There are thousands of stories about the dead or wounded people trying to make a “perfect” selfie. Unfortunately, harmless at first glance, the entertainment quietly developed into a widespread disease that seems to only gaining its momentum.

This article contains ten of the most impressive stories of the self with the tragic outcome, captured in the moments before the tragedy.

No. 10. Last selfie on the plane

Jenny Rivera was a famous Mexican singer, and her sudden death in a plane crash December 9, 2012 shocked everyone. 43-year-old star died along with six other members of her team and friends. All that they left behind in that ill-fated day is a selfie taken a few minutes after takeoff. The photo is quite bad quality, as in 2012, camera phones left much to be desired and the self was considered something from the category of exotics. There is a perception that this image was responsible for the death of the Riviera and her team. Although in reality it is very unlikely that a harmless photo provoked the crash: there is a strict rule that all mobile phones must be switched off during the flight that the signal could not disrupt avionics.

No. 9. Shooting in the company of the bulls

One of the most dangerous entertainment in the world – running in front of angry bulls: young people risk not only your buttocks, but also their own lives solely for the sake of the release of blood daily doses of epinephrine and the demonstration of his courage. In 2015, the 32-year-old man named David Lopez died, unable to escape in time from a couple of aggressive bulls. Blame – banal stupidity: brave heart has left the protected area to shoot video, and the bulls immediately switched all his attention on the man who was holding the latest iPhone. Surprisingly, the man died with a smile on his face, like he knew what goes on a suicide mission, fulfilling an important mission. Materials shot with David on the phone was confiscated by authorities as evidence.

No. 8. Selfie in the oncoming lane

Welcome to a new era of selfie-mania, where every, even the most minimal activity ends immediately recorded on camera and published on social networks. Courtney Stanford, North Carolina have decided to share with his followers the fact that the song playing in the car, makes her absolutely happy. Posting your own selfie with a charming smile accompanied his words about a wonderful mood, the girl forgot about the most important – she was driving. The car flew into the oncoming lane: there she was waiting for a head-on collision with the truck, then the car crashed into a tree. Stanford died on April 26, 2014.

No. 7. Lived happily and died in one day

Portuguese Cabo de ROCA is the most romantic place in Western Europe: it is here that the continent is adjacent to the stormy waters of the Atlantic ocean. To visit “the edge of the world” and not to take a selfie – the real crime! Most people who visit this place, usually do banal images from the same angle. But the couple is from Poland decided to bring in envy and delight your friends on Facebook: for the sake of a selfie, they came to the very edge of the cliff and took a very risky position, but could not resist and fell down. Flying 80 meters, the pair crashed on the rocks. But the sad fact is that the death of their parents happened directly in front of their young children.

No. 6. Happy family photo

Most teenagers avoid photos with their parents in social networks, but not this guy. The idyllic family photo of the son with the mother was made on the plane and then published in social networks few seconds before takeoff. Boeing MH17 was heading to Kuala Lumpur, but the destination never reached – he was hit by a missile while flying over Eastern Ukraine.

No. 5. Fatal the with the walrus

One of the residents of China is so eager to take selfies with the walrus that ignored all precautions. He entered the pool, where a female walrus weighing 1.5 tons immediately dragged him under the water and drowned. Apparently, the animal did not plan to kill the man, wanting to just play with him a little. Surveillance cameras photographed the events, and the video appeared on the Internet in the shortest possible time. This incident will long serve as a warning to all the volunteers who too blithely behave with the wildlife.

No. 4. A deadly game with a gun

In almost every American home has a weapon, and some misses no opportunity to boast of this fact in front of others. For residents of Washington a selfie with a gun was fatal: pointing the muzzle in his face, the man, apparently confused the buttons worked not only camera on the phone. Pressing on the trigger of the gun, he shot himself in the head, died on the spot.

No. 3. Last selfie pilot

During flight at high altitudes to open the window in the cockpit is strictly prohibited – it is deadly. However, the planes that fly lower, have a special window that you can open for fresh air. One of the pilots made an unforgivable mistake, throwing open the window stronger than allowed safety. Moreover, he decided to stick out during the flight to make a selfie. During this silly experiment, a man lost control of his Cessna 150 and crashed. Near the wreckage was discovered a GoPro camera captured the entire process.

No.2. A selfie during a thunderstorm

English tourist and the adventurer did the hike through the national Park of the Brecon Beacons. When man has covered the storm, he was in no hurry to hide and, instead, the Englishman got a smartphone and decided to do a selfie. His gadget was immediately struck by lightning, which pull the metal selfie stick. The charge was so powerful that a tourist died on the spot. The incident occurred in July 2015.

No. 1. Jump of death

The walls of the ancient city of Machu Picchu, located in Peru not seen death since the days of the conquistadors, but a German tourist decided to “rectify the situation”. 51-year-old Oliver Park tried to take a selfie while jumping, ignoring all safety instructions. He jumped up and captured a photo, but when he landed, his feet slid across the stone surface, and the man flew down a steep slope. Tourists who are nearby could do nothing to help him, they just watched in amazement as the man rushing toward his own death.

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