Choosing a wedding dress, completely not superfluous will pay special attention to the fabric of the dress. It is of importance not only the color and tone of the wedding dresses, as well as the texture and density of the material, from which it is made.

Also need to consider the time of year, in which the gala. And that’s just for a cool time of the year come of the original, and quite frankly Royal dress of brocade.

Brocade is a dense fabric, fiber, which in former times were of pure gold and silver. Today use metallic yarn, glitter which gives the fabric amazing decoration. Designers began to use brocade wedding dresses recently, but today, this luxurious fabric becomes more and more popular. In medieval times all know and monarchs were married it was in the rich парчевых robes. Modern парчевый material has become much more accessible at the price of, but remained in the same luxurious and charming.

The choice of style influences the material, and more precisely its density, type, тянучесть tissue. Brocade – heavy and thick cloth, so it is better to sew close-fitting dress. Take into account that the brilliance of the luxurious brocade already in itself, decoration, so it should not be encumbered by a dress complex ornate forms. Elegant tight dress-box will look remarkably and effectively.

Also choosing the style of dress, pay attention, but what парчевая tissue because of its density can visually increase the bride in volumes. Therefore, if the figure is not perfect, then select the hard corset, it will reduce the waist and lift the breast, a chic Shine material will give the image of tenderness.

In order to visually reduce the volume to skillfully combine the brilliant and matte fabrics. In the cold time of the perfect combination of brocade with velvet. And such accessory, like a stole not only warm, but also hides the extra pounds. It is worth noting that the fur is in full harmony with парчей and such a combination will be even brighter.

It should highlight the five most popular styles парчевых wedding dresses:
1. Direct dress – shining brocade emphasize your figure
2. Dress A-silhouette (extended to the bottom) – is a universal dress, suit all girls.

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