If Your cherished desire was to lose weight and remove the flanks and belly, then this article is definitely for You. Agree, a protruding abdomen may specifically spoil the mood of the girl going on a date or on the beach. We will tell you what to do in order to quickly and for a long time to bring the figure in order. We should say that we are against strict diets that instead of wishing kilograms take away Your health.

Как убрать бока и живот?

So, first of all, you must understand what You eat, and normalize their food. Refer to the known proverb: «eat Breakfast itself, a dinner share with friends, a supper give the enemy». This is the most effective way to lose weight. The Breakfast must be wholesome and consist of cereals, which for a long time to satisfy hunger. In the first half of the day, you can afford even those products that are in the black list: chocolate, sandwiches, chocolates and other hazards. The main thing – you know the measure. Lunch is necessary to use the soup, as it is well normalizes digestion. That is on the second, choose the one you like, only not overeat. Dinner should be light and not late. A fruit salad, drink a glass of kefir or unsweetened tea. During the day, if you experience bouts of starvation, can snacking dried fruits or apples. And it is worth noting that in order to remove belly fat and fat from the sides, to exclude completely the drinking of mineral water, sweets, bakery products, as well as sauces and mayonnaise, which only stimulate the appetite.

If You have already started eating correctly, you can begin to exercise, without which You can never achieve the desired results. If there is time and opportunity, can go to a gym or fitness club, where experienced instructors develop individual system of exercises. But you can do at home. The most important thing in this case is the regularity of training. For two times belly is not clear, and therefore be patient and start to do the exercises right now.

· Download press. With straight legs, bent, with raised – not important. Perform all well and with great desire to remove belly fat. Better make 10 times correctly than 50 times just anyhow. Your hands should be placed behind the head or arms crossed on the chest – so You can achieve rapid effect.

· Do side bends, standing on their feet. Or sharp turns left and right. Such an exercise will help for a short period of time make Your waist стройнее.Обруч will also contribute to burn the fat in the belly, so do not neglect it.

· Plain skipping rope will be Your true friend. After all, Bouncing up and down, You make the work of the lower abdominal muscles, but because the process of weight loss would be much harder, if jumping rope at least 10 minutes a day.

Laziness and gluttony – here are the sworn enemies of our figures. Get rid of them and Your figure will engage views!

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