Калифорнийское мелирование волосWhen a woman goes to the hairdresser, but did not know exactly what she wants to do with her hair once again, it makes highlights. And never wrong.

Highlights – this is the classic case of how quickly make your hair beautiful and refresh the image of women.

However, nothing stands still, now highlights are divided into several types depending on the techniques, and the final result. And Californian highlights – now one of the most popular.

California highlights: before and after photos

Its name this kind of tinting must Sunny American state, on the beaches which can be found a large number of tanned girls with pretty faded in the sun hair.

As a result of the California highlighting the hair smooth transition from dark roots to the very light ends. Especially good to do Californian highlights on light and light-brown hair.

Dark hair too мелируют, but in this case we speak about the Venice tinting, which will vary according to the intensity of paint. Interestingly, the origin of the name of this technique highlights for brunettes?

Калифорнийское мелирование волос

Калифорнийское мелирование волос

Калифорнийское мелирование волос

Калифорнийское мелирование волос

Калифорнийское мелирование волос

Also historically – just imagine how graceful Venetian in the olden days were sitting for hours on a canal and exposed our luxury dark hair under the scorching rays of the sun of Venice. And all to the specs shade of her hair.

Of course you can also try this method of our grandmothers, but it is better to use the services of a master мелированию or try to do it yourself.

Step-by-step technique California highlighting hair

The main feature technique California highlighting is that it is done without foil, paint and affects hair in the air. All responses of women, остановивших this type of tinting agree that the most natural effect of burnt hair with beautiful transition from darker to the lighter is achieved within a few procedures. So, the main stages of the highlights:

1. Separate strands of 1-1,5 cm wide (or slightly more, depending on the total amount of hair) strictly horizontal sections in chessboard order.

2. Spread out bleaching mixture thoroughly mix with oxidants in a ratio of 1:1. If you use paint, then you may need special thickener. For example, Vella is universal.

3. Gently apply the mixture on the hair, holding the brush in parallel strands.

4. Mixture of paint or блондор) in no case must not fall into the separated strands, she must lie on their surface.

5. You can use disposable napkins to shift strands. Foil, as already noted, is not used. Highlights in this technique allows to reach a completely luxurious natural hair color. Thanks to the play of shades, hair get additional volume, healthy, well-groomed appearance and Shine.

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