In summer, many go to the beach to get a tan and give your skin a beautiful Golden hue. However, anything can happen not as we expected: uneven tan, burnt skin, redness – all this certainly spoil Your mood. We will discuss how you can achieve a perfect tan to look cool and attractive.

Идеальный загар

Before you go sunbathing, make sure that it will not harm Your health. Wrong hormonal background, the problem of the endocrine system, skin diseases, innocent and malignant neoplasms is far not the whole list of contraindications. After the doctor gave You good for sunbathing, you should determine your skin type. Depending on what You «shell» and the desire to achieve a certain degree terrace, you must choose a sunscreen that will help to protect Your skin from burns.

It should be understood that creams and sprays that protect You from harsh sunlight and do not prevent sunburn. Don’t be afraid to use them, and throw away the thought that with them You never tan. Tan! And tan will be even and beautiful, without redness and burns. But do not get carried away – even intensely smeared themselves sunscreen, spend countless hours under the scorching sun is not worth it. Start sunbathe gradually, little by little, day by day increasing the time of stay. And you should choose waterproof lotions are not смоются already after the first call into the water.

Besides protection the skin requires and care. Sunlight is evaporated from the surface of all the moisture, and therefore very important after the beach, use a moisturizing milk after a terrace. He will saturate the skin with nutrients, which would prevent premature aging and сухости.Периодически use a body scrub to remove dead and dead skin particles.

Do not forget about proper nutrition that will also contribute to tan. Eat more fruit and vegetables such as apricots, peaches, and melons intensively produce melanin, carrots will prolong tan, watermelon protects from ultraviolet radiation, and citrus fruits will prevent the formation of pigment spots.

Tan, healthy skin and amazing smile, that makes Your image perfect. Sunbathe on health!

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