стерилизация женщин

There is a weight of ways of protection from unwanted pregnancy, ranging from condoms to the most modern oral contraceptives. Every woman, according to the advice of your doctor should choose the one that she is comfortable and fits better than others. All these methods have a temporary effect and each of them can be eliminated as soon as there will be no need in prevention or in the moment, when a woman decides to get pregnant. However, there is one method that has irreversible result is sterilization of women.

It is that woman «tie up» the fallopian tubes, and she permanently loses the ability to motherhood. Such a procedure is always tolerated by women is very difficult mentally and physically. Especially if sterilization is done for medical reasons. The reasons may be different:

· Ectopic pregnancy.

· Poorly executed operation by cesarean section.

· Other situations where the pregnancy would endanger the patient’s life.

In addition, there are cases and a personal desire of the woman to deprive themselves of the opportunity to become a mother. However, in order to decide on such a procedure, to think well and weigh the pros and cons.


1. Sometimes it’s the only possibility to save the life of the patient.

2. Sterilization женщинво many times less likely to inflammation of the appendages and some other diseases urine-genital system.

3. This is the most reliable method of contraception that is saved for the rest of your life.


1. This procedure is irreversible. After the fertility and a woman’s ability to conceive, it cannot be restored.

2. During narcosis high probability of aspiration up to a lethal outcome.

3. In the postoperative period, a high probability of adhesions, insolvency joints, infections and other complications.

Is the place to be and forced sterilization of women. The decision may take the court in relation to women deprived of their parental rights, leading an immoral life or infected with a fatal disease that can be transmitted to a newborn.

You should know that after sterilization of women is hormonal background, she is ovulating, she can become a mother, if desired, but with the help of methods of artificial fertilization, because the egg continue to ripen and be allocated.

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