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Punk, rock and grunge fashion direction in style with this and next season. In the framework of the Ball of the Institute of the suit of an exhibition of Punk: from chaos to кутюру, to which the most famous Fashion houses have created 100 unique things in the style of punk.


With the 2-nd of may any clothes and accessories from the collection can be purchased at the site of And the exhibition itself will be presented in the review on may 9 in new York’s Metropolitan Museum.
Among the Houses that have established models for the exhibition, are such as Balmain, Givenchy, Moschino, Prabal Gurung, Preen, Rodarte and Vivienne Westwood . See the look book all колелекции.

Photo: moda operandi

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I just succumbed to my craving for lighter summer hair—after more than a year of detoxing from highlights, I went and got a full head’s worth (although they are quite subtle and low-maintenance). Have any of you been wanting to go a little more blond now that the weather’s finally warming up? After I show you the following two photos, I bet you will be.

First up: Check out Lauren Conrad’s ombre hair, as seen at a Kentucky Derby event over the weekend.


She gets this look by sticking very-blond extensions under her darker blond hair. (Here’s what L.C. looks like without the extensions.) Isn’t that a fun and noncommittal way to brighten up for summer? Love it.

Next, I had to post this photo of Kate Bosworth at an event in NYC Saturday night. Like Lauren, she’s more blond on the ends than up top, but she’s more brunette overall.


Just. Gorgeous. I do not think it would be possible for me to love a hair color more.

What do you think of these two ombre blond hair looks?

Photos: Getty Images

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You guys may have noticed that I pretty much never write about Chris Brown and Rihanna’s relationship, despite the endless tabloid stories and Instagram pics and back-and-forth drama. It’s just too sad and complicated and frustrating. Honestly, I barely even have the stomach to read the gossip, let alone have the wisdom to talk about it.

But today I actually breathed a sigh of relief when I stumbled across their latest supposed breakup and what he had to say about it, which is a big change from my usual heart-sinking reaction. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I still think he managed to sound like an arrogant jerk about it all, but at least the end point got my approval. When asked about his birthday celebrations, Chris said, “Imma do it solo. I mean, at the end of the day, shawty doing her own thang, she on the road. It’s always gonna be love. I’m a grown man, just gotta fast-forward.” So it seems they’re not together for now, although we probably haven’t seen the end of these two reuniting and splitting (despite the Smitten opinion that it’s a Don’t). However, what had me nodding my head was when he said, “I can’t be focused on wife-ing someone that young.”

To be fair, I’m not sure age is really the main factor here, but I think all of us can concur on two things here: 1) Let’s banish the use of “wife” as a verb and 2) he should absolutely not be focused on marrying Rihanna (or anyone, probably). Much like our choices in verb usage, I’m assuming my reasons for thinking so differ from Chris’, but nonetheless, I’m in complete and utter agreement on the no marriage thing. Please, just don’t.

And I’m guessing that pretty much sums up the extent of things Chris Brown and I see eye to eye on, so that’s probably the last thing I’ll have to say on the subject for a while.

Right? Are you grateful to hear that this dude is not thinking of trying to marry Rihanna?

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Photo: Getty Images

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The Japanese model has undergone a striking transformation of appearance as a result of thirty cosmetic procedures, which had cost her the 10 million yen, or 102 thousand dollars.

Girl-model, known as Ванила Чэму, announced that it intends to continue operations until it reaches the goal of all his life – to become maximally similar to the French doll.

Photo: a screenshot of the video

In the appeared recently in the network photographs Ванилы to the operation of the fans saw the usual Japanese teenage girl, facial features which are absolutely not similar on a more «Western» the face of the current Ванилы.

Some surgical intervention, including the full operation of the eyelids and rhinoplasty, are becoming more popular among Asian women wanting to look like in the West.

Ванила also suffered these procedures, but its a long list, in addition, include liposuction, eyelash, the creation of dimples on the cheeks and the installation of the pectoral implants, informs BuzzFeed.

Photo: a screenshot of the video

Nevertheless, the current appearance of still does not meet the Ванилу. She believes that there is still insufficient closer to his ideal – French doll. Recently, she again enlarged Breasts, and her following procedure promises to be the most extreme from the carry-over of its operations. As she admitted, she

plans to undergo an operation on change of a growth – she really wants to be higher.

Ванила suffered its first plastic surgery, when she was 19 years old, and your current age she carefully hides from everyone. It has already become something of a celebrity in his homeland, appearing on TV screens in countless television shows. In addition, Ванила tried to start a career as a pop star.

READ ON OTHER SITES: more photos see HERE

Its unusual appearance, no doubt, allows it to stand out from any crowd, however, the girl has a very unusual way of looking at how should look the French doll, also known as porcelain, as it fully or partially done from porcelain.

