Alla Pugacheva lost, that she introduced the audience into a state of shock once again, Yes and have something. The star of show business after repeated attempts to get rid of extra pounds, finally, thin… to 15 kg. You may ask how she was able to, Yes even for two months?

Алла Пугачева похуделаSuch rapid results after the huge number of tested diets and various methods of weight loss Alla Borisovna achieved due to the fact that she was forced to strictly control their weight, putting all his patience, calling on the help of tremendous force of will and, of course, he sat down on a regular diet, which gave a stunning result.  source

So, приоткроем the veil of secrecy, as lost Alla Pugacheva . Her diet has a duration of only three days. The diet refers to the number of a strict dietin my opinion, is very strict, but the winners are not judged, the main result of the victory over weight. Yes another one!

Alla Pugacheva lost diet for 3 days

The first, the second and third day of the diet consists of one and the same menu. One Cup of coffee, a slice of cheese and… nothing.

Such a diet, Russian celebrity adheres to for quite a long time. In addition, during all the three days it is necessary to drink two litres of clean drinking non-carbonated water. The result will not keep itself waiting. Three kilos in three days evaporate, as if they had never happened.

In addition to a strict diet Alla Borisovna regularly organizes a fasting days. And as confessed herself a star of show business, one of her favorite diets is fruit diet.

Alla Pugacheva lost – fruit diet

Fruit diet allows you to effectively cleanse the body of toxins, as well as brings 100% the result of weight loss. Fruit diet consists in the fact that throughout its entire course, you can eat only fruit, but in any quantity. The main thing, according to Alla, right to observe all the rules of the diet.  source

Alla Pugacheva lost – the diet at cocktails

Another favorite diets Alla Borisovna. In this diet the main weapon in the struggle with excess weight is kefir. About useful properties of kefir all already know, and really how many diets proposes the use of this product in the fight against excess weight and we are not talking. Regular consumption of yogurt helps not only to cleanse the body of toxins and wastes, but it also normalizes the metabolism and strengthens the immune system, which has become so vulnerable in the period of weight loss.

And that’s Alla Pugacheva lost just thanks to this wonderful product, but rather she used cocktails on the basis of kefir.

The recipe of a cocktail with kefir

In order to prepare a cocktail for weight loss on the star prescription needed 2 liters of milk, greens and a couple of fresh cucumbers. All these ingredients are thoroughly mixed in a blender into a homogeneous mass, after which the cocktail are removed from the night in the refrigerator. This drink is used in the course of the day four times by 0.5 litres per one reception. If this is allowed to drink water in any quantity. But, it should be remembered that such a diet should not have a duration of more than five days. After this term it is necessary to follow a healthy diet.

Kefir cocktail has a lot of advantages:

– strengthens the immune system;

– has a small number of calories;

– contains digestible fats;

– and, finally, allows you to lose weight.

That’s the whole secret of the she lost Alla Pugacheva!

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