams butter, 1 tbsp. sugar, 0,5 teaspoon of salt.

In practice: the eggs with the sugar plumped up to almost stagnant status, added fifteen large carrots, grated on a fine grater, loose yeast in the milk, a glass of sifted flour. After the first lift doughadded melted and slightly cooled butter. When rose again – slowly (!) the 3.5 cups of flour. Замешивала spoon, to feel the density of the test. We should like dough for cakes, gently, gently and not cool. When rose again, put in greased with vegetable oil form – and in a preheated up to 160 degrees oven. Bake 50 minutes at 160-170. You can be taken out a little earlier, then the top is not so «flush».

Total: color amazing, bright yellow, carrots can be more salt necessarily (!), sugar, too, can not be sorry. The smell of buttery pastry and the carrot of joy. For a taste of the incredible combination of fresh carrot, tenderness and sour pastry. Very smooth taste. If no salt, carrot flavor will be not so bright. Which, by the way, I like it.

Sons summary:

– What is it?

– Carrot grandmother.

Sitting, chewing thoughtfully considering cutting.

– This is not the carrot grandmother, a woman-man woman.

And that, because it is. Grandmother-we have redhead!

In General, had come among us pies and cakes carrot grandmother. Looks very good. And wish that for you.

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Spanish singer Enrique Iglesias and the former Russian tennis player Anna Kournikova legitimize their relationship to the next week in Miami, wrote on Tuesday the British tabloid the Sun, with reference to a source close to the star pair.


The exact date of the wedding ceremony is not called, but the source noted that the celebration has already been invited actress and singer Jennifer Lopez, footballer David Beckham, together with his wife Victoria, supermodel Eva Longoria, the driver of “Formula-1” Lewis Hamilton.

The interlocutor of the publication has denied reports that Iglesias and Kournikova secretly got married a few years ago.


Kournikova – two-time winner of the Grand Slam tournaments in doubles, the ex-first racket of the world in doubles and Junior rankings. Professional career completed in 2003. In 2010, Kournikova has declared, that has received U.S. citizenship.

Iglesias is one of eight children of a famous Spanish crooner Julio Iglesias (Julio Iglesias). Mother Enrique Iglesias – the native-Philippine Elizabeth Preysler.

Photo Reuters/Scanpix, AP/Scanpix

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Поздравления с Днем Победы 2013 в стихах
on may 9, a great holiday of the Victory Day, when we celebrate our victory over the German army. Do not forget to congratulate all those who participated in the battle of beautiful poems!

On the chest of the order,
Graying at the temples,
Behind the combat tours.
Don’t be sad, old,
That stole the war
Your best young years.
Dream of the Dnepr and the Mozdok
And alarm beep,
Dream of you штыковые attack.
Trains on the East,
The clouds to the East,
You are on the West, the bullets and tanks.
In twenty years the grey…
Don’t be sad, old,
Difficult age you of the fate laid.
Your us with grey,
Your us of the order of
Every year the relatives and more expensive.
Graying at the temples.
Outside the window the silence.
Even if she never explode.
Let came grey,
But left a country,
What a great Russia is called!


Let the sky of your net will,
Not extinguished joys star,
And the noise of tanks and guns
Go away from life forever.
Congratulations with the Victory Day!


Erased persons, are erased date,
Sometimes your memory is not all will keep,
But see, and now the gray soldiers
Приволжскую steppe, the black sea granite.
The way of the front remembered again,
Only cards of the yellowed touch the hand:
Snow near Moscow, the rains at Rostov,
April the fog for another river.
In what ways were you, soldiers,
What barriers have managed to break!
Erased persons, are erased date
Military roads never forget!
Distant time it seems to you close,
Yes no very many friends among you
The way of noting, are obelisks,
Conduct of the battle of silent story…
Deletes date, are erased persons,
But will be victorious and forever bloom
The ninth of may, fireworks over the city,
Tying the knot of the front path.


May day light and joy,
Victory day, hour memory.
And time is all in our Victory Day
Remind memorable verb:
The enemy, and this is our credo,
Beat there, where he came from!


Victory! As she went to?
Which way you came up to her?
And the wounds were, and fatigue,
And the scars on the breast of the earth.
Armor in denting deep,
And given the passed road,
And the order of the uniforms,
Where the sweat mercilessly burned cloth.
Brotherly graves, in which
Friends of the dead lie.


Day of the Victory day more ..
Victory day the main day,
On this day the envy of the entire planet
All the awards, Motherland, put on!
In Day of the Victory again hear people
Thunder military victories,
May the thunder rolls like thunder of guns,
In memory of those who died for the glory of the living,
In memory of those who died for the glory of the living!


Victory day is the feast of gray
Our great-grandfathers, grandfathers and who are younger.
Even those who have never seen war –
But her wing cross was a man,”
Congratulations with the Victory Day we!


May day –
Victory Day
Notes to the country.
Put our grandfathers
Battle of the order.
Their morning calls road
The solemn parade,
And thoughtfully with threshold
After them
Grandmother’s face.


Those who say so, do not believe:
Go, because the order was
Stood in two steps away from death
By the will of the heart, and not once!
Not waiting for God Ile Messiah,
And took the guns and bayonets
And protect you Russia
Our dear old men!
On the day of joyful, bright
On the Day of your Victory
Go let out of life
Sickness and trouble!


