Как солить кабачки на зиму - рецепт с фотоThe many gardens can be found oblong green vegetable with juicy flesh. It is well-known tavern. Gardeners love it for the simplicity of care, high yield, interesting and unusual taste, many useful properties. Today, we will tell you what kind of essential trace elements contains pulp marrow, but will explain how to properly pickle squash in the winter to it and in the colder months pleased us with taste of summer.

Useful properties of zucchini

Vitamin C And magnesium, calcium, potassium, iron – all this retrieves the body of the zucchini. At hypostases of these vegetables can gently excrete the excess fluid from the body. Invaluable they and in the treatment of obesity and just for weight loss. Being a very low-calorie, dish zucchini gives a strong feeling of “full stomach”, reduces appetite and toxins from the body and cholesterol. So even if you don’t like the taste of zucchini, is it worth it as a medicine. The main drawback of fresh vegetable is very short shelf life, that’s why Housewives and the question is: what salt zucchini for the winter. Recipes of many, we will tell only about some of them.

Recipe zucchini, salt

If you decide to pickle squash, then in winter they will become a splendid meal. The first stage is the preparation of cans. Do not take a very large, because then недоеденные vegetables long standing in the refrigerator. Will be useful to you and metal caps. Remember that they must be sterilized. Next, you will need zucchini, it is better to choose young and small. Removing the stalk, cut vegetables into slices. Greens, cherry sheet, horseradish (optionally) add spice and spice. Prepare for salting brine zucchini according to the following recipe: in 1 liter of water to dissolve 50 g. salt, then boil. When all the preparations are finished, comes the most important stage. Place the zucchini in the Bank and пересыпаем each layer herbs, pour the mixture solution, close the lid and put in a cool place. After a month on the buffet can be served salted vegetable marrows.

Marinated zucchini

If you don’t like salting, you can try zucchini marinate. Prepare the marinade for zucchini according to the following recipe: in 1 liter of water, add 100 g. sugar, 1.5 tablespoons of salt and 100 ml of vinegar (you can choose Apple). Boil the mixture and pour them cut and placed in banks zucchini. Through the day marinade can be topped up and roll received canned. More shades of taste will give a marinade with various spices, choose those that love you. Garlic and hot pepper will make your vegetables sharp.

Salad of winter squash

The most famous canned dish zucchini is “Teschin language”. Try to make this остренькую a snack together. In addition to the zucchini in this recipe salad for the winter includes tomatoes, sweet pepper, a couple of garlic, hot pepper (if you like). To salad justified its name – cut zucchini thin and long slices. All other ingredients are skipped through Mincer, mix is added to vegetable oil, salt, vinegar. There are only stir everything with sliced zucchini, boil it for 40 minutes and arrange small banks.

Less acute is considered Lecho zucchini, although the ingredients are almost the same: zucchini, sweet pepper, tomatoes, onion. All ингрдиенты cut and tomatoes are scrolled. Prepared marinade: oil, salt, vinegar. In boiling mixture turns are placed and boil zucchini, onions, pepper, tomatoes.

What recipe salting zucchini you choose, dish will остреньким and unusual, it is exactly like you and be a good side dish.

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