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No one argues that Jogging is an ideal physical load. He was accessible to all and has a beneficial effect on health. However, scientists say that walking at a fast pace even more available and, most importantly, a much more useful to run.
Scientists conducted a study that analyzed data on the health status of 33 thousand people, which is engaged in running, and 15 thousand volunteers, who practice a jog. As it turned out, the runners and those who are engaged in walking, greatly reduce the risk to get the heavy disease in relation to those, who are not involved in sports:
– the risk of primary hypertension in people engaged in running, reduced by 4.2%, walking – on 7,2%
– the risk of diabetes in people who are engaged in running, decreased by 12.1%, and walking -12,3%
– the risk of coronary heart disease in people who are engaged in running, reduced by 4,5%, walking – on 9,3% – the level of cholesterol for people involved in running, decreased 4.2 percent, walking – 7%.
To calculate the data of the experts took into account not a time that was spent on physical activity, and an accomplished athlete distance. Scientists also pay attention to the fact that during the race, and at the time of quick walk allows practically the same muscle groups. Read More →

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The famous Russian singer Zhanna Friske gave birth to a son. According to preliminary data, the boy was named Plato.

“A son is born”, – wrote in the social networks Friske and published a photo of her hands baby. Fans of the stars immediately began to congratulate the singer. “Today, my friend Zhanna Friske gave birth to a son! I congratulate you and rejoice with all the heart! Hurrah!” – written by the ex-soloist of the “Brilliant” Olga Orlova.

Gave birth to Joan in Miami, gone where even during the new year holidays. Previously tabloids wrote, that the kid will appear on the light in the same clinic, where was born and her daughter Kristina Orbakaite Claudia. Support beloved came the father of the child, TV presenter Dmitry Shepelev, also in Miami is located and the family of Joan: her parents and younger sister.


Zhanna Friske and Dmitriy Shepelev.

It is assumed that послевыписки from the hospital Zhanna the baby move in a cozy apartment near the ocean. Friske and Shepelev have already prepared the children’s bought special furniture and hypoallergenic toys. In addition, a few weeks ago, the couple acquired a family car with the child seat. And in Russia the singer plans to return closer to autumn.

Let’s remind, earlier in an interview with Zhanna openly said that, having learned about his interesting position,almost immediately decided that will give birth in the United States. “Because in Moscow there was a bit hard: the climate, the rhythm of life, constant attention. I wanted to avoid the discussion in the yellow press of all that is happening to me. Myself-that I’m used to a lot of things, but now for me the responsibility for the more precious cargo, which is very sensitive and feels everything is much thinner. I am glad that my baby will be born in Miami. There was a mild climate that after the birth of children does not wrapped up. And still quite small bear to bathe in the ocean”, – told the artist.

And one more interesting fact. In spite of the fact that the novel of the singer with the presenter Dmitry Шепелевым ended with the birth of a child, she married Dmitry has not yet been collected. “We are happy, and this is the most important thing,” says singer.

Photo: ITAR-TASS/Scanpix

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Косметические новинки весны 2013: выбор редакции
Spring 2013 gives us a whole bunch of cosmetic novelties, which will help us in the new season look more beautiful and better cleaned. What we offer our partners?
Souffle Deep moisturizing of Pantene Pro-V
New souffle Deep moisturizing of Pantene Pro-V for very dry hair contains five times more provitamin B5 than moisturizing shampoos and conditioners. This tool is very easy to use: before applying the well shake the jar and turn upside down; forcing the hand and put the tips of up to wet or dry hair; place the hair as usual, or, to give the light curls, сомните hands and dry with a hair dryer after the application; for additional care during the day apply the product to dry hair. Souffle is suitable for all hair types, including painted. This is a real SPA-hair care in the home.

