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In addition to well-known and beginning of Latvian designers, the coming of the Riga fashion week, which will be held from 2 to 6 April, their collections will show and guests from abroad.

This year the Lithuanian designer Ieva Даугирдайте (Ieva Daugirdaite), already familiar to Riga Estonian brand Pohjanheimo, Belarusian brand lena tsokalenko and the Italian brand COMEFORBREAKFAST.

The young Lithuanian designer Ieva Даугирдайте graduated from the College of design in Vilnius. The collection, which the designer will present at the Riga Fashion Week, consists of тренчей, dresses, skirts and jackets, trimmed with fur and leather or made of them.

Already a well-known Riga Estonian mark Pohjanheimo again will take part in the Riga fashion week. The new collection is the clothes of a class “Lux”, which can be worn in everyday life. For a brand typical Scandinavian minimalism and focus on the details.

In this season the international media-partner of the RIGA FASHION WEEK will present the Latvian public fashion brand COMEFORBREAKFAST, which is characteristic of true Italian style.


Fragment of the collection of autumn-winter 2013/2014 the Italian brand COMEFORBREAKFAST.

The creative Duo of designers Antonio Romano (Antonio Romano) and Francesco Alanya (Francesco Alagna has established its brand in 2009, and, thanks to the clear vision of the style of ready-to-wear, the brand has quickly gained the love and respect of fashionable audience. To create a collection of autumn-winter 2013/2014, which will see the residents of Riga, the Italians inspired by new York city neighborhood of Harlem — center for African American culture and, of course, jazz.

For the first time in the history of RFW on the Riga fashion Week will be presented by the Belarusian fashion. Designer Alain Цокаленко (mark lena tsokalenko) graduated from the Institute of modern knowledge in Minsk, in 2003, opened his own Studio. Since 2002, is a permanent participant of Moscow fashion Week.

More detailed information on the activities of the Riga fashion week-on site

Press photo

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Как спасти автомобиль при наводнении?
In March, this year was very extreme, both for pedestrians and for motorists. When we were already busy anticipating the arrival of spring, the city fell tons of snow that paralyzed the road and brought a lot of inconvenience to residents. Ukrainians barely managed to dig up their cars, which were on the glass in the snow, and forecasters already predict a new trouble with abrupt onset of heat, the piles of snow thaw, and as a consequence, the Kyiv at some time become the real Venice. Pedestrians we advise you to buy a good rubber boots, but the drivers adhere to certain rules in the operation of their iron horse.
First of all, learn to tame the puddles on the road.
In a shallow puddle (up to 15 cm) wet only brake pads, exhaust system and the bottom of the car in General this will not be a hindrance for comfortable transportation.
When a pool of medium depth (up to the level of a border), input overtake the transmission, the bottom of the engine and clutch in this also no threat to no cars. The engine and PPC sealed, and the clutch is capable itself to dry out in the road driving.

In a deep puddle (more than 35 cm) you run the risk of, at best, simply stall, in the worst catch hydroimpact (ingress of water into the engine). Without a doubt, with a strong flood, is better not to go at all, but if you were in the road and had a serious ones move in low gear at a speed of 5-10 km/h, do not stop and do not move the transfer. When managed to get out of the car does not turn off the ” give the engine a bit dry.
In case of trouble you not able to avoid the car stalled don’t panic and don’t make any sudden movements. Not rape the engine and do not twist without end starter if the machine shuts down, it means a fault has occurred, which you will not resolve. The only thing that remains to ask for help from others. The sooner you pull the car to the land, the less expensive the repair. Then the first thing disconnect the battery to avoid the possibility of closure, and прождите some time in the cabin or the nearest cafe, while auto is drain and will not start again or call a tow truck.
Died of you or all the way home, but on the road a few times side of the water, in any case the vehicle is in need of immediate drying. Go to a HUNDRED for disassembly and dry all электроблоков and interior, engine oil drain and replace fuel.

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The best sommelier of the planet by the year 2013 became the Swiss Paolo basso. On Friday in Japan was named the best sommelier in the world, selected as a result of a three-day competitions, gathered participants from all around the globe. The winner became Paolo basso, 47-year-old sommeliers from Switzerland. 2 In the final stage of Paolo basso entered into a hard fight with canadian Veronica Rivest, took second place, and Austrian Арестидом Списом, who received the bronze medal contest. The title passed to the winner from the previous «king sommelier» – Briton Gerard Basset, the winner of the competition in Chile in 2011. 0 Sommelier of the 54 countries in the course of three days demonstrated their professional talents in special contests. The participants were asked not only to accurately identify all the shades of taste, but also to create the best unions food and wine. 0 The competition for the honorary title of the best sommeliers was held in 14 times, for the first time in the world expert on the guilt was officially declared in 1969. However, to succeed in this exquisite profession, is not enough to have perfect taste buds and an excellent memory for the names of varieties. «A good sommelier should not only deal in wine, but also be a connoisseur of psychology. You need to create the client, easy mood and help him enjoy food and wine, not distracted by issues and concerns», – said in his final speech Serge Dabba with, the Chairman of the jury and the former champion. Read More →

Surprise from Clinique: creams-bestsellers of the brand at a new price!

