Как сделать дренаж дачного участка своими рукамиThe owners of summer cottages is often a problem with the water that fails to leave the territory. It could be the location of a house plot in the lowlands, or the place where the ground water has a high level of standing.

In this case you need to protect the area from the permanent water, in addition, drainage will be required for all plants in the country, such as colors. Drainage from your hands, you can use drainage.

For example, on your site you can make a simple drainage trenches, which can be divided into the reservoir. The water will flow beyond the suburban area. As an option – water can be displayed in the swimming pool area, which can be created in a dacha.

When you create a drainage system should necessarily take into account the peculiarities of the relief of the site and its layout, because it is quite possible that the best will divert water into a ditch. If such a scheme you are not satisfied, or will not be possible for the facility, the water will display in the pool.

The bottom of this pool will need to fill soft clay layer of not more than thirty centimeters. Further, it should be thoroughly sealed. Also the clay should be placed in the space between the walls of the resulting pit and the walls of the pool itself, that should be made of concrete, brick and wood. The pool wall should be located at a distance of six inches from the sides of the pit.

Depending on the material, which is used to create walls, they can be plastered (if they are made of brick), or просмолить (if they are made of wood). Top swimming pool can be left open or close it – depends on your preferences. If the pool is indoor, don’t forget to leave a special door for the abstraction of water.

Next, you should start the creation of a drainage trench. It is necessary to put the soft clay, like the swimming pool, in the same layer. You can then lay drainage pipe, and then to fill a large gravel ground. In the future such a trench cover the soil, planted grass, or leave it closed, which is not recommended.

As an option over the trench lay the track. If you do not want to lay the pipes, then you can do without them. Then clay bottom created trench will have to make amends for in a tray, laid in her large stones as a border, then cover the resulting design stones from above, thus creating a vault.

Как сделать дренаж дачного участка своими руками

Similar to the trench should always close. For this you can take a large gravel and soil, which originally stood in the trench. If your plot is too переувлажненным use local systems for drainage pumping regime of work, which is automatic and tanks made of metal.

Another important detail: works on drainage area should be performed in conjunction with the organization of the relief of the garden plot. We also strongly advise before the beginning of work on creation of drainage refer to the experience of people who have experienced similar situations.

Remember that in any case, each country site is unique and has its relief system, and therefore blindly follow the rules in any case impossible. Also invaluable assistance will have numerous diagrams and figures with drainage, which is posted in the Internet, sharing their own experiences. Based on them you can create your own unique system of drainage suburban area, and further improve it.

Author: Kateryna Sergeenko

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