Как сушить чернику в домашних условиях — фотоBlueberries are considered to be one of the most useful plant fruits in the world. Containing many necessary vitamins and antioxidants, they are very useful for vision and reduce cholesterol in the blood and prevents the infections of the urinary tract.

Dried blueberries used as a filling cakes, add the stewed fruit and cereal. As dried blueberries at home to save berries for the winter, will be explained later.

How to dry berries of a bilberry for the winter

This would require, in addition to the blueberries, lemon juice or pectin (other version, also discussed below: water with ice and water brought to a boil) and, of course, oven or special электросушилка. The drying time is a few hours. Store berries should be in a dark place in paper or cloth bags.

Preparatory stage

1. Blueberries are put in a colander or sieve, rinse under cold running water. While washing, delete all the sheets and twigs.

2. After washing, you need to iterate through the entire berry, throwing overripe, wrinkled and moldy fruits (with a white coating).

3. Then we proceed to the drying. There are several recipes how to prepare blueberries for the winter. All the ways perfectly help to preserve the color of the berry. But the best color is present in those fruits blueberries, which have been processed by the pectin in the preparatory stage. How to prepare: first dilute the pectin in warm water, обливаете them blueberries and then gently помешиваете berries spoon for a uniform coverage. Then merge the liquid, placing blueberries in the sieve (a colander).

4. Processing of bilberry fruit of the lemon juice. The first thing put the lemon in the microwave for just a few minutes so that we have a maximum of lemon fluid. Next, sprinkle with lemon juice, blueberries and carefully mix.

5. The option of using ice, and boiling water is called бланшированием. This recipe will berries maintain brightness and saturation after drying. To do this, prepare the pan large, in which the need to boil water, and a deep bowl with ice and cold water.

Как сушить чернику в домашних условиях — фото

Secret of cooking is that you first окунаете berries in a pan of boiling water for 2-3 minutes and after that, place in a bowl with water and ice, pre-collecting blueberries from the pan in a sieve (to drain the hot water).

Drying in электросушилке

You must first arrange berries in one layer in special trays dryers. Then proceed to dehydration fruit (for 6-9 hours to dry). Drying time will depend on how you wish to see the fruits of bilberry dry. Ready berries сморщатся and will have smaller dimensions.

Checking the readiness of the product, turn off the электросушилку and let blueberries cool. Time for cooling will take from two to three hours. Drying in oven Preheat the oven to 60-70 degrees, and then place it in a baking sheet, which must be pre-lay a sheet of baking paper and put the berries in one layer. The oven door it is better to keep a little ajar, was made to air circulation. It is desirable to dry from 4 up to 10-12 hours.

How to prepare dried leaves of the blueberry winter

Blueberry leaves contain vitamin C, essential oils and useful organic acids, therefore infusion of them is a good antiseptic. Collect leaves of the bilberry and drying is carried out as follows: collect only the most pure leaves, they are then laid out on the paper in a dark ventilated place. Dry approximately 7-9 days. Can be stored in paper bags and banks for tea or coffee.

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