Масло чайного дерева. В чем его прелесть?Among the large number of aroma oils, existing in nature, can be distinguished tea tree oil, which has a surprising effect on the human organism. Tree мелалеука from the leaves of which oil is grown exclusively on the Australian continent. What made this essential oil is so popular and what medicinal properties it has, You can learn from this article.

Oil tea tree received its popularity due to the fact that, destroying fungi, germs and various bacteria in the human body, it thereby strengthens the immune system and increases resistance to viruses and infections. If you are still unable to avoid простуженного state, ether tea tree quickly put You on your feet: it clears the lungs, remove mucus will expectorant action and facilitate painful condition.

Tea tree oil is used in cosmetology as has excellent wound-healing and anti-inflammatory properties. If Your skin is imperfect, and there are pimples and purulent areas, airing of this oil is the best option for the solution of such a delicate problem. Enough pointwise put it on inflammation and skin, and the skin becomes clean and healthy.

Also aired the tea tree used in gynecology (for thrush, inflammation), in the treatment of wounds and cuts, diseases of the mucous membranes in the field of dentistry, acute and chronic respiratory viral infections.

If we talk in terms of psycho-emotional condition, the ether tea tree is able to improve efficiency, relieve fatigue, improve mood, relieve headaches and stress, as well as relieve anxiety and stress.

Only outdoor use of tea tree oil, inside’t accept him.


One glass of warm water just 5-8 drops of tea tree oil, which should be a good mix. Rinse mouth and throat several times a day, not swallowing. Effectively with periodontitis, gingivitis, quinsy and even if unpleasant odor from the mouth.


The handkerchief to drip a few drops of essential oil and inhale the vapours during the whole day. For greater efficiency can drip onto the pillow – then a therapeutic effect will occur even at night.


In hot water, add 10 drops of tea tree oil and continue to take water procedures about 10-15 minutes.

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