Пиво разрушает мозг человека


11/07/2013 comment

Enough to drink three glasses of beer a week (or three glasses of wine), to blunt their brain activity to 20%.

Spanish scientists conducted a study which showed that drinking Lyuli are working harder than sober, to solve the same tasks.

For the experiment, the researchers divided the volunteers into two groups. Participants from the first group have not drunk alcohol, second – drunk a little bit more than 1.5 liters of beer a week. 

All participants tested the response of the flashing signals. After that measured their brain activity, accuracy and speed reactions.

As it turned out, volunteers from both groups equally well have coped with the task: the difference between speed and accuracy of their reactions was insignificant. But the catch was different: it was found out, that the nervous system of people who drank, experienced significant overload, at the time of testing.

Measuring gave to understand that the peak of activity of the brain teetotallers people was 18 microvolts and drinking alcohol people, this figure was close to 20 microvolts. And for two years of observations, this level increased to 22 Macs. This suggests that alcohol affects how the human mind and brain activity.

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