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Лучшее тесто для медовика: рецепт для ленивых
This option test several advantages. Firstly, in the preparation of it is so simple, that you can cope during the advertising pause in your favorite series. Secondly, the dough is obtained viscous, so tiring rolling can be avoided. And, thirdly, before baking the dough maturing 12 hours, which allows to divide the preparation of cake on several stages.
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The preferred knead медовик with the evening and morning bake and spread shortcakes. To make the dough will need: 3 eggs, 100 g of butter, 100 grams of sugar, a glass of honey (preferably liquid) and a teaspoon of baking soda. All the products are mixed and spread in a water bath. As soon as the weight becomes homogeneous (too overheat should not be), it вмешивают 2.5 cups of flour and leave in the refrigerator for 12 hours.
For a couple of hours before baking the dough should be removed from the refrigerator. At the parchment put two tablespoons of dough and spread so as to obtain circles (layer thickness not exceeding 5 mm). Or bake cakes in a silicon forms, 10 minutes at a temperature of 180 degrees. You can divide the mass on 2-3 pieces, bake a few thick cakes, which subsequently cut. The dough is very good rises. Lubricate their best combined cream of the mixed together whipped cream and whipped with sugar cream.
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Гороскоп, именинники дня и прогноз погоды на 28 апреля
Today the nineteenth lunar day.
The General horoscope for April 28

Love: the night will be very romantic. Allow yourself to speak frankly about their feelings. Time share secrets and recognize each other in love. Do not hesitate, your half do not have enough of your attention.
Finance: cash flows wait until nowhere, so clearly distribute their finances that they had until the end of the may holidays. Alas, but the time has come to save.
Cuisine: today we can afford to relax, drink good wine and sit in the circle of friends of the late. Tomorrow off, so do not hurry much. Make sure that the table had been delicious snacks. For cooking, use cheese, eggs and seafood.
Health: medical portal advises to get out and have a picnic. The benefit will go morning run, charging and even poured cold water.
Career: at the time of the work can be forgotten. You consecrate this week of rest and then you will be able to return to work with zeal and enthusiasm, which will certainly be noticed by your leadership.
Horoscope for signs of the Zodiac you will find in our section Horoscopes.

Birthdays on April 28
Orthodox: Anastasia, Andrew, Aristarchus, Vasilisa, Victor, Zosima, Kondrat, Лукьян, Mstislav, Savva, Trofim.
Catholic: Paul, Peter.

Weather forecast for April 28
As informs weather portal meteoprog.uaon Sunday , the weather in Ukraine is expected to be Sunny without precipitation. The rains will be held in the West and places in the Central regions. The day temperature will rise up to +26 degrees, and at night to +9 above zero. The wind of the North-West of 7-12 m / s.

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He was my opponent, not stupid was beautiful and Born, maybe, in his shirt – all he had. He was not just opponent, and, as they say, the happy, the One on which I have, heart yearned towards him. And still I admired, on the evening of the meeting, Smart, with deep blue stars for eyes, she Was from sunset all seemed to […] Read More →

Actress Gwyneth Paltrow has become the most discussed celebrity of the outgoing week. First, People magazine declared it «The most beautiful woman of the year». Then Gwyneth a furor at the premiere of «Iron man – 3» in Los Angeles.

The journalists literally dropped jaw, when the actress appeared on the red carpet in a dress from Antonio Berardi with transparent inserts for the sides.

But now Paltrow admits that it was too much.

In several days the fashion observers desperately discussed outfit Gwyneth.

Some have called it a horse «vulgarity». Others were more reserved, but also have been expressed not very much.

Herself as an actress on the show Ellen De Дженереес admitted that she had a stylish catastrophe.

«It was a nightmare. I was preparing for the show at the last moment and decided not to wear underwear. But of course, I do not think that I will tell it on the TV shows.

For one day I’d become one of the most beautiful in the most shameful»,

“complained Paltrow.

Photo: AP/Scanpix

However, the fashion designer Antonio Берарди believes that Gwyneth demonstrated the highest class, and now her dress can be attributed to the category of «attire-icons». «Gwyneth

managed to find a balance between glamour and modern,

“said Antonio magazine Grazia. “She did so, that dress has become an icon. And I really like the transparent inserts on the sides, they provide a space fantasy, embody sensuality without any hint of vulgarity».

Let’s remind, Берарди often creates the original costumes for celebrities. Among the permanent clients of the designer are Nicole Richie, Sarah Jessica Parker and Freida Pinto.

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Windy landing, casting and midnight wine
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We reveal the secrets of the perfect manicure!
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Пляжи БолгарииIn Bulgaria is very clean beaches, many of them can even boast of a «Blue flag», which is issued for the purity of the water.

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I laughed out loud when I saw these photos of model Candice Swanepoel walking the streets of NYC yesterday.



Ha! How dramatically must Candice have flipped her hair to make it whip through the air like that? And while walking her dog? This gives me some canine-safety concerns—what if all the hair flipping had made her dizzy and she’d stumbled off the curb into the busy street? Or I guess maybe there was just a sudden blast of wind that caused this.

Upon further inspection, the photos were snapped on the set of an upcoming Victoria’s Secret campaign. Well, that explains things (including the too-polished little outfit). Only in lingerie land do women actually toss their hair in this way, or have it tousled this way by a strategically placed fan. Right? I do want to copy her messy waves in that first shot, though.

Photos: Getty Images

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The length of the value is: how to wear Maxi?