Series Planet SPA from Avon
Due Planet SPA with black caviar extract is rich in unsaturated fatty acids, vitamins and amino acids. They provide your skin with the necessary power, moisturize and heal her, effectively smoothing wrinkles and giving the skin a fresh, radiant look that dreams of each of us.
Rejuvenating gel for the face of the Planet Spa with black caviar extract moisturizes and nourishes the skin, preventing the formation of wrinkles.
Updating the gel to the skin around the eyes with black caviar extract Planet Spa moisturizes the skin for 24 hours, increases the elasticity of the skin and reduces wrinkles around the eyes.
Updating mask film for persons with black caviar extract Planet Spa effectively cleans and refreshes the skin, saturates it энергиейи improves the structure.

Complex Anew Charge of Energy from Avon

The new series Anew specially created for the care of the young skin girls from 25 years. Thanks to a special complex of ProEnergy tools help to cope with the effects of stress and lack of sleep, prevent aging of the skin, gives it a healthy rested look. Your skin shines energy, even when to you it is not enough! The new line is effectively with such skin problems as: dull, tired appearance, enlarged pores. In the complex: cleaning gel for the face Anew Charge of energy, which will activate face cream SPF 25 Anew Charge of energy, night gel-cream for the face Anew Charge of energy, activating cream for the skin around the eyes Anew Charge of energy.

Laying Always Sensitive

Security, comfort and softness play a major role in how he feels a woman, especially during the critical days. That is why it is so important to choose the right product, which not only provide protection, but also give a pleasant care. For example, soft as cotton, new Always Sensitive. Comfort and protection provide the basic components that make up this unique seal: the soft top layer: special soft zone on the contour of the pads to attach additional comfort and designed in such a way that the fibers of the upper layer of reinforced the feeling of softness; absorbing layer: liquid absorbs quickly, перенаправляясь inside, thanks to which, the nearest to the body of the layer is dry. The inner layer contains суперабсорбент, which turns the liquid into the gel, holds it within the installation and prevents leakage back.

Razor with a system of five blades Venus and moisturizing the pads of Olay

Venus and Olay have presented the first joint development of a new razor with a system of five blades Venus and moisturizing the pads of Olay for smooth and well-groomed skin. Razor VenusOlay created by a principle all in one: the most advanced technology Venus – the system of five blades – and moisturizing pads, developed by experts of Olay, ensure a comfortable clean shaving and effective gentle care for the skin of the feet. And thanks to the non-slip ergonomic handle and beautiful white-gold design to use a new razor VenusOlay incredibly comfortable and pleasant.

Mouth wash Listerine Zero
New Listerine Zero it a soft taste thanks to a revolutionary formula that does not contain alcohol. Means of the effectiveness of the obligation to active components of the 4 essential oils, which provide comprehensive and deep cleaning of the oral cavity; it destroys bacteria plaque cause of diseases of the teeth and gums, and due to the content of sodium fluoride rinse aid guarantees protection from caries.

Body lotion Solutions Freedom from cellulite from Avon
Modeling body lotion Solutions Freedom from cellulite reducing the body fat, leading to the appearance of cellulite. As a result of its severity is reduced significantly. The lotion contains a complex of extracts of the fruits of hawthorn, mate and coffee beans. Mate improves blood circulation in the capillaries, increases the сжигаемость fat. Hawthorn improves the state of skin, has the exclusive antioxidant properties. The extract of coffee beans helps to speed up metabolic processes. Lotion has a double effect – helps to get rid of cellulite, destroying it from the very Foundation, and prevent the emergence of the new.

Set for a pedicure from Mary Kay
Set for a pedicure, which includes a relaxing tool for foot baths (containing extracts of lemongrass, the white birch, rosemary leaves, menthol); exfoliating scrub for the feet; soothing balm for the feet with the scent of rosemary (contains glycerin, vitamin E and oil from the seeds сафлоры); brush-pumice stone for the feet (two-sided: on the one hand nylon bristle, on the other шлифующая pumice). He will help look your feet well-groomed and healthy.

