Красивые прически для девочек на 1 сентября — фото

September 1, every girl is a student or a girl-student striving to look stylish and fashionable, the Day of knowledge is a holiday, the beginning of a new school year and a new stage in life. Carefully thought-out image includes outfit, elegant shoes, cute discreet make-up and, of course, hairstyle. That is topical and how to make a fashionable hairstyle on 1 September tell our article.

What determines the choice of hairstyles on September 1? First of all, the age, situation, dress and hair length. Children’s hairstyle on September 1 may include bows, tails and curls, while on the graduate it would look funny and strange. Again, despite the fact that September 1 is a holiday, many people go to school uniform, and her bad combines lush holiday styling, sequins and rhinestones, painted strands. Now, about the length.

 Красивые прически для девочек на 1 сентября — фото

One of the recent trends become ultra-short haircuts that it is difficult to lay unusual. Diversify hairstyle help hair, beautiful headbands, unobtrusive bows. Especially fashionable tape, imitating the spit. The light waves will add charm.

Medium length hair braid in a braid, put into the tail, to wind curls. Long imply a huge number of variations: braids hairstyles from the WWTP, loose curls. Great decoration will serve ribbons and flowers, the main thing is not to overdo it.

Trendy hairstyles on 1 September with bows

Little girl with big white bows and bouquet in hand, here it is, this first grader. Bows look very elegant and cute. You can pull the hair in curlers, and then engage in a ponytail, decorating the last lush white or pink bow. For the two tails of bows, is to choose the smaller, otherwise hairstyle will look too hard. Elegantly looks satin ribbon embedded in hair and tied on the end.

 Красивые прически для девочек на 1 сентября — фото

Alternative бантам recently become flowers. Artificial or live, they diversify celebratory packing. Girls older can also use bows in the hairstyles on September 1, they will give a flirtatious look. The flowing hair and bezel with a small bow suited to any outfit, most importantly, to color it echoes with other accessories. There are many different hair styles, where the bow is formed from the hair.

Here is one of them. At the top of the head to identify a broad strand. Tighten on her fingers, you get a kind of ring, will only issue the middle of a rubber band, a tape or a barrette.

Hairstyles with braids on the first of September

Several seasons in a row braids not go with fashion scene. Plus this hairstyles with braids in her simplicity, accessibility, and that it is suitable for everyone. The elegant image will help to create two braids tied on both sides of the dissolute or permed hair. More simple and strict option – a bunch of tails. Its implementation technology is elementary.

 Красивые прически для девочек на 1 сентября — фото

Gather up your hair in a low or high tail, carefully comb. Divide them into two or more order, from every form spit, and then screw them around gum, securing pins. To give a more festive appearance to help tape in tone, barrette with rhinestones, etc. Spit, arranged around the head and resembling wreath (also called Greek), also incredibly relevant. But the most popular body remains backward spit. On the one hand, it looks very simple and appropriate in any situation, on the other – it is difficult to find holiday variant of stacking.

It is worth noting that if you want with braids hairstyle looked important, add a touch of her negligence, pull out the individual clumps. Tight braids is not in fashion today.

Beautiful hairstyles on the first of September help create a mood to give a truly festive look.

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