Brand Mango presented a spring-summer collection of accessories 2013. It includes clutches, bags, belt, hat, jewelry, sunglasses and shoes.

Line causes nostalgic memories of the summer, bears in itself ethnic influences, unusual combinations, easy and carefree.
Ladies will find in the new collection of many bags, convenient models of shoes and jewelry.
Where to buy?
The addresses of the shops MANGO in Ukraine

Kiev, str. Khreschatyk street, 52

Kiev, str. Kreschatik, 13

Kiev, Obolonsky Prospekt, 1B

Kiev, PR. General Vatutina,2

Dnepropetrovsk, str. Glinka 2

Donetsk, str. Artem, 125

Odessa, str. Sagaydachnogo, 9

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Giraffes, bears, penguins and koalas as icons of style: trendy answer the call of nature in лукбуке Iago Партала. The use of animals instead of people-models in fashion-the filming is becoming a popular topic. After blog Manswear Dogwhere the model is red dog Bodhi tree, dressed in men’s clothes, his vision of the зоомоды the artist proposed Iago Партал from Barcelona. 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 In a series of photographs of Zoo Portraits nature of predators and herbivores transferred to Парталом through a combination of clothing and accessories. Rabbit in a waistcoat, the Koala in a Hawaiian shirt, the penguin in the cardigan, the wolf in a tuxedo and other mods demonstrate all kinds of styles of clothes, suitable different типажам men. 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 Photo Zoo Portraits drawn to surrealism, so beloved in Spain. This style is widely represented in the personal portfolio Iago Партала, where you can see not only pictures of animals from the Zoo Book, but also the portraits of people, as well as video. Read More →

Prepare happiness prescription: how color affects our appetite?

Как приучить семью к весенним пешим прогулкам?
on April 20, 2013 near the Summer scene of the Mariinsky Park will be held charitable action, which aim is to make family outing good tradition.
Hiking is one of the most fun and easy ways to provide health care for the whole family! INTERTOP reminds people of Kiev about how important it is to spend more time in the open air, and invites all comers, regardless of age and physical form, for a Family walk. The main thing is not to forget comfortable shoes.
The action will start at 10.30 near the scene Shell in the Mariinsky Park. Symbolic charitable contribution is 30 UAH for adults and a 15 UAH for a child. Collected funds will be used for landscaping of Kiev. Walk on the route length of 3.5 km take about an hour. At the start and finish are waiting for the participants of contests, master-classes, prizes and Ukrainian stars.
Details on the website
Tickets can be purchased on the spot on the day of the event, as well as in the booking offices of the Agency Karabas.

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Crystal purity: smart-technology for the house of Samsung

Как приготовить вкусные скрабы для лица?
Face care – this is not just a set of efficient and useful procedures that combine the application of various scrubs, creams, lotions, serums. This process can be really exciting and delicious procedure.
I WANT to willingly share with you recipes effective scrubs for any taste. Cook quickly, easily apply, the effect is stunning.
Scrub cream
You will need: 1 teaspoon of coffee grounds, 1 teaspoon of fat cottage cheese. Thoroughly mix the ingredients. Apply to the skin and neat, massage RUB scrub 1-2 minutes. Left on the face for 5-7 minutes, wash off with warm water. Scrub not only cleanse the skin from keratinized particles, but also will make it soft and gentle.
The scrub of coffee grounds container and cinnamon
You will need: 1 tsp. coffee grounds, 1 tsp sugar, 1 tbsp vegetable oil, a pinch of salt and a pinch of cinnamon.
All ingredients are thoroughly mixed. Apply to the skin and gentle movements massaging the skin. Leave on the face of 5-7 minutes, then wash off with warm water. Scrub perfectly cleans the skin and improves микроциркулляцию blood and, accordingly, the color of the face.
The scrub of Hercules and corn flakes
You will need: 1 tsp of Hercules and 1 teaspoon corn flakes, 1 teaspoon sugar,1 teaspoon of vegetable oil. Thoroughly mix the ingredients, gradually adding such a quantity of vegetable oil to make it creamier weight. Apply the mixture on the face light похлопывающими movements, then 2-3 minutes, gently massaging. Well wash off with warm water. Scrub perfectly cleanses the skin, while nourishing and restoring it!

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