Round timber, was recognized as the best material for the construction of baths and houses made of wood. As a rule, the quality of this type of logs depends on the type and level of equipment on which the logs are processed. Before оцилиндровкой, logs are sorted by size and diameter. After a log will give a certain profile, it is treated by antiseptic compounds water based, to protect against harmful influence of external weather conditions during the Assembly building. Antiseptic for processing log, does not clog the pores of the wood, such treatment allows naturally dry log, which is already in the building. Once the log has been subjected to drying his second cover from the external side of antiseptic composition of species, which has the properties protection from rotting and otsyrevanija, and he protects wood from harmful for wood insects. These procedures and ensure the high strength of the logs, and fellings from the otsilindrovannogo log they will last a very long time.

House, built of this type of logs, perfectly fit into the landscape of any plot. They possess the necessary amenities and comfort. At the final stage of Assembly building, is necessary to carry out processing of log protective impregnation, which retain all the properties of the tree, and protect it from ultraviolet radiation. Log-house, purchased in the company LLC «SK ЛесДомСтрой» has unique qualities which are peculiar to the natural material. The company implements a modern building materials, which are able to «breathe». Srub for construction of baths and houses, acts as a filter, keeping indoors comfortable humidity and clean air. The balance is being maintained even under the most adverse conditions. Wood is an environmentally friendly building material, it does not cause allergic reactions. Inexpensive construction materials, even at high temperatures may produce harmful to human body toxic compounds. Wood, under intense heat selects only the pleasant smell of the forest. Special attention deserves the property of rounded log, which cannot be measured nor to the device is a psychological comfort and coziness, in which you find yourself, when you are in a house or a bath from a frame. A light aroma of wood, makes the room warm and the air is clean, thus has a healthy influence on the overall health and mood.

Closets are firmly entrenched in modern apartments. Due to the large number of advantages, such piece of furniture became very popular. Wardrobe seats just an incredible amount of clothes, shoes and stuff, which must be removed from GL

Not everyone can boast of a large apartment or a house that is full of places and not have to think of how to organize the space, to carve out a couple of meters of usable area.

Such luxuries as roller blinds appeared recently, and immediately became popular due to its simplicity, beauty and originality. At first sight the design blinds easy and simple

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