Как солить опята на зиму — фото рецептыAutumn – mushroom time. After the rain forests and the grove there were whole family of fungi. Good luck finding the luxurious white or pulpy orange-cap boletus, but the most frequent one. They can grow on wood, trees, буреломах on earth. Not treat the kids biased, because honey fungus is one of the most delicious agaric mushrooms. It is suitable for cooking, roasting, drying, but more often than honey for the winter canned. As salted mushrooms for the winter in our article with recipes salting mushrooms.

Rules salting mushrooms for the winter

If you want to pass the magnificent housewife and delight the guests excellent piquant appetizer, worth salt mushrooms, most importantly, follow some rules. First, mushrooms is better to use small, if you don’t have any – cut into large chunks or strips. Secondly, do not neglect spices, because they are able to keep the mushroom flavor. It is best suited dill, garlic, peppers pepper, cloves, additional flavour will bring Bay and black currant leaf, ginger, cloves. And last but not least, mushrooms must remain strong and crispy, but not to turn into a mess. That is why it is important to monitor the cooking time and correctly calculate the amount of salt. Traditionally per kilogram of honey takes about 45 grams of salt.

Traditional recipe for pickling mushrooms

We want to offer you some recipes salting mushrooms, but it must begin with a classic. For the beginning mushrooms, you must go through, remove damaged, to remove large debris: leaves, needles, etc. Hereinafter, qualitatively wash our raw materials, we fall asleep it in a pot, fill with water, put on fire. After boiling water with formed foam and pour out, my mushrooms again. Again fill with water and put it on the stove. Now it is necessary to endure 40 minutes to hour. After the mushrooms are ready, we shift them in a bowl or a special wooden pot. Add seasonings: chopped cloves of garlic, parsley, Bay and currant leaf. Selection and quantity of spices depend on your preference. Now нступает time brine. Thoroughly mix all the ingredients and put in 5 days under the yoke. Ready salty mushrooms can be expanded in a glass jars and refrigerate.

Unusual ways of salting mushrooms for winter

If traditional recipe you already tried, it’s time to make a little variety. Try salted, pickled mushrooms on the following original recipe: mushrooms, washed, hats separated from the legs and cut thin slices. Cook mushrooms should be in lightly salted water, but not for long, for 20 minutes. In in advance prepared banks begin to lay layers: Bay pepper, onion and other spices will be at the bottom, followed by остуженные mushrooms, then a layer of salt (just need to 250 grams of 5 kg of mushrooms). So fills the entire Bank. Left cover it with a cloth and together with the yoke put in a cold place.

You can try as brine for mushrooms use cucumber. The sequence of actions is the same as in the previous recipes. At the final stage of mushrooms filled with cucumber brine and put under cargo.

If cook mushrooms laziness, it can be very useful to the next type of salting. Вымачиваем mushrooms in cold water. It takes somewhere 2-3 days, the water should be changed periodically. Further stack the layers of spices (garlic, pepper, leaves of currant and horseradish, cloves, parsley), mushrooms, salt, again spices. Traditionally put oppression. As уседания mass, you can add new layers. Plus this recipe in TPM that the mushrooms do not fade and does not swell in the process of cooking, moreover, continues the natural taste and aroma.

Salted mushrooms can decorate any holiday table, are in addition to the meat and potatoes, ideal as a snack.

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