During the investigation of crime in cyberspace, the experts found that the virus code block matches a code hacking programs from North Korea.

This statement was made by a specialist on security issues, representing the company Google. According to him, the group of hackers Lazarus Group the same code. The expert presented to the public the method by which you can identify the codes and coincidences.

Organization Lazarus Group known for its attack on the company “Sony Pictures” after the premiere of the film “Interview” in which Jong-UN is presented in an unfavorable for the DPRK light. In addition, hackers have made a robbery of banking institutions, including the Bangladesh Bank, robbed for $ 81 million.

Recall that a dangerous virus WannaCrypt locks the PC, encrypts your files and demands a ransom in bitcoins. In the case of non-receipt of funds, the information is irretrievably destroyed. From the attacks of programs affected countries around the world, in particular was locked database hospitals in the UK.

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