Lipstick and nail Polish Demi More by Demi of Oriflame
The collection consists of the most exciting and very fashionable shades of paints and lipstick, a carefully chosen selection of the best specialists in accordance with Hollywood style. Even more passion and more red. With the lips and fingernails now you can tame the most dangerous and terrible predator.

Labels for nails beautycyсle from Amway

Following the star of the trends, line beautycycle replenished an essential accessory, namely labels for nails with arabesques in the style of the Wind, Crocodile and Damask. Made of vinyl labels are convenient and easy to use. You need only select a strip of the correct size, nail to nail, bend over the edge of it and remove unnecessary with a nail file. All your manicure ready in a few minutes.

Perfume Avon Sensuelle
This fragrance for women, belongs to a group of Oriental floral fragrance. Top note: bergamot; note heart: Gardenia from Tahiti; basic notes: cashmere wood.

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Как понять, настоящие у вас отношения или выдуманные?
Women often tend to confuse the common courtesy to the expression of interest on the part of men. Exchanged phone numbers and the girl starts to wait for a phone call. A chance meeting immediately causes a lot of guesswork. He may be waiting for me?” Wanted to see, but did not dare to ask?” Afraid of rejection, and therefore does not call for a date?

How to distinguish between the interest of men and expectations of women, tell Ellen FEIN and Sherrie Schneider in the book of Rules. How to marry the man of your dreams. For 20 years the Rule has sold more than seven million copies and remains a bestseller. People magazine carried the book to a category of must-read, and Elle called it the best book on relationships.

Not to become a hostage to its expectations, needs to distinguish between friendly and romantic relationships. Friendships can be formed with any man, with whom you are working, or use its services. This may be a colleague, supervisor, doctor, customer or client, an accountant. If a man polite, easy conversation and attentive, the woman can easily falls into a stupid dream state and begins to imagine further development of the events. Special impressionable differ single women who have yearned for serious relations. It’s easier to think of what to create. Do not think that you have started a novel, just because the man showed the attention of professional courtesy.

Women in General tend to gloss over the situation. This is the case, when the dream is harmful. He wrote hi, and she thought she married and gave birth to three children. Relations, which dreams of a girl, not yet exist, and it is already spent on them their time and energy. Imagine that you are waiting for invitations to visit. The day of waiting, two, three… invite you, and you immediately agree. Where is the intrigue? The easy victory would discourage a man. He will understand, that did exactly what they had expected. To behave properly and adequately, you should not go in the Wake of his expectations.

How to understand, is the man of interest to you, or you wishful thinking? Use a simple rule: the man, which you carried away, will always find a way to invite you on a date or be with you alone in a nonproduction environment. The subordination does not matter: a superior or subordinate, colleague or client. Love the man come up with an excuse to spend time together.

Why women are mistaken about the possible relations?
Probably, good manners and friendly attitude does not often occur in our lives. For example, a doctor or a colleague, if you have problems, helps to solve them and says goodbye: Call me at any time. He even puts a hand to you on the shoulder and looks in her eyes. Bearing in mind the call if you have any such term problems. The girl hears what he wants to hear: At any time of day or night I’ll be glad to thy call. I am waiting for your call. Professionals are required to show warmth and care, it is a good tone to the customers. In such behaviour is nothing personal, so don’t take a phrase for a promise.
Call out of school time, too, may seem like a sign of personal interest. For example, in the evening at the weekend, when all normal people have a rest, calls or writes accountant, head of the programmer. What do we think? He was lonely, with no one to talk to, he remembered me and even invented a reason to work. What if he doesn’t realize that you have personal time? Maybe he has not left the boundaries between the workers and the days off between home and work. Not teshte a hope. If the conversation was only about work and not over the invitation to the meeting, it was only a business call.