Young as you are, with the Victory Day
You congratulating I didn’t suddenly:
For happiness died grandfathers,
And defended there another friend!
Life was in the face of a hurricane,
But you enumerate the start:
Fathers were white Afghani,
And you – roads of Chechnya.
And also there was death, and troubles,
But not interrupted the glory of the thread :
On поколенья – the Day of Victory,
On the part of the Rus does not divide!

Even then, the us was not the world,
When the thunder salute from edge to edge.
The soldiers, gave you the planet
Great May, the triumphant May!
Even then, the us was not the world,
When in the military storm of fire,
The fate of deciding the future centuries,
You battle waged, a sacred battle!
Even then, the us was not the world,
When with the Victory of you came home.
Soldiers May, thank you forever
From the whole earth, the whole earth!
Thank you, soldiers, you
For life, for childhood and spring,
For the silence, the peace house,
For the world in which we live!



Oh, where is the wondrous may,
What made known to us the joy of the victory?
In spring, the strings of the soul, play!
There’s still so much not they finished!
We have something to remember, is what to tell.
Stores the stories of those days our memory.
Could we love, know how to wait
And it’s all from the heart not erase.
Let the earth green gardens
Smell sweet, sweet exuding.
And the main thing that there was no war.
We wish peace to all, from end to end!

Let roaring spring, let him rejoice country,
And salute rushes into the sky.
And confessions of the word in this day, as always,
We say, his soul sharing.
Veterans of the war, and the fact that the rear of the
Covered work and patience,
We want good. And may you always
Be close to God and luck!

Spring. The victory. How many of them are in two words
And boundless happiness, and its pain.
So let the same in our lives and hearts
Won’t be no place for enmity or animosity.
Let’s save the world,
Avoid from death and explosions
And the future of our climate,
Until the Earth from grief is not cool.
In the gap stand up for their children,
That surrounded them good and happiness,
May we grow quietly sons,
And grandchildren never touched to the scourge.
We wish all smiles and love,
Let your families may last forever!
Let emit light of all of your days
And give the joy of life is infinite!

On the ground again come spring,
And every living thing in her power.
And awakening from a dream,
The soul is now a prisoner of the passion.
At least died down all the fights,
Forget the time it is unlikely.
After all, for the sake of happiness and love
The soldiers of the death of the brave fell.
Let that trouble don’t know,
The world keep on the entire planet.
To the wedding we could play,
And happily laughing children!

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Ukrainian singer Vera Brezhnev became the face of the automotive concern Mercedess Benz. She appeared in an advertising campaign of the brand in one of the domestic глянцев.

Moreover, at one of the photo Vera Brezhnev appeared in the image of a brown-haired – fatal woman with dark hair, in a luxury car with the dog.
READ ALSO – Vera Brezhnev denied the rumors about the House-2
Fans do not believe that their favorite decided to fundamental changes in their appearance and changed the color of white hair. Most likely, they complain, singer Vera Brezhnev put on a wig, or in an extreme case decided on a one-time experiment.

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Oscar de La Renta presented the autumn collection of their child line Oscar de la Renta Kids.

Little ladies and gentlemen demonstrated the ideal thing for the school – comfortable, but at this beautiful sweaters, dresses, sweaters, slacks, sundresses, jackets and coats.
Collection is already available in the online sale at prices from 50 to $ 300.

Photo: Oscar de la Renta
Oscar de la Renta Kids

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With the advent of warm Sunny days is the season of the activity of ticks. The most dangerous months – it may and June. In this period, Wake up hungry bloodsucking insects and begin to hunt for the people.
Ticks are not asleep, and therefore can attack the person at any time of day, even in bad weather. But as correct their number decreases in the hot and dry days, but increases in cool and cloudy days. Places of the greatest their clusters – this bushes, thick grass, places along roads and footpaths.
Insect clings to the clothing of the person, and then gets to his body, and the suckling in areas where the skin is the most subtle, this place behind the ears, in the neck, armpits, abdomen and groin area. During the bite of the tick can infect human virus encephalitis or the causative agent of Lyme disease.
How to protect yourself from tick bites?
– try to rarely been in places of a congestion of these insects, and especially in the period of their activity – from may to July;
“if walks in nature, cottages, for picnics and visits to the cottage can not be avoided, try to choose closed clothes, wear a hat and limit the access of mites of the body (fill shirts, t-shirts, jeans);
– apply special means of protection from insects: handle their clothes in the area of the ankles, knees, abdomen, as well as collars and cuffs of the sleeves.
What to do if still not managed to avoid the tick bite?
Keeping all the above recommendations, it is impossible to 100% protect themselves from ticks. And if it so happened that the tick all the same bit, should adhere to these rules:
– urgently to remove the tick. Of course this procedure must do a medical professional, but if for some reason there is no specialist, have to act independently, but be sure to adhering to these rules: wear sterile gloves, try not to squeeze the body of the tick to its contents has not got even deeper into the wound. With tweezers or clean gauze capture the insect, as close as possible to the site of the bite. Trying to keep the tick perpendicular to the surface of the skin, to rotate the body that worked around the axis, and retrieve it;
once the tick is removed, carefully with soap and wash your hands;
– the bite process disinfectant: iodine or alcohol;
– extracted tick should be put in a clean glass jar, and transported to the laboratory for the detection of those present in it of viruses. Read More →