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Leopard skirt is a very elegant and sexual element of a woman’s wardrobe, however, that the image does not look too vulgar and tasteless need to know what to wear this unique piece, performed in the predatory motives

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Learn how to make-up artists brand imagine makeup in the country of Oz
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Have you ever cried after getting a new haircut? Karlie Kloss got emotional after she chopped her long locks for this new do, a layered bob with bangs. Can you believe it? The haircut that had all of us running to the salon and has become so big that it has it’s own name (The Karlie) had this model shedding a few tears.

“I was totally nervous when I did it. I cried!” she told Fashionista. “But I knew I was in good hands with [hairstylist] Garren.”


Now, Karlie seems comfortable with all the attention she’s getting for her wavy bob. “…It’s so flattering to know that people are interested. It’s such an incredible compliment to have someone else make that chop because they like yours. It’s a huge compliment.”

Can you relate to Karlie? Have you ever cried after leaving the salon? I’ll admit that I did after getting a really short bob haircut when I was in junior high (if it had been as cute as Karlie’s bob, that wouldn’t have happened!)

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O dating pool, with copious guys, one false move brings me pain…


Like my song? I won’t sing it on dates, I promise. I haven’t been. I say “I haven’t been” because I have been dating. I’ve been doing my best to actually get out there and meet guys, and take invitations from friends I’ve known who’ve told me they’ve had feelings for me for a while, and go out to dinner or for a night out in the city. And it’s been nice, but the interaction has been markedly different than anything I knew prior to Josh and Isaac.

One thing I loved about the Dating Version of Meredith is that I was so open. I was fearless and honest; I never felt like I had to hide anything about my past relationships, nor emotionally, and I never felt like I was game-playing nor guarded. Dating Meredith was a very free, open Meredith–I believed with everything me in the craziness of being in love, and I think that’s why men were drawn to me, and why I ended up with ones who were dynamic, and why I often found myself falling hard and fast.

As I’m back out there, though, however limited the capacity, I feel like a 100 percent different person. I feel as though I’m walking around constantly with my eyes darting back and forth, with my shoulders pushed up close to my ears and my arms hugged across the front of my body. I’m guarded. I’m fine talking about what happened with Josh and the other relationships I’ve been in, but there’s no spark in me when talking about love. I recoil as if I’m having blood drawn. I’ve thought about why I’m feeling so disconnected, and it’s not only because the wounds are still too fresh, but rather a direct association between wanting to fall in love resulting in an acute, stinging pain. Lately, I’ve snapped back closed like an oyster guarding a pearl.

To anyone else, everyone would just say, “It takes time! You’re just coming off a breakup!” But for me, there’s more that’s so hard to stomach. It’s like looking at a distinctly lesser version of myself squarely in the eye every time I know I’m about to head out with someone, and feeling like I’m back in that straight jacket, or sitting at a dinner, knowing I’m half the person I could be. I almost think, If I’m this guarded, or even this changed right now, is there a point to dating? I’m not sure someone could love me enough in this half-me state–a state that doesn’t even resemble Dating Meredith, to help me come out of this. What’s even scarier: What if this scaled-back version isn’t half-me, and what if it’s New Me on the other side of this breakup? It’s a possibility I have to face, no?

How guarded are you when dating? Is it because of your past history, or just because that’s the way you like to approach the process? Are any of you like my former-self and very open when dating?

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Вода СассиWater Сасси is the specially developed structure, thanks to which actively speeds up the process of losing weight. To achieve maximum effect from the diet, it is necessary to day use about 8 cups of the water. In addition to accelerating the process of losing weight you will be able to normalize the functioning of the digestive tract, speed up metabolism, remove undesirable substances, harmful substances and toxins…

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Find out why the use of oil for hair.
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I’m so sick of seeing Old Hollywood waves on awards-show red carpets, it makes me want to kidnap all the curling irons in the world and hold them hostage until someone—anyone—goes for something different. So, as a service, just in case any of their hairstyles happen to be reading the blog today for inspiration, this is how I’d like some of the nominees to do their hair at the Oscars tomorrow night.

I’d really like it if Anne Hathaway did something with a very deep side part that covered one eye.

Source: via Susan on Pinterest

Jennifer Lawrence I’d like to see in some sort of wavy updo.

Source: via Keave on Pinterest

Naomi Watts I’d put in a lovely low side bun.

Source: via Anne on Pinterest

And I’d like to see either Amy Adams or Jessica Chastian in something twisty.

Source: via Total Beauty on Pinterest

Will they take my advice? We’ll see tomorrow night! Well, actually you’ll see without me—tomorrow is my birthday, so my blogging “other half” Petra will be holding down the fort with our usual best-of Oscars poll. Make sure to come back so she doesn’t get lonely!

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It was all going so well until it got awkward…

This reader question came in a while back, but I wasn’t sure how to respond to it. After pondering for a while, I decided that I’m still not really sure but I should open the discussion to the group. Let’s take a look…

She writes:

I joined OKCupid after a heartbreak, and so far, I have gone a few dates. Last night, I went out with a really cute, smart, nice guy; who smelled good too I should add. So there we are, sitting at the bar having a good conversation when he says “This is going to be weird and I don’t even know to bring it up, but I know one of the people in your pics.” It turned out to be my pretty friend (who gets all the guys).

He goes on to tell me that they met at a bar about five years ago. They danced and talked all night and when the evening was coming to an end, he was about to ask for her number but one of her friends pulled her away. He messaged her on Facebook but she gave him the cold shoulder and they never spoke again. He’s had girlfriends since then and he made it a point to say that he is “totally over her” but the whole thing leaves me wondering. I feel like he met me because of that! Which is crazy to think, right? I mean we were out until midnight talking and he followed up with a text after saying he had great time and would like to see me again. I just feel like he could still have feelings for her… Should I not be concerned that he brought it up on our first meeting? Do you think it’s a bad sign or am I totally over analyzing? HELP!

I just don’t know what I think here! On the one hand, it was a long time ago so it’s probably no big deal. And it probably would have been weirder if he started dating you, never mentioned that he recognized your friend, and then had to awkwardly explain it when you eventually introduced him to her, so he might have just been bringing it up to get it out of the way and not seem like he was hiding it.

On the other hand, I can see why it would make you feel a little weird that he asked you out after recognizing her picture. Plus, the fact that he used the phrase “totally over her” makes me a little wary as a) they only met once, that shouldn’t have really taken a big amount of “getting over” and b) announcing that you’re “totally over” someone is a big red flag that you’re not really, if you ask me.

I guess my ultimate conclusion is that you’d just have to see where this one went after the first date. If he continues to seem genuinely interested in you like he did on the first date and there’s no other weirdness, it’s probably just a coincidence and a good thing that he told you up front. But if he brings up your friend frequently or pushes for hanging out with her, I’d doubt his intentions for sure.

Maybe our reader can pipe up in the comments and let us know what ended up happening with the guy, but either way, I’m curious to know what you guys think… Is this connection between the guy and the reader’s friend cause for concern? Or should she just shrug it off and see how it goes with him?

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