If a man is working in the service sector of the seller, the waiter, the barman, a business consultant, a fitness trainer, nutritionist, personal trainer growth of you may well be with him trusting relationship. His work is so remember, what you drink coffee, the name of your dog or where are your parents. You think that he is flirting with you, always attentive, pays more time than the others, and if he invites you to visit, you will be happy to agree. But he did not invite. Do not be offended. This does not mean that he is to you a bad attitude. A professional will always be a pleasant person to their customers.

Maybe it’s just flirting fun to talk, aside from the serious thoughts or work. Men like the company of beautiful girls, he can make a compliment to see your reaction, it is pleasant view of your neck and slender legs. Flirting raises the self-esteem of men. Flirt harmless, so don’t take him seriously. Seriously only an invitation for a date. Flirting is harmless, as long as you don’t take it seriously and start to wait and hope, without grounds. Women, with the head left in a fictional relationship often do not notice the opportunities for real relations.

So, summarize the results.

While the man is not asked you for a date, there is no reason to believe that he likes you.

If a man in love, he will invite you on a date or walk.

You should know, you have a relationship or not. The third is not.

If you mixed up the desired and the real, no need to investigate the relationship.

You do not force the man to invite you to the meeting, if he wasn’t going to do that.

Don’t spend on it the time. Always try to look beautiful. The first end meetings and conversations.

Meet with other men, with those who you invite. Boldly move forward.

Author: Alla Ilyina

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In Russia conducted a poll: «What are the cartoon heroes of the same sex?». There were many variants, but determined group of five obvious favorites, writes a portal «About Town».

1. In women leads hero Superman with supernormal capabilities. And this is precisely what inspired the girls. Voted for him much as 29%.

Natalia Kirov, a participant of the survey:

“He’s all saves and can help in a difficult life situation, and he can be trusted. A real man. In addition, he has supernormal abilities.

2. Among men, the same apparent became a favourite of the Catwoman. The performer of the role of Halle berry in the eponymous film that Anne Hathaway in «Batman» is impressive. She has earned 25%.

Photo: scene from the cartoon “Catwoman”

Andrei Dunaev, participant of the survey:

– She’s like the most sexy heroine – and in a cartoon, and in the film. It is all in the latex and skin. The view is nice. Always behaves very tempting.

3. 22% of the vote away the Arab boy Аладдину.

Photo: scene from the cartoon “Aladdin”

Yulia Войнова, a participant of the survey:

“He has cool pants, his dark, handsome, Eastern type of young man. From мультгероев he’s just the most sexy.

Note that men have a lot of votes gained beloved hero Princess Jasmine.

4. On the fourth line with 10% The little mermaid. And for it voted not only young people, but also girls.

Photo: scene from the cartoon “the little Mermaid”

Ivan Stepanov, participant of the survey:

“I like her pretty face. Even the tail does not spoil her sexuality. I think, in the cartoons she has no equal.

5. Superhero Batman earned 8% of the vote.

Photo: scene from the cartoon “Batman”

Ekaterina Кольнина:

“He is a very courageous, intelligent, secured and modest person, this can not but attract the attention of the girls. Besides, he is very courteous and well-mannered.

Another 6% in jest or in earnest voted for Shrek, Carlson, Cpanch Bob and Winnie the Pooh.

Maybe, he is not a joke.

In our view, for example, Carlson at all out of competition – «a clever man, to the measure of the fat man in the Prime of life», with a good sense of humor, intelligent, resourceful…

What could be sexier?

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A great deep-cleansing shampoo, an awesome yet affordable makeup organizer, and a set of press-on nails. Here’s how to get more bang for your beauty buck this week!


Neutrogena Clean Shampoo in Replenishing, $4.99,
Summer is right around the corner, and now is the perfect time to start building your warm-weather beauty kit. Be sure to add in this moisturizing-clarifying shampoo; it’s gentle enough for everyday use, but it’s heavy-duty enough to rid your hair of harsh saltwater and chlorine while leaving your strands super soft.

