Obviously the Fourth of July is about celebrating independence and America. And hot dogs. And Katy Perry’s “Firework.” But since it’s secretly a kind of sexy holiday, it’s also a little bit about celebrating your non-independence by being the cutest patriotic couple at the party with photos to prove it on social media. (I’m kidding.) (I’m only half-kidding.)

Here’s a list of adorable things to do with your boyfriend at whatever party you might be attending:

  • While everyone else is drinking solo cups full of warm beer, be the party rockstars couple in the kitchen whipping up a signature summer cocktail or handing out red and blue jello shots.
  • Pass a popsicle back and forth to cool down.
  • Wear color-coordinating, red and white striped outfits—and no one can make fun of you because, hello, you’re just being patriotic.
  • Take selfies in said outfits, and use the iBooth app to make a 4th-themed photo booth collage (smile and salute!).
  • Go for a retro-chic vibe by buying two matching kites and flying them together at the park.
  • Or just sneak off for a walk on the beach together. It’s a cliché because it’s romantic, people!
  • Have a playful water-based fight—squirt guns, water balloons, splashing in the pool, etc.
  • Skip the sweaty BBQ and mosquito-infested bonfire to snuggle up on the couch for an action movie marathon, then tweet funny quotes and humblebrag about how cool you are. (“We’re sooo lame for staying in this year, but we’re loving the central air and back-to-back showing of Independence Day. #oldmarriedcoupleproblems.”)
  • Steal a Pinterest-worthy wedding trick and take a Vine of yourselves drawing a heart together with sparklers.
  • Kiss under the fireworks because obviously.

How are you celebrating today?

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