Not everyone can boast of a large apartment or a house that is full of places and not have to think of how to organize the space, to carve out a couple of meters of usable area. Often we are the owners of apartments with small rooms and small bathrooms, but because every good solution to save space is perceived with unspeakable delight.

· The first thing you should receive housing little square, this vacuum bags. Their principle is based on pumping air, with a special pump or a vacuum cleaner, due to what a pile of things significantly reduced volumes and takes up less space than usual. Very convenient in vacuum packets store pillows, blankets, down jackets and coats, as «inside» a lot of them air which is sucked away. Packages are tight, and therefore do not absorb moisture, they will not start the mould and other microorganisms, and things will not absorb odors. So, if the apartment is not a place for storage, vacuum bags can be attributed to the garage, shed or in the basement.

· If You have a combined bathroom and You don’t know how to organize space in it, listen to the following tips. The bath is better to replace a shower cabin, which will be more compact and will free a lot of space. Ate possible, the washing machine can be placed in the kitchen or in another convenient location. Do not clutter and already small bath different lockers and cupboards.

· Balcony – a great place through which to extend the space of a small apartment. If it is attached to the kitchen, the best solution is to attach and placing on the balcony of the kitchen table and a refrigerator. This will make the kitchen more spacious and increase working surface. If loggia combined with a living room or living room, it can be transformed into a work room or Playground for children. In addition, balcony, you can provide a large number of narrow but high boxes for storage, which can accommodate a lot of right things and not very.

· The bedroom or a child’s place, you can save thanks to the built-in podium beds or pull-out couch. You can think about the bed, under which you can store linens or spare одеяла.Шкаф-coupe will also be more capacious than any other Cabinet, so it will keep a lot of things.

The curtains for the living room should definitely make room solemn, festive and yet very уютной.На currently it is difficult to imagine that at least one living room without a refined and beautiful curtains

Closets are firmly entrenched in modern apartments. Due to the large number of advantages, such piece of furniture became very popular. Wardrobe seats just an incredible amount of clothes, shoes and stuff, which must be removed from GL

For any woman it is important that the dishes, which she uses, was beautiful. Modern women choose the dishes made of stainless steel and covered with Nickel-silver plated.

Increasingly, during the repair prefer such flooring, laminate flooring. It is relatively inexpensive, but at the same time, has attractive appearance and has high strength and durability.

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