Increasingly, during the repair prefer such flooring, laminate flooring. It is relatively inexpensive, but at the same time, has attractive appearance and has high strength and durability. A variety of textures and shades to create exclusive interior style and emphasize its individuality. This is a clean floor, which, moreover, does not require complex care. But to know how to take care of laminate should certainly each woman.

Как ухаживать за ламинатом

How to remove the dirt with a laminate floor.

Care laminate simple. During the General cleaning that You do weekly, enough to vacuum the floor and wipe it with a damp cloth. Keep in mind, however, that the laminate is afraid of water, and therefore rag should not be wet, and it is wet. Experts recommend next to wipe the floor and dry cloth to avoid excessive wetting laminate. In the corridor and the kitchen, where the degree of pollution is much higher, you need to use soap water. For this purpose sufficiently in warm water, add a few drops of liquid detergent or baby shampoo. But to return Shine laminate, you can wipe it with a cloth soaked in a solution of four cups of warm water mixed with one Cup of vinegar.

How to remove scratches and abrasions with laminate surface.

If You moved the furniture or heavy things on the floor, you may notice a small scratches, which appeared on the laminate. The same effect attrition occurs and as a result of shuffling across the floor shoes. To quickly bring laminate in the order and give it a more polished look and You will need a basic eraser or eraser. This one allows You to erase all of wear, roughness and scratches. If the scratches already shrunk dirt and it is difficult to get rid dissolve soda in water until it becomes a smooth paste and apply on the surface. This paste will soften the dirt and You will only have to wipe the floor with a soft cloth.

How to remove the wax coating, with a laminate surface.

The laminate surface is covered with a special protective layer, which in contact with some cleaners form specific waxy film. It significantly affects the appearance of the floor and makes it quite shabby. To rectify the situation will help the solution of 4 litres of water and one Cup of vinegar. With its help You ensure gender sensitive care and продезинфицируете surface. 

Blue color and its shades can often be found in nature, it is the color of the sky, the color of the sea. Blue color like creative people, as it energizes, inspiration and tranquility, adjusts for harmony with the environment.

Not everyone can boast of a large apartment or a house that is full of places and not have to think of how to organize the space, to carve out a couple of meters of usable area.

Blinds combine several functions: a stylish interior element, protection from sun rays resistant to dust, ability to retain heat and control over the flow of air.

Closets are firmly entrenched in modern apartments. Due to the large number of advantages, such piece of furniture became very popular. Wardrobe seats just an incredible amount of clothes, shoes and stuff, which must be removed from GL

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