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Any day-appropriate sultry eye makeup look gets a thumbs-up in my book, but this one on Sarah Chalke gets bonus points for being so incredibly easy to copy.


Just dust bronze eyeshadow around your lids, and then smear a little gold at the inner corners. No, really, that’s it. And look at how lovely it looks up close!


Bam! Springtime sultriness coming at ya. And since the combination of bronze and gold is much softer than, say, black and gold, its effect is light yet sexy—the perfect look to take you from day to night.

Who’s in to copy this style?

Photos: Getty Images

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Как добавить волосам объем?
Beautiful, thick and healthy hair, large and luxurious styling, flying hair is the dream of every girl. To achieve it, there are several ways. I WANT to tell all possible options.
First of all – the right hair washing and correctly picked shampoo, taking into account the structure and needs of your hair. When choosing a shampoo pay attention to the presence of vitamins B3, B5 and amino acids. Vitamin B5 strengthens the hair bulb, enriches hair oxygen. Vitamin B3 provides hair growth and is responsible for the content of the natural pigment in the hair. With its deficit hair starting to go grey early.

Well, when vitamins are there in shampoos, but still better to take them in or as part of products. For example, b vitamins are found in beef liver, brewer’s yeast, fish, chicken meat, bread. The correct and balanced diet will help keep the beautiful not only hair, but also improve the condition of skin, nails and condition of the organism as a whole.
After washing the shampoo hair is desirable to rinse air conditioning or balm. To achieve the necessary effect choose shampoos and balsams one brand. Air conditioning is applied, as a rule, from the middle of the hair to the tips of her, as its distribution along the entire length will lead to toughening of hair, they can stick to each other, and the effect of the volume of you and do not see.
If you go to the natural methods give the hair volume, it should begin with the broth of a nettle. He contributes to the build-up of scaly shell hair, and as a result, the hair look more three-dimensional. Leaves of nettle it is necessary to insist half an hour, and after washing the head thoroughly rinse the hair of the broth.
If you wash your hair also watch carefully, so that the water was not very hot, as this dries out the hair. After washing hair is desirable to rinse with cold water, then hair flakes back in a common state, пригладятся, and hair will look healthy and shiny.
The visual effect of the volume also help to create a special haircuts. For example, the speed haircut for long hair. The upper layers of hair in such a haircut look more light and air, and all the hair in General becomes the volume.
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Improve the texture of the hair will help and a special massage, which you can do by themselves. Every evening, 5-10 minutes, massaging the scalp in a circular motion. This increases blood microcirculation and hair begins to grow faster.

One of the best ways to give the hair volume – to use a mask for the hair. They will make the hair more shiny and silky, thick and beautiful, will help to protect against the adverse impact of external factors of the environment.
Experts on the health of the hair is also recommended to give volume hair use a dry shampoo. Especially this method is suitable to owners of greasy hair type, as its components reduce the production of sebum and stimulate hair growth. Tilt your head down and apply a dry shampoo to the hair, massage movements, ruffling them.

To give the amount of hair can be dried them Hairdryer. In this case, better to lower his head down and to direct the air heater directly to the roots, drying the hair from the inside out. However, this method runs the risk of causing injury hair, so do not hold the hair dryer is too close to the hair, not to avoid and not to overheat them. At the end of the drying of hair-dryer, a stroll through the hair of cold air to the hair flakes closed. So the volume will remain longer. If your hair is medium length, you can use the nozzle cone, it will also provide a good volume. Nozzle has a special fingers, which due to the flow of air lifted by the hair at the roots.
Luxurious and beautiful volume, you can give the hair using hair curlers. It is better to choose large, made of soft material that will not spoil the hair. Before накручиванием can cause стайлинговые means – foam, mousse or a spray to the curls longer held. After removing the hair curlers, slightly beat the hair at the roots of his fingers.

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It should come as no surprise that the guy who staged one of the most-viewed marriage proposals ever has a serious romantic streak in him.

