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Медики рассказали, чем полезна для женщин мужская сперма
Male sperm contains serotonin and melatonin. These substances are the most famous in our days antidepressants they not only soothing, but can be soporific. In addition, in the sperm are present and hormones estron and oxytocin, raising mood, as well as releasing-hormones, which are an excellent means to relieve depression.
In their study, the experts from the new York University found that women who have a permanent sexual partner, and in contact the couple did not use презервативами, less often fall into the stress. They are much less frequently complained about the quality of sleep and problems in relationships with sexual partners.
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How falls in the female organism sperm, has little meaning. The scientists of the anonymous survey was carried out with the participation of 293 women. All voluntary participants were aware in advance that they would have to answer for his outspoken questions concerning the details of their intimate life. According to the survey results, the conclusion was made: women who do not enjoy the презервативами in the traditional or oral sex, experience fewer symptoms of depression than those ladies, the partners of which are regularly use them. Experts believe that male sperm is able to improve mood, favorably affect sleep, improve mutual relations.

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Как уменьшить вред от курения?
Refusal from Smoking for many a difficult task so that the process is delayed for years. American doctors have developed a methodology, which allows, at least, reduce the harm caused to the health of the harmful habit.
Four useful product will help smooth the effect of nicotine on the body. A: tea, apples, Brussels sprouts and strawberries. Flavonoids, which they contain, block the activity and growth of cancer cells it is in the lungs.
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According to the study, which was attended by 500 people with cancer, more than 90% of cancers of the lung caused Smoking. If regularly eat apples, cabbage and strawberries, as well as to drink tea flavonoids are able to counteract the damage to the cells. Eat as much as possible of the products, and do not forget that your ultimate goal of full refusal of cigarettes.
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Как стать неотразимой: советы психолога
You probably noticed that when you are in love, like not only to his chosen one, but almost all men without exception. The reason is simple: love gives you self-confidence and inner state of comfort. It is these qualities that most attract the people.
But here is some of the time, state of euphoria reduced and replaced by love comes a more relaxed feeling. At this stage of the newly activated genetically coded in women desire to enjoy. In other words, you start to have doubts in its perfection, and strive to become better. Nothing wrong with striving for perfection, no, but you doubt yourself and your beauty can do you a disservice. Always focus on the positive aspects of, remember that even the shortcomings of the shape of your individuality, and the standards of beauty are just stereotypes that come and go.
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Remember that you are a woman, which has a number of advantages. You have the right to the whims and change of mood can change your mind, you might be late. It is not worth using these privileges constantly, but also change their nature is meaningless.
In addition to the confidence of small and possible weaknesses of the success of the irresistible in the number of men who surround you. The woman so attractive for the stronger sex, the greater the number of men trying to gain her favor.
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The first shows, walk-in Tbilisi and the party
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Как сохранить отношенияIf you have no desire to ruin your relationship, neither of which not to do what I will tell you now. How big was not your desire. This «mortal sins» for absolutely any and even the most healthy and strong relations. So, in more detail.

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If you want to look like a sexy goddess (and who doesn’t?), you really can’t go wrong with this eye makeup look on Kate Mara:


The close-up:

Here are the elements:

1) Gray eyeshadow dusted alllllll the way around her eyes.

2) Tan eyeshadow dusted alllll the way around the gray.

3) Mascara.

And 4) Some eyebrow powder to frame the whole thing.

Simple. Easy. Elegant. Hot. Get on this, ladies. If you need some shade suggestions, just browse the box below!

Revlon Eye Shadow � Cover Girl Eye Shadow � bareMinerals Eye Shadow

Photos: Getty Images

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Разминка для тела после работы в саду
After working in the garden is very important lead in the norm of tired muscles. A light warm-up can be done in the intervals. It take the load off the hands, feet and spine, as well as help avoid креппатуры and prophylactics radiculitis.
Several times squeeze and let go of his fingers, put his hands into fists and twist brushes in different directions. Then sit down, pull one leg and the other подожмите, shake back and forth and from side to side, switch legs and repeat the exercise. 7-10 exercises remove tension in the lower back and will prevent from flowing back legs.
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Without getting up, go to charging for the feet. Raise your right foot a few times подожмите and straighten the fingers, rotate the feet in different directions, then a little shake of his foot. Switch legs and repeat the whole complex of exercises.
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I don’t know about you guys, but sometimes I get really tired of the same old stuff in the bedroom. Forget the foreplay and skip the spooning: From time to time the mood just strikes me and I want to get naughty.


