In summer, the most important thing that requires skin moisture! It suffers from the scorching rays of the sun, heat and иссушающего air conditioner. So moisturizing care is important!

Experts Of Laboratories Of Plant Cosmetics Yves Rocher offer a range of innovative treatments for dehydrated skin Hydra Végétal. Due to the unique combination of vegetable juices canadian maple and blue agave bio, funds range are able to create a real reservoir of moisture in the deeper layers of the skin, providing moisture for the skin at all levels.

And do not forget that for maximum effect, you must follow 3 basic rules and funds range Hydra Végétal this will help You in:

Clean the skin

This is an important ritual in the care of the person you want to do in the morning and evening. After all evening to clean skin of make-up and dirt, and in the morning from the activity of cells. It is important to choose the right tool and an indicator of what it is like – to be a light complexion, and a feeling of comfort without the tightness of the skin. For normal and combination skin suit Refreshing cleansing gel for washing and for sensitive ideal Moisturizing lotion for make up removal or Moisturizing micellar water 2 in 1. Tone the skin is necessary for its perfect beauty. This is the final stage of cleansing the skin during which deeply cleanses pores and the skin is prepared for further care.

Moisturize the skin

How hydrated skin, much depends on its flexibility, elasticity, smoothness and even color. So no matter fight you with spots or wrinkles – you should always good to moisturize the skin. Gel-Intensive Moisturizing cream ideal for normal to combination skin that needs a light texture care, and Soothing cream Intensive Moisturizing 24H having nutritional texture – this tank moisture for normal skin prone to dryness. Well, if you feel that the moisture is not enough, in addition to the cream you can use Concentrated serum for skin hydration in her high concentration of active components. And Refreshing gel against bags under the eyes will refresh your mind and provide moisturizing the skin of the eye contour.


Protect your skin

We used to use sunscreen only sending to the beach, but in the city – in the best case, cream with SPF 15. If you continue in the same vein, there is a risk of premature skin aging, ultraviolet light constantly affects the skin, exacerbating the process of photoaging. Therefore, active moisturizing the skin, do not forget about protection from the sun, and The moisturizing Cream SPF25 be faithful assistant in this business!

Thanks to its excellent properties and high degree of efficiency funds range Hydra Végétal introduced in may 2012, were sold in the amount of more than 2.5 million units!

Filled with moisture updated skin more elastic, brimming with vitality and radiate beauty!


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