Popularity of these dolls were due to its realism, and they were at the peak of popularity in the period from 1860 to 1900. These dolls are currently the subject of collecting and cost many thousands of dollars.

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How nice to pohrustet cucumbers, chew a piece of lettuce or enjoy bunch of ripe grapes. Doubly pleasant when it’s all with their own six hectare. Sometimes wonder: how long have people can eat only plant-based diet? And in General, it is possible to eat only those foods that are not subjected to heat treatment?

It turns out that Yes, there is such – сыроеды! One should not think that these people are called so because of the fact that they are in huge quantities absorb cheese, it, by the way, as well as other products of animal origin, they do not accept. In Russia the number of people who adhere to this course, a small, probably affected by the traditions of the power meat. Large distribution he received in India and in the United States, there сыроеды are combined in the whole group, promote it in printed editions, produced a lot of books devoted to the prescriptions of the «living food», open network of the restaurants, where the menu includes only products of plant origin and without heat treatment.

And the reason for the rejection of animal food boils down to the fact that the food is very difficult, because of her person feels tired, appears drowsiness, because instead of having to take any of the food energy, a person spends her to the digestion of lunch meat. In defense of the same plant foods says and what it is not that other, as the most pure form of transformation of solar energy. In addition, we can produce «spoil» heat treatment – fry, boil, steam, bake; all this does not add vitamins, and only destroys them.

In addition, fresh vegetables and fruits rich in enzymes, which are the basis of the digestive system and metabolism. The life and health of a human organism directly depends on their number, after eating foods rich, those enzymes don’t have to spend a lot of energy on its digestion, while the number of nutrients and vital force increases. In the opinion of the supporters of the «living food», all people could live more than 100 years, is not ill, if your body is not «clog» the meal cooked on the fire.

But we should not think that the food сыроедов – it is one of the leaves of salad greens with a carrot and boring food. This is a variety of fruits, vegetables, soaked and reproduced grains, nuts, vegetable oils, algae and their various combinations. Especially сыроеды love cold soups (for example, the Italian tomato soup gazpacho), salads with a sauce of crushed green leaves and bread. But the bread they have is not the same, which is sold in the Russian bakeries, the taste is vaguely reminiscent crackers, prepared from the seeds, and herbs, which are on special machines pull moisture from the product. Most importantly, the temperature in these units do not exceed 60 degrees, therefore, do not get lost vitamins, and with this technique you can make crackers from the nuts of cashews, Basil, and sesame seeds.

Сыроеды not deprive themselves of and sweet! For example, in the restaurants of the «living food» the United States is delicious cake, the cakes which are made from minced almonds and figs, and layer – the pulp of a coconut, raspberry, peach, plus a bit of raw chocolate. This culinary masterpiece» has a divine taste! Raw chocolate is cocoa beans, are not subjected to any heat treatment, only ground up in chips. Much of it he did not eat, because he is bitter, but the desserts are very good!

At leisure can try salad. He is preparing easily. Are the leaves of iceberg lettuce, watercress salad, lettuce, tomato, fresh young zucchini. Lettuce leaves torn hands, tomatoes cut in small cubes, and a tavern RUB on a grater. All mix, add a little nuts (what someone more to taste) and add a little juice of half a lemon.

Or you can prepare salad «Autumn». For this raw pumpkin, carrots and sour apples clear from the skin, chop on a large grater, mix, which is seasoned with 1 tea spoon of dry algae and add a little sesame oil.

Also tasty fruit cocktail. Armed with the blender, it can be made from the pulp of the banana, peach and seasonal berries. The resulting cocktail, if you wish, you can light a fresh cranberry juice.

But if you spend your life eating animal food and suddenly decide to become a сыроедом, it is not necessary to sharply excluded from the diet of ordinary products. For starters, you can use the menus сыроедов as unloading days, to see how your body belongs to such a diet. Because of habit he may rebel, responding to the quick change of the diet abdominal distention and other discomfort.

Remember, that each of us is different, and if one person is suitable raw food diet, it does not mean that it seems like everything. Listen to your body, he is certain you will not disappoint!

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Женские хитрости: как соблазнить мужа
Any, even the most vivid feelings eventually lose sharpness, is the habit, routine, and sex in family life is becoming smaller.

The reasons for the cooling of men

There are several major reasons why men lose interest in sex with wife:

– the monotony and habit: 60% of men do not want to have sex with his wife, because he did not receive from it pleasure;
– dissatisfaction with the appearance of his wife;
– differences, resentment and irritation, accrued and remaining years, often lead to the fact that sex becomes a rare visitor in the marital bedroom.

How to get husband in the bedroom

The sexual organ of man is located between the ears. Desire is born in the head and on your imagination depends how his show.

