In the summer season, when the capacity of the facilities, but the exhausting heat still finds you very well to drink some light refreshments. First, thus complementing the water balance in the body. Second, the cooling comes from the inside, when the body gives its heat, trying to heat the water entering it.

To obtain maximum benefit from the use of drinks, we should immediately abandon carbonated and sugar-sweet options. They not only quench thirst, but also stimulate it.

It is best to give preference to natural витаминизированным cocktails and teas. Further proposed 5 variants of soft drinks, which will satisfy thirst, cool the body and give the natural energy throughout the body.

1.    Green tea. This unique beverage is good both hot and cold. In any case, it is perfectly quench thirst. Just give strength at the expense of caffeine. As contained in tannin and tannins have a positive effect on gastric mucosa. Plus, mineral substances and vitamins.



2.    Kvass. We are not talking about synthetic simulators, which are referred to as «квасными drinks». A classic natural kvass. There are many ways to its preparation, on the basis of rye or white bread, malt, fruit etc. if you want you can try out the preparation of all, and to choose a favorite.



3.    Lemonade. The most simple and easy to make the drink, which perfectly satisfies thirst, refresh and give strength and vivacity. In addition to the classic lemonade, which are based on water, lemons, sugar and ice, you can explore a list of lemonade. You definitely need to try given-crimson and Indian with ginger lemonade, lemonade on the basis of green tea and homemade orange Fanta. The Internet will offer you a lot of interesting options, which are easy to make at home yourself.


4.    Ginger tea. Fresh root ginger cook for half an hour and insist, add honey and lemon juice. The result is a wonderful refreshing drink having a mass of useful properties for the body and pleasant taste.




5.    Mint tea. Fresh brewed mint leaves have a number of medicinal properties. This drink has become indispensable in the hot summer days. Start the day with a glass of mint tea will cheer up and before going to sleep on the contrary has a relaxing effect.

During fasting religious people cleanse yourself through repentance, prayer and restriction in food. From fasting depends on the spiritual life of man, his inner growth and thoughts.

Looked, I saw, I bought. This statement can be applied to the store КухноЛайф. Why I used the word «looked»?

Smoothies… many do not even know what it is, although fans of this exciting and easy to drink every day becomes more and more. This is because these cocktails are simple in preparation, they can take to work

On very hot summer days, many people dream of cool, mild breeze, soul and drink, which would be quenched thirst. In the heat of the human body loses about 2-3 litres per day, so it is very important to replenish body fluids in a timely manner

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