Why not just come up with inventive and resourceful women today! For example, ковошинг, or washing of the head without shampoo. Bad imagine such a ritual? We will tell you more about it.

Probably ковошинг invented the girl unexpectedly ended shampoo. But this fact is not disconcerted, and made me bold idea wash your head with air conditioning. Yes, that’s what they call ковошингом (from the English. conditioner only washing).

On the net there are a lot of beauty bloggers about this procedure. Someone she went for it with intensive regeneration of damaged hair, and someone утяжелила curls and led to their rapid contamination. So what are the pros and cons have ковошинга?


1. The procedure helps to quickly and deeply moisturize hair, make them smooth and silky. Choose air conditioning with small content of silicones, which, as is known, can keep hair with regular use.

2. Wash your hair only air-conditioned useful if your hair having a hard time due to помывок every day or every other day. The ability to mitigate the impact of aggressive cleaning components – the second plus ковошинга.

3. Cheapness. No need to use expensive high-end air conditioners. On the contrary, take on arms of good and accessible means, then, the experiment did not hit the pocket.


1. Who hydration, and who excessive oily. If after one-two procedures you noticed that the hair become dirty earlier than usual, perhaps we should wait with the next session.

2. Fast flow of funds at first glance it may seem like a problem, but once you’ve planned a series of procedures, have the necessary number of bottles for one trip to the store.

3. Procedure shampooing need to dedicate more time than you’re accustomed to. So if your life is such that you in the morning, wash and stacked curls almost on the run, ковошинг may seem a waste of time.

Who should try

Girls, whose hair in need of emergency assistance, as well as owners of dry, stained, damaged hair, and a dry scalp. Perhaps’ll like кудрявым. Appreciate the advantages ковошинга and those who engage in regular physical activity and considers too aggressive washing the hair with shampoo almost every day.

Who ковошинг not need

Owners of greasy hair.

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