Маски для лица

Fruits are not only useful for the whole body, but also can have a positive effect on the skin of the face. Therefore, women who care about their appearance and make fruit mask. They are not only easy to make and are available for almost each and completely natural, and therefore, are extremely useful.

There is nothing more simple than RUB the face of a piece of fresh cucumber or sour grapes strawberries, when you cook or eat. And there is no difference whether You use the rare fruit type mango or habitual apples – they are all very useful. But much more effective will be made with their own hands mask recipes which we will write below.

Apple mask. They are well cleanse and tone the skin, saturating it with vitamins and microelements. Grate the sweet Apple on a shallow grater and mix with whipped egg protein. This mixture, superimposed on the face for 15 minutes, instantly refresh it and give the skin a healthy appearance.

Banana mask. Perfect for oily skin, as banana perfectly removes ugly Shine. However, owners of dry skin can also use a mask – it is perfectly softens skin. For preparation grind spoon ripe banana and add in this mush 2 tablespoons of milk. In order to smooth out wrinkles and make the skin of the face smoother, instead of milk needed to add the cheese and apply the mixture to 20 minutes.

Mask of pears. A teaspoon of olive oil, add the pear puree, then applied to the face. Such mask can narrow pores, remove the Shine and smooth the skin. Pear will astringent effect and make Your skin perfectly clean.

Mask from a kiwi. To get rid of blackheads and acne help mask of kiwi with sour cream. It prepares also, as the above mask, and allows you to achieve a stunning effect. Kiwi saturate the skin with vitamins and nutrients, and sour cream gently moisten her.

Garnet mask. It is extremely useful and can relieve inflammation, narrow pores and bleach spots. To prepare this mask must be crushed into powder pomegranate peel, add a tablespoon of juice of this fruit and whipped protein.

As you can see, masks are simple in preparation, but have a tremendous effect on the appearance of the skin. The only thing to be feared is the fruit that You have an allergic reaction. There are no other restrictions, Wherefore, having the desire, you can look young and attractive without the use of expensive creams and lotions. 

Clean and smooth skin of the face is a dream of every woman at any age. Starting skin care as a teenager, You can much longer keep her young, healthy and supple

Each of us wants to have beautiful and healthy nails. And it was the correct nail care helps them to strengthen and grow. Nail care does not include the mandatory visit salons

Not all ladies boast beautiful curls from nature, and the paradox is that curly girl in every possible way try, will straighten the hair, and those with straight hair is the dream to have curly hair.

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