During quiet during machine shimmied? On a flat surface car rides, like on the pits? Appeared strange sounds chewing and чавканья? Passing people shouting and gesticulating? Most likely, that the machine has a pierced wheel. Well, when someone can replace it on the spot. But it happens more often on the contrary: all have to do it myself. How to independently manage such complicated at first glance, the task as changing a wheel?

First of all, you need not panic and safely come to this adventure. Then you need to Park on the roadside so near the broken wheel was about a meter and a half of free working and, most importantly, a safe space.

Next, you need to enable the alarm, and put the sign «Emergency situation». If the car is not found, then fit all the items can somehow identify the location of the vehicle. At night be sure to try to find reflective subject to passing cars on the road, we flew into a parked car. A better car lock up. You never know what…

Паркуясь on the sidelines, it is desirable to find such a place to surface for the Jack was flat. If this is not possible then you can use a wooden block, of course, if he is.

Next, you need to loosen the nuts and bolts on the problematic wheel, then you can lift the Jack. Remove the nut using a cross and a telescopic key. Nuts turned off against the clock. The last to Unscrew the one that lies at the top of the wheel.

Lifting the machine, make sure that the wheel away from the earth. Check better than by hand and tools. The wheel is removed with the support of the lung and its приподнимании bottom. Hands should be placed at the edges, and not between the earth and the wheel.

Spare wheel drives to the hub and lifted the tire iron until matching holes on the hub with a hole on the wheel to fix it on the disk. Spinning a new wheel must also with the top nut.

Прикрутив the nuts and bolts you need to check: if there are any extra parts? If not, you can omit the car and hide Jack. Now we need as much to screw fastening. You can press on the key leg, important is reliability swirling.

In the end, check the pressure in the chamber a new wheel, pump it if needed, and then make sure the nipple does not pass air. Screwing the cap, you need to check the tightening nuts and bolts on the safe side of the road. If everything is alright then you can freely go further.

Novice driver is not required recommendations if the steering wheel man. Man, essentially never was a newcomer, properly speaking, felt himself to be.

DVR on the road is for the driver truthful witness. So installing it in the car will be a reliable defender in any traffic accident

In the modern world a woman can give odds to any man in almost any activity. The same applies to driving.

Quite common for motorists for all kinds of reasons lose access to your vehicle, lost keys. The main reason is the carelessness

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