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Как подобрать одежду на осень

Beautiful summer dresses for several months remained the basis of the wardrobe, it is not necessary to postpone away with the onset of autumn. Moreover, if the right combination with other garments summer dresses may well become the basis of the stylish autumn wardrobe.


A scarf or handkerchiefcovering the neck – it is not only stylish, but practical: covering the neck scarf creates the illusion of a warmer ensemble (although in fact only added one small part) and reminds others of more cold weather. Until the beginning of autumn pleases the last warm days, summer dress can be combined with a fine silk handkerchief, and with the onset of cold – add more dense wool scarf. The combination of a dress with a scarf is a great way to make the ensemble of flavor due to the bright colors and interesting patterns of this accessory.

как подобрать одежду на осеньJacket or blazer

Jacket or blazer traditional «autumn» color – brown, olive-green, mustard-yellow – from the more dense tissue type velvet or velour in combination with a light summer dress will help create a beautiful autumn ensemble, at the same time protecting it from the cold. If the dress is characteristic of free cutting (for example, if it is a dress-tunic or sundress with a free skirt), it is best approached him blazer with a strong, clear cuts in the men’s style, makes the figure of a more harmonious. But if the dress is, on the contrary, a tight-fitting suit jacket or blazer with rectangular or trapezoidal cuts.

A blouse with long sleeves

The easiest way to turn a light summer dress in the subject autumn wardrobe is put under a dress shirt or top with long sleeves. Such a combination has become one of the current trends of the season due to the growing popularity of overalls and sarafans. Combining a summer dress with clothes with long sleeves, you can choose from an infinite number of options. So, for example, a silk blouse with long sleeves and trimmed with ruffles at the collar will make more feminine simple summer dress. A classic shirt add summer dress restraint and elegance. The main thing – make sure that the sleeves of the shirt or top longer than the sleeves of the dress. Of course, if a summer dress on the beach, a clothing with any length sleeves. And in the cold weather the top with long sleeves can be replaced by a warm sweater out of thin cashmere.

Ботильоны instead of sandals

With the change of seasons is necessary to change not only clothes, but also shoes: ботильоны or boots that are a substitute for the light summer sandals, instantly turn ensemble from summer to autumn. As the weather got really cold, closed autumn shoes or ботильоны can be worn without tights. In the fall of 2011, the most relevant models will be ботильоны in the style of the eighties and classic boots knee-length, resembling the style of boots for horse riding.


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