The long journey brings joy, seeing the window of the bus or train city and beautiful nature. But after several hours in the car man begins to get very tired, and no beauty of him don’t impress, and I want a full meals and rest. What to do to make the long journey fun and not too tired?

Take sleeping pills

When you feel tired, it is advisable to take sedative medication to help you relax and fall asleep. Among these drugs prefer homeopathic.

Buy earplugs

Bring earplugs for the ears to the road did not annoyed, or take a MP3 player with headphones. The passengers can get different: храпящий man, a crying child and others.

Travel at night

At night the way you can rest easier, so it is recommended to buy tickets on the night. For example, the bus in the dark stop doing much less than during the day, other passengers have a rest together with you. But some prefer to travel during the day, so you can chat with fellow travellers and looking at the scenery outside the window, and there are those who like to travel in silence, to get to the destination.

Transport company

Do not buy tickets from the unknown to the beach. Better to gather information about it, talk with the people who already had to use this operator. It is very important to define degree of security and comfort of vehicles турперевозчика which you have chosen, and also clarify whether the accident during other trips, and is there in the bus all the necessary medical first aid equipment. Knowing all the details, would be safer to fully enjoy the journey.

To holiday was not spoilt, it is important to remember about following simple rules:

1. Thoroughly and wash your hands often – bacteria remain viable for several hours on the objects of common use. You should always carry antiseptic gel.

2. Do not share with others: glasses, earplugs, Cutlery and other personal items. This significantly reduces the risk of disease.

3. If you suffer seasickness, it is recommended to take ginger. It has a tonic effect, is able to normalize digestion and reduce irritation of the intestines.

4. Long night flights usually lead to redness of the eyes. Blame dry air, so it is advisable to take moisturizing drops for the eyes.

5. To overcome aerophobia and stress, in addition to alcohol to help a couple of essential oils: mint, grapefruit, bergamot, or lavender.

Just a weekend away from home, vacation or travel long distances suggest that you have to take your Luggage. And here much depends on the quality suitcases

In a thermos good to take home food for a picnic, Hiking or work. A tourist, who has such a necessary capacity, always has time to eat a hot meal

India is a country with ancient culture and history. The warm climate, the Himalayas, Tibet, and the atmosphere of antiquity entwined with the present, which is very attractive to tourists to this wonderful country.

Machu Picchu is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the world, included in the list of the modern wonders of the world. Visit of the ancient city will introduce with the culture of the tribe of the Incas.

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