Клумбы из пластиковых бутылок своими рукамиBeautiful multi-colored flower beds of flowers annuals – decoration any dachas and garden plot.

But, unfortunately, annuals – plants are quite naughty, and plant them so that the flowers formed a beautiful flower bed, not always it turns out.

A good decision is a flower bed of plastic bottles and scrap, which is easy to do even with their own hands, especially having a photo and video for inspiration.

Photo: how to make a bed out of plastic bottles with their hands

The weak roots of plants, their sensitivity to temperature and weather, which in the conditions of the Russian scene is not always favourable, even in summer – all this makes the creation of a beautiful flower bed of annuals in difficult task.

Клумбы из пластиковых бутылок своими руками

Plastic bottles and other containers in this regard will be excellent helpers – they can be pre-plant flowers, and then from the resulting seedlings to form a complete flowerbed. So, how?

To begin with, take a few empty plastic bottles of carbonated beverages or water – suited, and a half – and двухлитровые vessel (e.g. from under a regular Coca-Cola), and five-liter plastic canisters from under the water cooler.

Cut capacity approximately in the middle of the upper part of the clean – we no longer need the bottom will serve as a unique plastic pots.

At the bottom of each plastic bottle and sides do quite a few holes – for this purpose you can use thick shilom, screwdriver or the usual kitchen knife.

Holes are necessary to plastic was blocking access to air and moisture required to grow flowers. Inside bottles pour land and planted our flowers. Better to wait a few days until the plants are not adapted to the new conditions, and then arrange a bed out of plastic bottles already outdoors.

This will have to dig a very deep pit (such seedlings to bottled fit into it completely), and set on the bottom of the bottle of seedlings of flowers, and then return excavated the place and cover it with earth the flowers. After some time, flowers finally get back into the harness, and flowerbed will be all summer and autumn delight you with bright colors of flowering plants.

Colored fences for flowerbeds of plastic bottles

Клумбы из пластиковых бутылок своими руками

Using plastic bottles can not only arrange the flowers, but simply decorate any garden plants – the remains of plastic containers, in particular from plastic, suitable for arrangement of the original fences for flower beds.

Before constructing the fence for a flower bed of plastic bottles, consider the design – in fact in itself bed can be not only round, and square, oval or absolutely original form. Think about the future shape of the flower bed, and, accordingly, fences on a sheet of paper – and only then proceed to the preparation of scrap materials.

The fence for a flower bed of plastic bottles we will do with scraps of plastic tanks are exactly the same as in the previous example, plastic bottles to be washed, cut off the top part or leave it intact (then the bottles have to вкапывать in the ground at a greater depth).

Outline on the ground the place for the future flowerbeds and build ogradku of bottles, вкапывая capacity in the ground as deep as possible, so that on top of the soil remained only one bottle bottom.

Author: Kateryna Sergeenko

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