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Какая одежда нравится мужчинам?

Choosing a dress, women in the first dream to impress members of the opposite sex. But what sort of clothes more like men?

In this article you will learn a few rules, how like a man. Men like sexy clothes. According to the stronger sex, clothes must emphasize the figure. Scientists explain this instinctive desire to men ensure that women have big Tits and wide hips, which testifies to its ability to give birth and bring up child. It is not important, whether it is so in reality, but representatives of the fair sex is at least sometimes satisfy this is quite an innocent male desire

Men prefer bright, clear accents. This means that if a woman put on a short skirt, revealing the seductive legs, the decollete zone to better cover. Or Vice versa. Should not show all of your charms are right, as in this case, men are lost, not knowing where to look.

Men like the monotonous clothes, pleasant to the touch.

Representatives of the stronger sex are not too favored variegated colored clothes, preferring to monochromatic color. This is due to the fact that all sorts of cells and flowers make the contours of the female body vague, so man’s view are simply not able to concentrate!

All without exception men like clothes from fabrics, pleasant to the touch. This is not surprising, it is much nicer to hug the woman, dressed in Silken clothes, to which it is so pleasant to touch, than in cloth of gold, which has the property of a very tangible prick.

 As men, first of all, it is important to the overall impression, you should always remember about the neat hair and clean shoes – men love it. Even the most seductive and spectacular dress in conjunction with dirty (dull shoes) and неухоженными hair inevitably loses all its attractiveness in the eyes of men.


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