Sure you catch the metro too haunting fragrance someone’s spirits. Or felt bad smell of sweaty armpits mixed with the aroma. Hardly with the girl, from which emanates a rich Fleur, you wanted to talk to. What a beauty errors do not promote the establishment of a contact?

1. The smell of sweat

In our time, an antiperspirant refuse to use unless village grandmother. These tools are useful because they not only control the moisture, but also neutralize the smell. And one application is enough for the whole day.

2. Over perfume

Suffocating aroma of sweet perfume in the summer heat or too sparkling floral fragrance winter makes a head ache, and noses wrinkled. Choose a perfume for the season and not перебарщивай. Will be quite a few drops.

3. Облупившийся manicure

The remnants of the former glory as облупившегося Polish on the nails look very unattractive. Even if you don’t have time to do manicure, be sure to take off on time coverage.

4. Excess mascara

Many layers of mascara makes them look like sausages and definitely not the charm will add to you. Try to avoid lumps, use a special brush for eyelashes after staining. As the complexity of view will give bending, which will provide a Curling iron.

5. Not the shade of tan

It looks ridiculous. What can I add?

6. Becomes stale breath

Make it a rule to carry in a purse freshener oral or mints.

7. Screaming manicure

Long artificial nails do fingernails like the claws, and leopard or moving ceremony floral print of the nails many people seem funny. Diversity in manicure is a wonderful thing, but good taste should be # 1 priority.

8. Unshaven

Legs or armpits – in any case, from the outside it looks quite unsightly.

9. Effect Panda

Love smoky eyes? Then try not to go too far, and intense shades and equipment layup leave for evening wear.

10. Excess hair spray

Attractive hair, beaming, to which one wants to touch. And tightly залакированные hairstyles suitable for exceptional cases.

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