SOHO Vanity Organizer with Dividers, $6.97,
Tired of cosmetic clutter? Here’s another affordable makeup storage option. It has enough compartments to hold everything you need for your everyday face, and it doesn’t take up much space on your counter. And it’s sheer, so you can see where everything is. No more rifling through a bin to get all dolled up!

imPRESS Press-On Manicure in Call My Agent, $5.99,
When time is of the essence and you can’t spare 30 minutes to wait for your nail polish to fully dry, make sure you have a pack of press-on nails on standby. They take less than five minutes to apply and last up to seven days! (And FYI: When in doubt, rock red. You can never go wrong with red nails. Never.)

Tell me—which save will you splurge on?

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Do you ever feel like all you ever hear is how today’s youth are too obsessed with hooking up, and it’s basically ruining the world? Eye roll. It’s not to say we have any problem with a casual, fun hookup around here (we don’t!), and maybe most of us aren’t waiting for marriage these days, but it’s safe to say we’re still pretty into emotional relationships, not just sex. Wouldn’t you agree?

Durex recently sent us the results of their “Great Sex Survey” (the survey was conducted by Crowdtap among 2,000 men and women 25 and older) that shows pretty unanimously, people think the best sex comes with “strings attached”—meaning, emotions and trust and all that important stuff that isn’t necessarily a part of something casual.

Some of the stats:

  • 87 percent of women said the hottest sex they ever had was with someone they knew and trusted, not a stranger.
  • 95 percent of men said sex is more fulfilling with an emotional connection.
  • 95 percent of women and 96 percent of men agreed that satisfying their partner comes before satisfying themselves.

I mean, really, are you surprised? I hate to bring 50 Shades of Grey back into this after we’ve finally stopped talking about it every five minutes, but for all that book supposedly causing some kind of sexual awakening among women, it was about one couple emotionally connecting so much they ended up married with a kid in like six months or something. They just had some hot, if repetitively written, sex while doing so. And at least the people in this survey seem to agree that it’s not only that sex is more emotionally fulfilling—95 percent of women said getting closer means they can go further in exploring sexual fantasies.

Emotions are so hot right now, you guys.

Do you agree that sex is generally better with someone you connect with and trust? That’s no slam on a hot hookup, if you’ve had some of those too!

The best you’ve ever had:
*Confess: Is Sex With Your Current Guy Really the Best You’ve Ever Had?
*The Secrets to Great Sex (in 50 Words or Less)
*What Was Your Best Kiss Ever?

Photo: Thinkstock

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The biggest piece of chocolate in the world!!! Самая большая шоколадка в мире!!! Sweet on an empty stomach to read this article shall be prohibited! And don’t say then, we didn’t warn you:)

The biggest to date a chocolate bar in the world weighs 5 574,65 kg. It was entered in the Guinness Book of records. Chocolate is created on September 13, 2011 company under the name of «Worlds Finest Chocolate», which once again tried to set a world record. And they did it! In 2011, the company presented its own record in Chicago, Illinois. In the height of шоколадища reaches 91 cm, and in the long – 6,4 meters! The winner of the previous record was furnished with this giant almost one ton: last year’s record was «born» from Armenia and weighed 4 410 kg, than broke the record of the Italian chocolate tiles, 2007 «issue».

Chocolate monster, weighing more than five and a half tons, was made of 771 kg of oil-cocoa, 907 kg of milk powder, 635 kg of chocolate liquor, 2494 kg of sugar and 544 kg almonds. The nightmare of all the nutritionists! Шоколадину driving tour of America in the framework of the educational campaign «Think big. Eat with the mind».

To record-2011 was approved, the employees of the company-Creator of the weighed the chocolate mass, lifting her with the help of special cables and assemblies. Then the employees of the Guinness Book of world records examined and evaluated chocolate to 7 October 2011 officially assigned the title of the largest for today. Level of sales of chocolate products of the company «Worlds Finest Chocolate» immediately rose to небес. published Ася2000,   

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