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This year, Angelina Jolie does not have time to disappear from the covers of magazines and the front pages of Newspapers. Only more or less subsided media passions around operation Jolie removal of the mammary glands there was a new reason to pay attention to beauty angelina. The authoritative magazine Forbes named the girl most influential actress 2013.

Jolie, despite his health problems, year earned thirty-three million dollars, which she allowed to circumvent even Jennifer Lawrence, which this year took лауреаткой Oscar. Fees Lawrence last year amounted to «only» twenty six million.

Анджелина Джоли

Despite the title of the richest actress, Jennifer prefers sufficiently modest makeup. Her Forte is an ideal skin and visible lips that look impressive even with transparent balm instead of lipstick. In eye makeup often actress limited to simple arrows and fluffy eyelashes. Smoky eyes and red lips Jolie leaves only for the most luxurious event, such as, for example, the Oscar award ceremony.

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