If the mood strikes you, I’ve got the perfect sex move to bust out that’s sure to please your man. It’s simple really: After having insanely hot sex where you’re in control yet playing the cute card, swap roles and let him cum on your boobs. (By the way, most of you said you call it “cumming” or “finishing” when I asked last week.)

Step 1: Bust out non-skimpy lingerie to create the fantasy. Anything white or light pink and lacy will work. You want to feel sexy, but the trick is to keep a sweetheart/innocent vibe. I’ve worn the whole miniskirt, white button-down, and thigh-high combo before (think Schoolgirl Britney) and it drove J wild.

Step 2: Once you lure him in and start making out, push your guy onto the bed and keep him there. Tie or handcuff each of his hands to the bedposts.

Step 3: Take control. In most relationships, the guy is the dominant one in the bedroom. Reversing roles will absolutely drive him wild and allow you to get exactly what you want. Now’s the time to kiss and lick him all over, peel away layers of clothing, and even position yourself over him so he can please you.

Step 4: Once he’s really going crazy, you can start to get down. Start out while he’s still tied to the bed, and once you pick up speed you can set him free. This is when role reversal begins—your guy will start taking control of you because he’s finally able to use his hands. (Bonus points for wearing your outfit the whole time, minus the panties.)

Step 5: Right when he’s about to explode, tell him to pull out and finish on your boobs. Remember: He may have his hands back, but you’re still calling the shots. Yes, it’ll require some clean-up (ew) and it’s best to avoid this if your guy has zero aim (or if you just paid $40+ on a blowout), but he will absolutely L.O.V.E. the naughty/nice mix.

It sounds more awkward and weird as the girl involved, but trust me, dudes can’t resist it. I talked to a couple of my guy friends and here’s what they had to say:

“The hottest thing about it is that it’s so naughty.”

“It’s sexy when the girl bites her lip when I’m finishing. It shows that she likes it too and it’s so hot.”

“I love it. It’s like porn in real life!”

So there you have it. That’s your weekend sex challenge—will you try it with your guy? How do you feel about the naughty/nice role reversal with a surprise ending? It’ll be weird the first time you do it, but it actually does get hot over time. Just think: You’re actually seeing how turned on you’re making your guy.

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Как научиться правильно парковаться?
You know where in your area is the training ground for motorists, or, at least, малолюдная Parking. Go there and try to comprehend the secrets of Parking.
Our main task is to learn how to Orient themselves in the mirrors rear view. They should provide an overview of 70% of the road. So the first thing that should be done, ensure that you have correctly configured your staff автозеркала. Side mirrors should be set so that clearly took place in the middle of the horizon line in the bottom half of the mirror reflected the asphalt, and on top of all that over him. From left to right in the mirror needs to be reflected back door of your car (you can focus on the handle) and the road. The image in внутрисалонном the left edge of the mirror should coincide with the left edge of the rear window, and Kant mirror with the edge of the glass.
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Once exhibited mirror you can proceed to the exercises. You must learn to feel the dimensions of the car. To do this, put the bricks in the corners of the imaginary of the garage where you intend to drive. Start with 5-meter Parking place. Come and see me in the Parking lot at the front and on the back of transfers of, at first slowly, then maximize speed, so far as it will be comfortable for you). When the 5-metre garage will seem too spacious, Refine it at 15-20 centimeters and continue with their studies again. Bring the size of a span up to three meters and learn how to confidently Park your car in such a narrow doorway (indicator can serve as the equal time to both sides of a parked car). Then add vertical racks in every corner for example, you can hold the meter sticks between two bricks and start training again. Better to 5 meters, to feel more confident. Given the already passed way, the second stage of training will take much less time.
If you need to jump out just for a moment, place for Parking at the side of the little, and nerves on edge, you can do the following: do not attempt to squeeze the car into микропросвет, and just leave it under his janitor note with the number of a mobile phone and apologies for any inconvenience. If during those 5 minutes until you will be absent, your car will prevent someone out, you get a phone call and asked to remove it.
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