Как увеличить глазаAt that first of all men look at acquaintance? No, not what You think. Much more of them attract eyes. Nothing is more beautiful than widely open eyes and long eyelashes. And well, if the nature has awarded You expressive eyes and big eyes. But if You think that the beauty of Your eyes is not enough, we’ll show you how to increase eyes with the help of makeup.

Use a pencil to outline the increase visual eye.

Contour pencil or кайал, is considered one of the major ways to quickly and effectively increase the eyes. The pencil can be any color, but it is better, when it is well combined with a touch of eye. For example, кареглазым ideal black or dark brown contour owners gray eyes can use a pencil of the same shade of gray and blue-eyed girls visually enlarge the eyes help contour saturated blue or purple color. Eyeliner select soft – he will easily and beautifully draw the line. The path itself can be worn on the upper eyelid, and at the bottom, but in any case not both at once, otherwise You reduce Vice versa eyes. The line can be as solid and dashed put a kind of touch that after it is beautifully shaded brush, turning it into a gentle mist. Visually enlarge the eyes can and white outline caused in the corner of the eye on the lower and upper eyelid.

How to increase the eyes with the help of the shadows.

The shadow is also a life-saver for those whose eyes are not as big as wished. Bright and dark shadows will look more expressive and deep, so don’t be afraid. The main thing to remember that apply this color to the mobile eyelid and external corners of the eyes and carefully their shade to eliminate boundaries between light and dark shadows. Light color should be applied on the line under the eyebrows and the corners of the eyes – so look will become more open, and his eyes visually thrown open.

Select the correct ink for increasing the eye.

Nothing is so visually not increase eyes, as long and thick eyelashes. Therefore, you should choose a good mascara, adds volume and lengthening lashes. Better if it is black or dark brown ink on her opinion will be very expressive and глубоким.Тщательно прокрашивайте each lash, not forgetting the bottom and in the inner corner.

Applying all these tricks, You will be able to safely shoot-eyes», as they are incredibly beautiful and large. Good luck!

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