How to fry chicken legsso Yes , that they turned out to be very tasty and tender? You certainly must have repeatedly fried chicken legs in the kitchen. Generally chicken spoil difficult, it is always relevant and tasty, but often it tastes are normal, then there is a chicken like a chicken. Yes, tasty! Yes, simple as that! Yes, quickly! And where unforgettable?… Let’s prepare the chicken legs, easily, quickly and unforgettably delicious!!!

Как пожарить вкусные куриные ножкиAs a fry cook very tasty chicken legs – ingredients

⇒ курин. feet – 4 PCs.; source

⇒ pear juice – 1 table spoon;

⇒ оливков. oil – 3 table spoons;

⇒ томатн. paste – 2 table spoons;

⇒ mustard – 1 table spoon;

⇒ soy sauce, 1 table spoon;

⇒ бальзамич. vinegar – 2 table spoons;

⇒ garlic – 2 tooth.;

⇒ растит. oil for frying. source

As a fry cook very tasty chicken legs – cooking

1. In a pre-cooked dishes pour pear juice, then soy sauce, tomato paste, mustard, balsamic vinegar and olive oil. source

2. All of these ingredients should be mixed thoroughly.

3. Next, add the garlic, which is pre-we skip through the press or three on a small grater.

4. Again, all good, mix, and marinade ready!

5. Prepared marinade with chicken legs and drop by 6 to 8 hours in the refrigerator.

6. After this time we warm up the frying pan, add in her vegetable oil the number you see fit for frying (as someone who loves fatter, and I pour oil is about 50-70 ml) and put it in the frying pan chicken legs.

7. Fry them until Golden brown.

8. Ready-made chicken legs should be served with a sauce. Sauce you choose according to your taste. Even with mayonnaise they will be very tasty, and if you make any other your favorite sauce, be sure that even the news of the end of the world not to tear you from the plates. source

Bon appetite! Now you know how to fry chicken legs and to make this dish is a masterpiece!

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