Как предохраняться от нежелательной беременности13-15 years is the age of puberty girls. It appears first period, begin to appear pubic hair, rounded hips and growing Breasts. It was at this time it is important to explain to the children how to protect themselves from unwanted pregnancy, even if she is not thinking about sex with the opposite sex. Forewarned is forearmed. Knowledge and understanding of the issue and nobody interfered.


Most reliable and proven way centuries contraception. It protects not only against unwanted pregnancy, but also from various infections and sexually transmitted diseases. Explain to the child that bears responsibility for the deeds not only guy, but she is, so during sexual contact should insist on a barrier method of contraception. In addition, assure the child that buy condoms is only in pharmacies, as they sell the best quality and certified rubber products. And do not hesitate to buy them, because, first of all, it is in Your interests.

Oral contraceptives.

This is the hormonal pill, which, depending on their actions or block the egg maturation and the onset of ovulation, or change the composition of cervical fluid, which is becoming hostile environment for sperm life. Appointed oral contraceptives should only doctor-gynecologist, which will determine the level of hormones in the blood and pick the appropriate tablets. In addition, remember that take the medicine regularly and according to the instructions, even one missed pill can weaken the effect of contraception.

Coitus interruptus.

This is one of the ways to protect themselves from unwanted pregnancy. However, he is not very reliable, and should explain to the girl. The meaning of the interrupted act is that at the end of the seminal fluid gets into the woman’s uterus. However, and during intercourse is allocated a small number of sperm in the form of grease that are quite able to fertilize an egg. Therefore, this method can not give 100% guarantee of an unwanted pregnancy. In addition, such unprotected contact can cause various diseases, sexually transmitted diseases, which is very dangerous for young girls and women.

These are just some ways of protection, which should tell her adolescent daughter. Let her early years, she learns about the possible consequences of reckless behavior and learn to answer for their actions.

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