Quite common for motorists for all kinds of reasons lose access to your vehicle lost keys. The main reason is negligence. Begin looking for a small item in a big city, especially if the itinerary is very high, almost useless. Needle in a haystack faster there than the keys left in an unknown place. In General, if a story does occur, it is better to leave ideas find their «native» keys, and the issue of the manufacturing exact duplicate, which will help to restore the access into the car.

These days there are a sufficient number of companies manufacturing the exact copies of automotive lock picks, suitable to any stamp, is not very big time. And the minimal terms – the most important question when you lose access to the car. The owner is absent such a possibility, but an attacker who found the keys in possession of it. Let the chances of finding the car on conventional and inconspicuous the FOB is small, but there are cases when the stick has additional features distinguishing this car from all the others. Well, now a truly owner worry. Therefore, the speed of manufacturing of the second set reduces the likelihood of unauthorized penetration into the vehicle by unauthorized persons.

Vehicle keys are technically complex  device in many respects different from the simple lock picks, which represent only a mechanical lock pick. Keys from the car often equipped with manufacturers of high-tech security systems. For example, a manufacturer can guarantee the security of the vehicle, equipped with means of access special chip. As a result, inserting into the borehole exact duplicate, which does not have an electronic chip, access the interior appears.

On this basis, the companies made special copies of keys with the necessary chips for each particular brand. In such duplicates accurately reproduced the original configuration so the system took the code chip, and was flashing the immobilizer. In the end, after reconfiguring the system to the new encoding only the duplicate will be approached to the car owner. Former original is no longer allow access into the car.

During quiet during machine shimmied? On a flat surface car rides, like on the pits? Appeared strange sounds chewing and чавканья? Passing people shouting and gesticulating?

Novice driver is not required recommendations if the steering wheel man. Man, essentially never was a newcomer, properly speaking, felt himself to be.

DVR on the road is for the driver truthful witness. So installing it in the car will be a reliable defender in any traffic accident

In the modern world a woman can give odds to any man in almost any activity. The same applies to driving.

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