подготовка к пляжному сезонуIf You love the summer on the beach «collect» admiring glances at the fans of the female body, forget a word such as «laziness». The only way to prepare yourself for the summer season, it clench his will in a hard fist and work … work and work again. Remember the cardinal rule of a beautiful figure is a balanced diet bound with the loads in the gym.
First you need to reset the «fat»that had accumulated in the cold season. It’s easy to do, the first thing adjust familiar to You diet. Do not pay attention to diet, their outcome is not a long term result. To remain in perfect shape, it is enough only to reduce the amount of food in a serving, make the journal of nutrition, to record the number of calories, and refrain from junk food. You need to understand that unless You eliminate from your diet chips, hot dogs, Cola and «Pinocchio», your stomach will never diminish the belt on your tight jeans.
When hunger leaves You likely to wait for lunch or dinner, then you can make small meals, BUT instead of slices of bread with sausages «distribute» itself portion of dried apricots or walnuts, you can take the Apple from skimmed yoghurt. Replace the meat of the fruit.
Now we will look at H2O…. Water – Everything! Liquid serves as an important element on the stage of weight loss. A glass of water before a meal reduces appetite. And the skin lacking in moisture, becomes wrinkled and dry. Doctors recommend drinking a day for at least 2 litres of liquid a day.
So Your skin does not lose elasticity and healthy look, eat more protein – it may be a fish, a little bit of meat, dairy products and legumes. But don’t forget, you cannot remove fats from the diet, one or two times a week eat eggs, nuts or mackerel meat. The elasticity of the skin elastin and collagen, which is contained in vitamin C, feel free to add in your diet oranges, grapefruit, pepper and greens.
Now training… the Guarantee for achieving the goal will be Your will-power. Don’t focus on one sport, otherwise he quickly You get tired. Try to change the training program every couple of weeks. The more you walk or, if possible, walk on a Bicycle, change alternately cardio fitness exercises. Very easy to burn calories, using mountain climbing or Hiking.
So in the first moments of the stay on the beach, Your body attracted the attention of men, go to the exit to the beach in the Solarium. Alternatively, you can use the creams, remember, the era of patronage pallor has gone, men like slender tanned girls – the main thing is to know when to stop. Pay attention, please visit manicure salons of your hair.
With a strong desire to acquire attractive appearance – will not be an uphill struggle, strive for perfection and succeed.

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