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Йоджи Yamamoto decided to celebrate the 20th anniversary of his creative work the show of the best works. To show Cutting Age, which was held on 25 April in Berlin, designer presented 36 models, which have been shown Йоджи on the podium since 1992.

For the first time in 12 years Yamamoto held a demonstration in Germany – gallery Weekend, which is located within the walls of the Church of St. Agnes, for one day gathered all the fans and friends of the designer. Show became a part of the four-day programme, which also includes tete-a-tete Yamamoto with the architect Азифом Khan about fashion and a career in the hotel Soho Grand, video project 5 Cuts/A Visual Dialogue and the installation Untitled Berlin Masao Нихэя, your favorite designer Yamamoto, in the Berlin shop Andreas Murkudis.

Photo: WWD

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On the way – Gogol

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Festive hairdo in most cases do not so difficult. Read More →

Как приготовить куличThe traditional recipe of the Easter baking. Preparing this Easter kulich is very simple, but it turns out very tasty! And prepare it can be not only at Easter, to enjoy this wonderful pastries, a reason not to. Just take your products and bake then, when he wants!

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Scientists have found that vitamin E helps to restore the blood vessels of people who threw smoke Read More →

We don’t know if Kate Middleton is having a boy or girl, but if it’s the latter, she’ll leave the womb with a nail polish that’s been created especially for her. Lucky baby! U.K. brand Butter has created an opaque aubergine shimmer called Pitter Patter, which refers to an old colloquialism often used as a nudge by aging moms, hoping for new grandbabies. “Will we hear the pitter-patter of little feet soon?”


I’m actually a big fan of the color, so no matter what inspired it, I would probably pick up a bottle. It costs $15, and it’s available only at

Will you buy a bottle of this nail polish inspired by the royal baby?

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At the premiere of the movie «star trek: Retribution» Zoe Saldana showed a perfect example of the output of attire: instead of коктейльного dress, which is usually the stars put on the premiere, she chose a set of dark gray top and skirt of thick wool. Strict, but incredibly stylish outfit his appearance into the light must Francisco Costa, designer Calvin Klein and the well-known fan of minimalism. In the company to suit Calvin Klein perfectly fit shoes, Jimmy Choo, which, by the way, repeat the perforation on the skirt. Bravo Zoe and her attentive stylists!

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Last night, I found myself sitting at a whiskey bar with five guys. Score! Except, they were all married, apart from the one who is related to me. Not so score-y after all, huh? But since I knew they’d all be game for helping me with some professional research, it seemed like the perfect opportunity to test out this new app I’ve been wondering about, the Predicktor. Thanks, guys!

If you hadn’t guessed from the name, the Predicktor is an app that attempts to gauge the size of a man’s junk based on his characteristics. If you want to know what you’ll be dealing with when it comes to a new guy, bear in mind that you’re going to need to know a lot of his personal stats. The factors included in the app:

  • Height
  • Shoe size
  • Butt size
  • Length of pointer finger
  • Length of ring finger
  • Age
  • Porn star
  • Sexuality (gay or straight, sorry bi guys)

Don’t ask me how some of those factors supposedly determine penis size. For instance, age?!? I mean, once the guy is an adult, it doesn’t change…does it?! The app was developed by a physician, based on trends from scientific studies, if you’re wondering about the criteria.

At any rate, I think you probably could have figured out that this turned into quite a hilarious, if fairly inappropriate, bar activity. Surprisingly, the guys didn’t get too competitive over their various results (although several did defensively point out that the app did not seem to take girth into consideration). To be fair, that’s because despite having a range of heights, shoe sizes, and butt sizes (yes, I helped evaluate that one), the results were all within an inch of each other. As in, the smallest came in at 5.9” while the largest came in at 6.6”. And not a single one of them was estimated to be below average:


Well played on the graphics, Predicktor.

That can’t be right, can it? By the law of averages, don’t at least some of them have to be less than average? Whatever—penis science is hard. Pun totally intended.

And, no, I did NOT make the guys confirm the accuracy, because I am a lady, and also, I do not think their wives would approve. Feel free to test out the app’s accuracy with your own guy though, and let me know if the predicktions were right.

Can you believe this app is a thing? Do you secretly want to test it out with your boyfriend tonight?

Matters of size:
*According to Science, Just How Much Does Size (Yes, That Kind) Affect a Man’s Attractiveness?
*Does Size Really Matter? 4 Ways a Small Penis Can Totally Rock Your World
*6 Secrets About His Man Parts

Photo: Getty Images

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Ученые создали спрей от ссор
Psychologists from the University of Nottingham have created a hormone spray, which can help if they quarreled spouses make peace after a quarrel.

The secret spray on the surprisingly simple in its composition contains the hormone embrace of oxytocin, which increases the sensitivity for men and soothes the women. Oxytocin is produced in the body itself, it increases libido and a sense of trust to the partner, it is this hormone is responsible for the emotional connection of mother and child.

The effectiveness of the spray proved clinical experiments. 17 couples in the age group of 20 to 50 years took part in the tests. Each pair must be within 45 minutes to remember conflict situations in the family, after which half of the pairs were asked to inject into the nose spray with oxytocin, the second proposed to spray with placebo. The result showed that the spray with oxytocin made spouses after the quarrel more friendly and helped quickly reconciled.
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Medical analysis confirmed that a quarrel had left no traces of hyperventilation in the nervous system of the women who spray. In men, the drug reduced the demand for his second half and raised its friendliness.

The doctors stated that the injection spray twice a day improves sexual activity in a pair and strengthens the understanding between the spouses. Now each of the couple, who wants to keep his love and carry a warm relationship through the years, should not be given to the heat of a quarrel, and can use a spray of reconciliation, which will not allow spouses of long quarrel and heaping insults at each other, and as a result will make marriage more than happy.

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The limited series hours Hublot, set up jointly with Ferrari. Swiss watch manufacture Hublot has released a new chronograph in honor of the Italian supercar Ferrari LaFerrari. The famous car should remind sapphire glass of complicated configuration and side bars of red anodized aluminium. 0 Model LaFerrari received the longest in the world reserve of between подзаводами – up to 50 days. The maximum provide 11 drums, the United like dorsal vertebrae. 0 Printing MP-05 will be only 50 copies, with individual numbers. The cost of the chronograph is not specified. Read More →