Reliable and clever, beautiful father not drinking, not beats, and not Smoking, not a husband, and a dream! Girlfriends are jealous, native admire, but only my wife knows: Yes, not beats, earn, not Smoking, not drinking, and there is no life! Married every woman thinks about what her husband will be her choice. Even if the young man, being the groom, the best dealings with his future wife, very often girls виноватят only yourself, because you always want to believe the best. Family relations are based on the daily relationship between men and women, have different habits, views and dispositions. What to do in a situation, when suddenly it turns out that beloved husband became a tyrant?

Signs тиранизма

Signs тиранизма you can see in advance and take timely measures. At the initial stage of the relationship is quite easy to see in the future husband of a tyrant. To do this, you need to pay attention to communication with friends, parents, do people say about women and colleagues at work. Young girls and women, who in the first days of exploring not hiding characteristic behavior of guy that produces the future husband of a despot and a tyrant and, nevertheless, continue a relationship with him. Here is the starting point which in the future may be the cause of violence in the family.

The basic features of a typical husband-Tirana include the strong pressure on his wife, his children, with one purpose understate their self-esteem. Husband-tyrant was originally laid the position of «master in the house», that takes all the decisions himself, and this was repeatedly informs. Any disobedience is fraught with abuse and violence in the family.

How to cope with her husband tyrant?

One answer is to leave. But this is not easy, and if there children and General real estate. Do not expect that the husband tyrant so just let go of his wife. But, as a rule, women do not do this, because they simply have nowhere to go, and if there are small children, the situation becomes even more complicated, a woman cannot provide for their children and themselves. In the end, she has to put up with his situation and endure husband tyrant. On the other hand, suffer permanent insults and humiliation, beatings becomes unbearably, and sometimes dangerous for life. Even after divorce not always possible to get away from her former husband Tirana, so you need to change a residence, school, work. So if your decision – divorce, you have to start from scratch. Only in this case you will gain freedom and complete independence. Do not be afraid of difficulties, and feel sorry for yourself. If no relatives and friends and have nowhere to go, contact the crisis centre, there will provide legal and psychological support, help you find temporary housing. It is worth remembering that life is given only once, and so before you stay with a tyrant and endure, it is worth to think what is it for? Remake of a tyrant is unlikely, though there are exceptions. Of course, you can try to re-educate a man, but as the statistics shows, a large percentage in such cases, a negative result. The main thing in time for us to give to her husband fight back when the early signs of tyranny and show a strong character. In some cases this method helps to understand the man that a woman wants to put up with his tyranny. It is very important to look for compromises in relations and to learn to each other.

It is believed that the first sexual experience affects the future of both men and women. Psychologists around the world are trying to understand how the onset of sexual relations affects the future life partners.

Significant changes in the lives waiting for the Rams in 2012. You strive for freedom and independence. Open for you an excellent opportunity to rethink his life, get rid of unnecessary complexes, and look at the world with new eyes.

About a woman Scales can without a doubt say that she represents charm, tenderness, and she’s very pretty and attractive, and before their elegance, refinement can’t stand no man

We, the girls-a creature with a very fragile mental organization, so destroy it can sometimes within seconds. If you do not want your sex with a new passion was the last, try to observe these simple rules:

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