You might remember Isaac from the adorably upbeat lip-dup proposal he staged for his then girlfriend. And if that didn’t have you choked up, did you see this follow-up video that he posted on Valentine’s Day? I was too busy with all the other lovey-dovey stuff back then, but now that I’ve spotted this, I suggest you hold on to those tissues for a minute while you check out this salute to the history of love in a family.

The happy kisses and vintage wedding dresses were already making for a pretty great video, but everybody completely lost it it when the family moved to reveal those two lovely women, holding hands and clutching the pictures of their late husbands, right? Right?! SNIFF. This is definitely a major step above the average family scrapbook.

Did this video make you want to go through old photo albums and hang out with your grandparents? So sweet, isn’t it?

More mind-blowingly romantic moments:
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*The Sweetest Love Story You Will Read This Week, Possibly EVER

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Как избавиться от головной боли народными средствами?
The change of the seasons for people with weak blood vessels is accompanied by frequent headaches. Symptoms of an unpleasant disease can facilitate pharmacy drugs or you can try to improve your health folk remedies. What herbs and extracts will help you get rid of headaches – read our article.
Turning to the doctor with frequent headaches, he, as a rule, makes the diagnosis of vegetative – vascular dystonia, the cause of which may be insomnia, osteochondrosis of the cervical spine and high intracranial pressure.
Relieve the symptoms can be infusions of herbs, which have no contraindications, because their use can not be called treatment. Prepare a soothing drinks!

Mint infusion базиликовый
Mint – 1 ch.l.
Basil – 1 ch.l.
Water – 500 ml
Honey and lemon to taste
The way of cooking:
Chop the leaves of mint and Basil, fill with boiling water and leave to infuse for. Drink infusions in small SIPS. If you have a headache for the most part caused by a cold, add on the taste of honey and lemon.
The infusion of lemon balm, lavender
Flowers of lavender – 1 ch.l.
The leaves of the lemon balm – 1 tbsp.
Water – 500 ml.
The way of cooking:
Chop the flowers of lavender and leaves Melissa and fill with boiling water and leave insist 1-1,5 hours. After the strain the infusion. Drink half a glass a day for symptoms of headaches and migraines.
Mint with rosemary
Melissa – 2 st.l.
Peppermint – 1.5 tbsp.
Rosemary is 1.5 tbsp.
Cinnamon – half of
The way of cooking:
Mix all ingredients and pour boiling water. The prepared infusion drink during the day in between meals.

Also with the help relieve the symptoms of migraines lavender tea. Brew flowers of lavender and leave for 10-15 minutes. Or the usual green tea with lemon, which is very useful for frequent migraines and spasms of blood vessels in the brain.

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Space as a premonition: a collection of Arsenicum autumn-winter 2013/2014

Running on soft paws: Puma presented the collection of designer shoes Black Label

Finally got better weather, and approached the holidays, which we all love so much to celebrate in the fresh air. However, as there’s always a topical question of what to wear to feel comfortable and at the same look stylish? Designer Vlad Назик share with our readers with advice on what is particularly relevant in this season on the nature.

In nature it is best to wear free jeans-Boyfriends or denim shorts with his robe, shirt or t-shirt bright color. For several seasons in a row, as in the fashion of hardening джинсы.Суть of this trend is this: the more holes and scuffs, the better!
As for t-shirts, then this spring is to draw attention to the original cut, individual print and unusual color. Also, take a look at a V-shaped cut out, which also visually lengthen the neck.
Will complement the image of fashionable shoes on heels, shoes or Slippers, and, of course, do not forget about accessories sunglasses, jewelry and hats.
Under such an image perfectly suitable aviators, who continue to hold their positions in the rating trends, glasses in the horn or color setting.
If you don’t like picnics in the open air, and prefer to walk on the Central squares and parks, the best thing for you is suitable dress with floral prints,which at this point is especially urgent. It is for the design of the dresses of the season spring-summer of 2013, designers often used different elements of flora.
Will complement such a romantic образбосоножки on the wedge-heeled shoes or shoes with a heel of the non-standard form. From accessories to choose the clutch under the color of your shoes or any bright, even in neon colors, most importantly, that this emphasis was the only one.

Good of may holidays, ” don’t try to be fashionable, be stylish!