1. Change its usual appearance. You can start with the purchase of the erotic linen. In addition to the classical method of recovery of sexual relations, there are many other effective women’s stuff:

– change the color of the hair, hairstyle, make-up;
– radically change your garments: try to meet her husband after work in sports trousers, and without anything, only in high-heeled shoes;
– update the situation bedrooms, move a bed (specialists in Feng-Shui advise to change the position of the bed times in 40 days), buy more erotic linen, place and light the candles.

2. Change the stereotypes of behavior. Surprise her husband can be a way to: you are going for some event, dress as always, with the exception of one on you no трусиков. Her husband reporting this tragic whisper, when already left the apartment.

Man, most likely, will be shocked and will offer to return home to get dressed for what you calmly answered: do Not worry, all the same, no one but you will find out about it. All, all night it will not make with your eye, will not come to any man, and you leave home one of the first.

3. Use the technical support. Send him on his mobile phone a text message, or directly to the work of the e-mail with a detailed description of what and in what sequence you want to do with him.

4. Plan outputs in the light. Often go to the guests, cafe, just walk. Dress, carefully thinking through your image, to create the proper mood. Because only with the right spirit of a woman shrouded in a sexual aura, which notice all men, even your own husband is amenable to her charms, especially, captures the views of stakeholders other males.

5. Remember, that the husband is a man. Notice sexuality partner constantly, and not just in bed. Try to touch him more often, кокетничайте. While on vacation in General, you can pohuliganit: have sex in the entrance, in the Elevator, in the bathroom, in the sea, in a Park, mountains, etc. here you all sooner nobody knows.

Ways to bring in the life of the new paint set. Only you decide what’s best for you.

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You’re in the air: mineral salt for baths SpaRitual with the scent of Jasmine

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Is irresistible! Amanda Сейфрид – the face of the fragrance Very Irresistible by Givenchy

Гробки или проводы: в чем суть?
Traditionally several times a year, with the Christians accepted the honor their deceased ancestors. One of such periods is Fomina week. It begins with the following after Easter Sunday and ends on a Saturday. It is important to remember that during the week of the dead did not remember, because all of the bright week symbolizes joy for believers from the Resurrection of the Savior Jesus Christ. In 2013 Fomina week will start on may 12.
It is also worth noting that people in widely distributed and its other names, such as гробки, farewell, Parent, Red or Радоницкая of the week. The usual name of the seeing-off for the citizens of Ukraine and of some regions of Russia is not accidental: it is, in fact, emphasizes the basic meaning of this period. It was considered, on the eve of Passover, the Lord opens the gates of Paradise and hell, allowing, thus, the souls of the dead to visit their homes to celebrate the feast of the Passover. Alive after this supposed to help the souls to come back.
It is Tuesday of St. Thomas week, according to Church canons, for all Orthodox remains the main General memorial day, as it is in this day in all churches is served Requiem divine Liturgy. The people, depending on terrain, it may be independently established by the day: as a rule, this takes place, if in the village or city there is more than one cemetery, so that people can remember all of their deceased relatives. Therefore, serve a memorial service at the grave of the can and the other day. On the eve of the commemoration days it is necessary to lead the grave in order to remove the debris, paint the fence, at the request of plant flowers and trees. The main thing in a memorial day is a visit to the temple, where it is necessary to mention their deceased relatives during the great funeral service, after that the priest can invite and at the cemetery. The memorial meal, according to the rules of the Church, it is necessary to arrange a house in the small circle of the relatives and loved ones.
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It is interesting, but widespread now rule dine at the cemetery has a purely pagan roots, as the actual and leave on the mounds паски and cake. It is connected with the cult of the great veneration of ancestors of the ancient Slavs, because the dead, according to the beliefs that were in the underground world and could affect the harvest and fertility of the land. In the Slavic calendar memorial week called радоницкой and began on the Red hill, which in our летоисчислении coincides with Fomin Sunday. The symbol of a holiday full of spring. Place of action on the feast of Krasnaya Gorka was a beautiful elevated site, where it all went down the snow and where one could see the sunrise. The ceremony was made to have fun, read the spell of spring, and at the dawn to meet the sun and drive round dances. At that time, as on the coasts were noisy and merry celebrations, and on Monday in the cemeteries – радованья ancestors. On Radonitsa afternoon the whole family went to the cemetery, where the grave was made ride the painted eggs, pour their beer. The grave covered with embroidered towels, which proposed a different food. And to appease the spirits of deceased ancestors and protect yourself from them, owner of one dyed egg buried in the ground at the grave. After this, the whole family sat around the grave; all drank of the wine, beer and drank brought food with them. On some of the graves arranged even games, believing that the souls of the dead rejoice, and watching for these actions. After returning from the cemetery, people of the older age groups, remained at home, and the young were going to drive round dances, play fun games and sing songs.
With the advent of Christianity the Church began fierce struggle with pagan rituals. However, the struggle was not crowned with success and pagan rites though and have undergone some changes and filled with new content, but firmly settled in the Christian culture to this day.
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