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Learn interesting and unusual facts about Polo
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No toothbrush can’t efficiently clear all areas of the mouth. Therefore, this part of the body often becomes a favorable environment for the reproduction of more than 20 species of bacteria. Irrigator much more effective to cope with remediation compared to toothbrush. The device is capable of removing even the smallest particles of food residue Read More →

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47-year-old supermodel Naomi Campbell fully naked for Love Magazine
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Geneticists have determined that the Y-chromosome is responsible for the development of sexual characteristics in representatives of a strong half of mankind, gradually undergoes degeneration, and may completely vanish from the genome of less than five million years Read More →

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The doctors report that the infection is not necessary to be with the sneezing, you just need to get some air in the same room with a carrier of the disease Read More →

The best and funny RUSSIAN JOKES that You have to see!

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