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Is not ugly women — sometimes a little vodka. The idea is that about men can say the same thing. However, do not drink vodka. I find it a little pink wine.

The effect of alcoholic beverages incredible and often sudden, but quite predictable. Having an impressive baggage “drunken” memories, I can say that sometimes own behavior under the influence of pink appalling. How many times told me ” don’t drink so much, so that later in the morning was not ashamed!

Okay, this is not about this. And that, in a certain condition in the woman is born some hidden in a sober person. Wicked, stupid (as may be, and Vice versa, too smart), talkative such a bitch. Someone after a couple of glasses of pink turns off, and I am now deeds to the pulls. Rather, in men.

Because at the moment of the permanent partner, no, no and problems with jealousy. No one is obliged to what I want – and sometimes it works. Only now in a normal condition so it is impossible to take and roll to the man of her dreams (namely such it seems every more or less опрятныйи not blunt the opposite sex after a number of alcohol). It seems that it is capable of radically change your life, or rather — fill it with силушкой male. And IT is the climax of your sexual fantasies, and if a little scary a little outwardly, nothing, ” most likely, another surprise could.


There is nothing worse (from the side) drunk as a Fiddler women and men, which, stumbling, trying to flirt with each other with the text “and you respect me, or rather ” do you know what I mean, Yes – do you understand me, how cool, that previous, a goat, didn’t know, and you know…” And then somehow begin to feel a chill in the body and there is a terrible desire to kiss. As in childhood, in his youth. So, to around the lips on the next day the swelling was observed.

In General, I noticed that the desire to someone kiss occurs only in a state of love or drunk. To the man, to whom you just “притерлась”, or to the one who lives with you a long time, do not want to bother with kisses on the lips. And then all of a sudden: I want to KISS! Parallel “I want to kiss”, there is just “want”. Well, when you realize that it is mutual, the final predictable.

And here begins the struggle with them. On the one hand, the woman must, simply must be impregnable and keep themselves in the hands, on the other-is not ugly men, sometimes a little pink wine (well, or have someone there that). And if the wine killed you in the right condition, the man, who appeared to be under the hand can pull out your lottery ticket.


Once the total party I met a young man who hooked me from the first. Through the week I went to visit his friend and again met this guy. And I immediately understood that I want to kiss him. Just as in his youth. When a friend went out to the kitchen, it happened. Then nothing more between us was not, although it could go to him, but at other times it was. And in yet another, and another. And then I realized that in the absence of alcohol we had never met.

Wanted to rendezvous. When I came to the cafe, he seemed to me strange and others. Not so beautiful, not so smart, not as “vkusnopahnuschim”. We sat and drank coffee and just discussed the cafe menu. I was even afraid of my feelings, I’m mentally married him and bore him three children.

At some point it seemed to me that I didn’t really like in this, sober, form. And then I decided to experiment. Ordered involucre of his favorite pink, then the second, the third… And then he came BACK. The one with whom it wanted to kiss. What it is! Tell me all the time drunk to walk? So, not that he is not the only one. Because after the pink want to many, but the soup boil силхватит only for one.


The worst thing is that in a state of intoxication have a single woman, there are two dangerous thoughts. The first is to call the former, the second is to compensate for dissatisfaction with the here and now, and if the former is not picks up the receiver and does not respond to sms, it can be found and a new adventure.

Honestly, I am afraid of myself after this pink. All of the male sex, which is moving around, неженатое and developer interest, might hurt me so, that would be in my bed. Because the degree worked well. I myself do not done. And it is good, if in the same drunken you have left a place of intimacy and очухалась in the morning at home with the idea – why? And if you suddenly woke up with the subject of sex-stall in one of the bed and, struggling with headache and nausea, look at the “happiness of the whole of your life” and cursing himself?

I sincerely wish all the girls drink only in checked places and with reliable people. Although, you never know who else may accidentally end up in the circle of friends. And outward to you again “Prince” after midnight… the Main thing is that too many of them, such stray, was not. And better meet the only one, in a clear mind and sober mind.

Photo: PantherMedia/Scanpix

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